Player Profile: Adam Geyer, Winner of the $1,100 Pot-Limit Omaha Event

Adam Geyer has been one of the most consistent tournament players in Los Angeles over the past few years, but one thing was missing from his resume until earlier this week: a victory in Los Angeles. Geyer took down the $1,100 Pot-Limit Omaha event after chopping heads up with his friend Ryan Lenaghan.

“I feel good it’s my first time winning a Remington so going to put it on the mantle at home.”


While Geyer mainly plays No-Limit Hold’em, he told us that in the past couple of years he has moved his focus more towards Pot-Limit Omaha.

“I’ve been playing more the last couple of years probably 60-40 No-Limit but I like to hop around and try other games.”

Geyer broke down a couple of reasons why he has made the transition to four cards over two recently.

“Obviously there’s a little more gamble to it. It also stretches the brain a bit more. I like it.”

Geyer’s run to the title didn’t come without some stiff competition. The four handed battle between Geyer, Lenaghan, and recent Remington winners Kirk Morrison and Carol Fuchs, lasted over two hours, and saw each player take the lead at some point.

“It did go a while but it was fun. Ryan and I play alot downstairs. Kirk’s been around forever, and Carol basically wins every tournament here so it was tough just kind of ran hotter than them.”


Geyer said that his schedule is pretty much set at this point for the rest of the series, saying that he has his eye on the WPT Main Event starting next weekend.

“Yeah the Main and this next $1 Million Guaranteed otherwise just play it by here. I’ll hop up here if the cash games aren’t that good and vice versa so we’ll see.”

Congratulations to Adam Geyer on his long overdue victory here at the Commerce Casino!