Player Profile: Mesha James, Winner of the $1,100 Limit Hold'em Event

Earlier this week, Mesha James kept the train rolling for the ladies here at the 2018 LAPC, when she became the fifth woman to win a Remington this series.

“It feels good. Long time coming.  It feels great,” James told us after her win.

The victory came in the $1,100 Limit Hold’em Event, where she earned $19,530. While James is relatively new to the tournament scene, she told us after the win that she has been playing high stakes Limit Hold’em for years.


“I’ve been playing over 10 years mainly Limit cash games. Mostly 40-80 sometimes up to 60-120.”

James said that a deep run in Las Vegas this summer fueled her to play more tournaments, and that decision paid off this week, as she more than quadrupled up on her previous biggest tournament cash.

“I was really excited mainly because I played in June in Vegas thought I was going to take that down but I took 32nd, so it’s great to come here and take 1st place.”

When told that she was the fifth woman to win a Remington, James seemed very proud, and had some great words to say.

“You know what. If more women come out there will be more of us winning. We get dominated by most of the men so it’s rewarding to see we’re taking reign.”


As far as the rest of the series, James said that she looks forward to playing a few more events, but admits that she won’t go crazy with her recently earned money.

“My plan is the same still. I’m going to play the Million this weekend and the Main Event. But I’m going to win my seat into that. I’m not paying $10k for that, not even after this,” she said with a smile.

Congratulations to Mesha James on her impressive victory, and good luck in the Million Guaranteed Anniversary Event!