Three New Eliminations from Each Final Table

We are down to our final four players in the Limit Hold'em Event. We lost Ronny Toeung in 6th place, before Michael Noori took a tough beat to bust in fifth. Noori got his short stack of 35,000 in preflop holding [Ac][3s], and he was likely to chop with Sean Yu, who had [Ad][3c]. However, Yu flopped two diamonds, and went runner runner to make an unlikely flush, and send Noori to the payout desk. Here's how the final four look right now. Just two hands later, David "ODB" Baker hit the payout desk in fourth. 

1. Mesha James - 520,000
2. Sean Yu - 360,000
3. Toby Mulloy - 310,000

Over in the Pot-Limit Omaha Event, Aaron Wallace busted in 7th ($2,330), while Thomas Zanot busted in 6th place ($3,100). On the next hand, Frank Foopmann hit the rail in 5th place. Carol Fuchs still hold the chip lead, but Ryan Lenaghan and Kirk Morrison are hot on her heels.