Player Profile: Matt Smith, Winner of the $570 Dealer's Choice Event


Dealer’s Choice events are always popular with the Mixed Game crowd because it provides players with the unique opportunity to play 16 different games. It’s safe to say that you can’t have a weakness in these events, as your opponents will be able to exploit it throughout the event. Well Matt Smith didn’t have many weaknesses on his way to taking down the $570 Dealer’s Choice yesterday for nearly $8,800.

“I’m feeling pretty great it was a long grind switching games every couple hands but it was fun.”

One of the most important aspects of Dealer’s Choice is the strategy that goes into picking which games to play. Some players prefer to pick the games they are best at, while others are willing to pick a game they might not be the best at if they think the opponents at the table are much weaker than they are at it. For Smith, his strategy was a mix of the two.

“Early on I definitely pick games I thought my opponents were weaker at. Also depending on your stack size that would affect which games I picked. I usually stuck to the 3-5 games I thought I was best at.”

The final table was dominated by two games for the most part: 2-7 Triple Draw and Big O. Runner up Daniel Lawrence was scooping all of the Big O pots, while Smith was pushing his edge in the Triple Draw.

“I won a lot of big pots in 2-7 Triple Draw I ran pretty well in that so I picked that alot. Also No-Limit Hold’em. I was trying to play small ball in Big O especially when there were a few small stacks at the table I would just limp in and keep the pots small.”


As many mixed game players have done before, Smith praised Matt Savage and Justin Hammer for putting on a series that is unlike any in the world outside of the big dance in Vegas over the summer.

“It’s awesome. The only other series that’s anything like this is the World Series so I love that I can come out here and play a bunch of different varieties of poker. Most places don’t provide that.”

Smith doesn’t live in Los Angeles, and while he was only planning on playing out here for a few days, he did admit that this result might change his mind a bit. At the very least, he knew exactly what he was going to do after his victory.

“I’m not sure I’m supposed to leave in a couple days but I might stay longer now. I’ll hop into the Triple Draw for sure today.”

Smith wasn’t able to make the money in that event, but we expect to see him at the Mixed Game tables again quite soon. Congratulations again Matt!