Dao Doubles Through Stewart

Action folded to Scott Stewart on the button, and he raised to 325,000. From the small blind, Nguyet Dao moved all in for 3.8 million. Once Stewart got a rough idea of the count, he made the call for most of his stack. 

Stewart: [Jh][Jc]
Dao: [Qc][Qs] 

Dao was in great shape to double, and the hand was virtually over after the flop came [Qd][7s][2h]. Stewart would need the last two jacks in the deck now, but the [9s] on the turn ended things.

Dao doubled big to over 8.5 million, while Stewart was knocked all the way down to 750,000, and is in the danger zone with the blinds at 60,000-120,000. 

Two hands after that, Stewart was able to double up when he flopped a flush draw, and rivered that draw against Doan, who takes the smallest of hits to his monster stack.