Player Profile: Kirk Morrison, Winner of the $350 Shootout Event


Kirk Morrison is used to being the bridesmaid, and rarely the bride. Throughout his career, Morrison has a number of notable second place finishes, the biggest of which came in 2007 when he finished runner up to Carlos Mortenson in the WPT Championship for over $2 million.

“I have a thing of seconditis. If you look at my track record over 25 years you’ll see how many seconds I have. It’s nice to Jordan Speith this one.”

Earlier in the series, Morrison had yet another second place finish when he finished runner up to Brian Brubaker in the 2-7 Single Draw Event, despite having a massive lead when heads-up play started. In his victory in the Shootout Event, Morrison had another massive heads up lead against Shawn Yu, but after a couple quick doubles for Yu, Morrison was having quick flashbacks.

“I’ve always had an eye on a Remington and when Brian beat me in the single draw when I had a 330,000 to 70,000 lead that irked a little bit. So of course that came into my head here, but I’m very blessed.”

Commerce Casino did something new with this shootout event, having three different shootout flights on Day 1, at 12 PM, 4 PM, and 8 PM. On Day 2, we had eleven 3-handed tables, and we ended it all with an 11-handed final table. Morrison was happy about the fact that the tournament maintained a shootout format throughout

“I thought it was fantastic. The first thing I told Matt was don’t be lazy on this. He said he wouldn’t be and he did what he said. It was a shootout the whole way. I appreciated it. It was fun.“

You couldn’t wipe the smile off of Morrison’s face after his victory, which was good for over $17,000. Morrison commented on what the trophy means to him, and why he came back to poker after a five year break after 2012.


“I’m been chasing this thing for 25 years. This is my first Remington I’ve won a few Commerce tournaments back in the day, but before they started bringing these in. I lived life during my break. I ventured out I lived in Thailand and New Zealand. Unfortunately in life you still need money and you have to do what you do best and this is what I do best.”

When asked about the Player of the Series Race, Morrison quickly laughed, before jokingly making a big statement about his chances, given Peter Neff already has three victories this series.

“It’s all me. I’ve already win this thing. Peter Neff can’t catch me. He’s ahead of me but he won’t catch me,” he said with a big smile.

Congratulations to Morrison on finally earning his Remington Trophy. We hope it has a prominent spot on his mantle!