Peter Neff Takes the 1-0 Lead

On the final hand of the first match, Peter Neff raised to 400 preflop, and Jamie Lewin called. The flop came down [Qc][3s][2h], and Lewin check called a bet of 400. The [Js] hit the turn, and Lewin checked again. Neff bet 800, and Lewin raised to 1,900. Neff called, and the [4d] completed the board. 

Lewin bet 4,000, exactly half his stack, and Neff thought for about a minute before raising to put Lewin all in. Lewin rolled his eyes as he committed the chips, and Neff rolled over [Qd][4c] for a rivered two pair. Lewin shot out of his chair as he showed [Jx][3x] for a turned two pair that was no longer good, and Neff scores the win to go up 1-0.