Carol Fuchs Wins LAPO Event #6 Omaha 8 Or Better

If there’s any kind of mixed event in town, there’s a decent chance you’ll find Carol Fuchs there. And if she’s there, there’s a decent chance she’s going deep. This was once again the case on Monday as the bracelet winner outlasted 55 players to win the Omaha 8 or Better tournament and $4,290. When play got down to 3 handed, the remaining players made a deal based on chip count that included Carol (pictured) taking 1st place, Jason Kim taking second place, and Jared Kawalsky (pictured) taking 3rd place and a photobomb. A complete list of results for Event 6 can be found by clicking here.

The mixed events continue on Tuesday with the $350 Omaha 8/Stud 8 or Better tournament. This will be another great opportunity to play along side some of the best as they prepare for the biggest and greatest tournament series in the L.A. area, the L.A. Poker Classic.