$5k Added Blackjack Tournament and $50k Guarantee KO Bounty Tournament Today at 12pm

Many players may not know, but Commerce has a blackjack tournament every Sunday that adds $5,000 to the prize pool. It’s unique in that players play against each other and not the house. There’s a $50 buy in and $20 rebuys. A structure sheet can be found here. Mention this blog post and see Tournament Coordinator Justin Hammer, and your first time buy in will be comped.

There’s more poker today as well. A $350 buy in NLH Knockout Bounty tournament. Every player you eliminate will earn a $100 chip. It comes with a $50k Guaranteed prize pool. Both of these tournaments start at 12pm, but with registration open until 4:30p in the Bounty and the BJ tournament over in about 2 hours, its very possible for players to play and win both.

Follow along here for updates as the day progresses.