Day 2 of LAPO Event #2 NLH $100k Guarantee Headlined by "Day 2 Pete" Hengsakul

There were 384 entries into the $350 Event, which ended up creating a $115k prize pool. Once players were in the money, they bagged up and will return tomorrow at 1 pm to play to a winner. Leading the remaining players with 608,000 in chips is the familiar face of Peter Hengsakul. After many success in local and Vegas tournaments, including a final table appearance at this year’s LAPC, Peter has earned the widely accepted nickname of “Day 2 Pete.” He’ll look to add to his winnings with this tournament. Some other notables still remaining are Sean “MF” Yu (210,000), Isaac Crow (147,000), and Ilya Shpiner (86,000). A total list of payouts and remaining day 2 players can be found by clicking here.