Robert Schmidt Eliminated in 3rd Place ($66,570)


Not long after losing over half of his chips to Alex Massman, Robert Schmidt was in a great position to get them right back, when he was all in preflop with [Qs][Js], dominating the [Jh][9c] of Massman. The board ran down [Jc][7c][3h][Ks][10s], and Schmidt’s queen kicker played to earn him the double to 3.6 million.

However, his comeback would be short lived, as he busted on the next hand. After Massman raised, Schmidt moved all in with [Jh][7h]. Massman called with [Ad][9d], and his hand held on the [Qd][10c][9s][4h][9c] runout.

This gets us to heads up, with Alex Massman holding a 17.3 millionto 5.6 million lead over Adam Demersseman.