Nguyet Dao Eliminated in 7th Place ($9,260)


Nguyet Dao took a big hit to her stack after folding on the river after Rafi Azam moved all in. Azam would show eight high for the bluff as he raked in the big pot, knocking Dao down to a below average stack.

A few hands later, she three bet shoved all in with [Ac][Qd], only to be called by Travis Tachibana, who held a dominating [Ad][Kh]. The lead quickly flipped after the flop came down [Qs][10s][2s], but Tachibana still had outs. The [4c] turn changed nothing, but the [Js] on the turn changed everything.

Dao hit the rail in seventh, and the final six are once again looking at the numbers for a chop.