Congratulations to Carol Fuchs, Winner of the $570 Omaha 8 Event!


Kyle Robertson was all in blind a few times before Carol Fuchs was finally able to put the final nail in his coffin. On the last hand, Fuchs held [Ks][Jh][Jd][4h], while Robertson was dealt [Ac][9d][7h][6h]. Robertson caught his ace on the flop of [As][Kd][4c], but Fuchs still led with her two pair kings and fours. Another four came on the turn, and Robertson was drawing dead. 

Robertson, who started the table as the short stack with 35,000 in chips, will walk away with $9,470, while Carol Fuchs, who already has a third place finish at this year's LAPC, will take home the Remington, along with $14,205. Stay tuned for a winner's interview with the Mixed Game specialist, and congratulations again to Carol Fuchs on her victory!