Player Profile: David Levine, Winner of the Social Experiment II


Last night, David Levine finished at the top of a rather unique six way chop in the second installment of the Social Experiment tournament. With Levine having a giant chip lead, and the rest of his opponents fairly even, the rest of the players made Levine an offer he couldn’t refuse. They all took home $10,000, and gave the rest of the money, just under $17,000 in total, to Levine.

“I feel pretty good it was a good run. I liked the way I played. It was a good time. Commerce puts on a good tournament. It was my first time playing the Social Experiment everyone was really nice I had a great time.”

This tournament was unique for a few reasons. In an effort to make players interact more with each other, players were not allowed to wear sunglasses or hoodies with the hood up. They were also not allowed to use their phones, or listen to music on their headphones. Levine said after the fact that he actually thought it benefited him.


“Sometimes I do play hidden with my glasses or hoodie. Sometimes especially in the early going i use headphones. Later on I don’t. It wasn’t too much of an adjustment I actually think it made me focus more to tell you the truth.”

Levine said that he doesn’t think he’ll play enough events to make a serious run at the Player of the Series, but that the win does give him a boost of confidence. As to whether he would play this type of event again, Levine was quick to answer with a smile on his face.

“I would definitely play a tournament like this again.”