The Final Six Reach a Deal, David Levine is Your Champion!

With six players left, David Levine held a big chip lead over the rest, while the other five players were all fairly close in chips. Upon seeing that an even chop was going to be $11,000 and change for each player, a deal was purposed. The five bottom stacks would each take home $10,000, while Levine would take the rest of the prizepool, a total of $16,910. In addition, Levine will earn his first Remington Trophy, as well as a pair of headphones, sunglasses, and hoodie to honor his victory. Congratulations again to all six players on their big scores, and thanks to everyone who joined us for the Social Experiment II! 


1. David Levine - $16,910
2. Keith Kroeger - $10,000
3. Stanley Buffett - $10,000
4. Mark Rossel - $10,000
5. Alvin Yue - $10,000
6. Victor Kruglov - $10,000