Some Player Reactions From the Social Experiment Event

The tournament ballroom is extra loud today for the second installment of the Social Experiment tournament. Rather than a table of players who are listening to music or buried in their phones, players are interacting and laughing it up with the lack of distractions. Pro Joey Deluca says that he likes the change of pace, and thinks it gives him a slight advantage.

“I’ve been talking alot at my table more so that’s good I guess. It's probably more an advantage because everyone is more talkative and it probably helps me. Play has been faster, more action too. Everyone is talking and gambling. It’s fun.”

                                                                                            JOEY DELUCA

                                                                                            JOEY DELUCA

Avraham Kadosh is here today looking to defend his title after winning the first installment at the Cal State Poker Championship last May. Kadosh took home over $25,000 for his win there, and while he does notice one major difference, he says for the most part, the tournament feels the same to him.

“It’s not really different it seems to me. No one has a phone or headphones. Only difference really is last time everyone had a name tag and it kind of made it more social but other than that pretty much the same.”

Kadosh would love to defend his crown, but he was honest with us about how likely he thinks it is today.

“I feel good it’s a good structure and big field too, but you know defending your title in poker isn’t exactly a 100 meter dash. But I’ll give it a shot,” he said with a laugh.

One player who admitted that he’s having a bit of a tough time adjusting to the format is part time pro Ryan Buckholtz. He told us that he has a usual routine that involves listening to music while playing, and it’s taking him a while to adjust.

“I’m a creature of habit so I always like to do things the same way every time I listen to music, pausing the music when I’m in a hand. Definitely gets you out of your comfort zone which can be crucial in poker.”

Having said that, Buckholtz said that he is still enjoying himself, even though his table hasn’t been very talkative. He did have one suggestion to help speed up play even more.

“I think my table is pretty non talkative so even though I’m trying to get them going it’s been like pulling teeth. I think the format would be better with the big blind ante to make the game go faster. I’m a fan so let’s keep that going.”

The Social Experiment will likely be back here at Commerce Casino, so if you are curious to play, keep an eye out for our future tournament schedules.