Valentine Becerral Eliminated in 5th Place ($1,750)


On the very next hand, Valentin Becerral shoved his final few blinds from the button with [Jd][8c]. He was called in the big blind by Quoc Le, who had [As][10h], and Becerral took the lead on the flop of [Qc][Jh][4s]. Le needed an ace or king now to win, and while the [7c] on the turn didn't help, the [Ah] on the river certainly did.

This is how the final four currently stack up at the 2,500-5,000 level. As of yet, there haven't been talks of a chop. 

Quoc Le - 260,000
Shawn Yu - 195,000
Aram Zerounian - 180,000
Ira Friedman - 90,000