Thu Nguyen Eliminated in 7th Place ($1,060)


We lost Dustin An on one of the first hands of the day, and not long after that, Thu Nguyen was knocked out in seventh. Nearly all of the damage was done in a hand against Aram Zerounian. After a flop of [Qs][9d][2d], Nguyen check raised all in on Zerounian. He rechecked his hole cards, then quickly slid his chips in. 

Zerounian: [Kd][Qd] 
Nguyen: [Ad][6d] 

Nguyen had the nut flush draw, and an ace would work for him as well, but the board finished out [7h] and [2s]. That left Nguyen with less than a big blind, and he was all in and eliminated on the next hand.