What's Coming Up: Thursday, January 25th

We are throwing it back in our afternoon event tomorrow here at the 2018 LAPC. Before that, it's the always popular HORSE format, where five different mixed games will be played. The buy-in is $350 on that one, and registration will be open until 5 PM.

Speaking of 5 PM, that is when we will be traveling back to 1993, the first year of the LA Poker Classic. We will be going back to the old tradition of smaller stacks and smaller blinds, as players will be stating with just 1,000 in chips. While that seems low, the blinds will only be 5-10 to start, so players still start with 100 big blinds. Registration will be open until 8:15 PM, and you can view the full structure, which includes some hit movie posters of that year, by clicking here