Two Hands, Two All Ins

There was plenty of action early on here in the six max final table. On the first hand, Kevin French raised on the button, and Lance Allred moved all in for his final 60,000. French called with [Jh][10c], and he was trailing the [Ah][Qh] of Allred. The board ran down [7h][2s][9d][Qs][4s], and Allred won the pot to double.

On the very next hand, Andrew Gerl was all in for 38,000, and called by French. In the small blind, Craig Chait moved all in over the top. French folded, and the cards were tabled.

Chait: [As][Kc]
Gerl: [Kd][Js]

Chait was in great shape for the knockout, but instead it was Gerl tripling up, as the board ran down [Qc][Js][9s][Qd][3c].