Player Profile of John Misirian, Winner of the $250,000 Guaranteed Event


Last night, John Misirian took down the $250,000 Guaranteed Double Stack Turbo Event after a five way chop. Misirian had a dominating chip lead five handed, and despite the amount of players left, the deal gave Misirian nearly first place money.

“I feel great I feel confident that I’m going to do it again and it’s just the beginning. I love playing here you guys are all fun people and it’s fun to be here,” Misirian told us after he won.

Funny enough, Misirian was very close to taking a deal seven handed for just $26,000, but after saying he wanted to have the trophy despite being second in chips, the deal fell through. From that point on, Misirian went on a tear, knocking out a few players on his way to the huge lead. Misirian commented on that fortunate turn of events after his win.

“It’s a hell of a feeling to go from $26,000 originally to nearly $47,000 now. Just the way it turns out and it feels really good. It wasn’t anything I did it’s just the way it turned out.”

Misirian fired just two bullets in this event, late regging at the last moment in his second bullet before finding a bag. Despite the fast structure and relatively shallow stacks for such a big guarantee, Misirian had a game plan, and he felt that he executed it greatly.


“I was just keeping focus on who you’re up against with all ins and what hands your making moves on and not get caught making mistakes. Now there’s no bad cards there’s only bad flops a little luck and being careful and it worked for me.”

Despite the nice chunk of change, Misirian said that he doesn’t plan on changing the rest of his LAPC schedule too much.

“Has no bearing on what my decisions will be on the game I love the game and I love playing here. It’s certainly a nice chunk of change and it brings up my confidence but I played the same regardless of what happened here.”

Misirian currently has the lead in the No-Limit Hold’em Player of the Series board, but you can catch him by coming out and making some final tables of your own!