Alex Rapoport Wins Wild Hand to Double

We normally wait until the final tables to start reporting on hands, but this one felt like we should make an exception. Action starts with Jarod Einsohn raising from the cutoff. The small blind tanks for quite some time before flatting, and from the big blind,  Alex Rapoport quickly moves all in for 1.3 million. Einsohn responds by moving over the top, having both players covered. The small blind agonizes before he open folds two red jacks. 

Rapoport: [Qd][Qh]
Einsohn: [10s][10d] 

Rapoport is in great shape to double up until the flop comes [10c][7h][Kd]. Now Einsohn is in great shape to secure the chip lead, and while the [7c] on the turn doesn't change anything, the [Qs] on the river changes everything.

Both players shoot up out of their chairs, but it's Rapoport who is cheering as he collects a monster pot to double up to 2.5 million, while Einsohn tumbles down to 510,000.