Congratulations to Raymond Ho, Winner of the 2017 LAPO Main Event!


On the final hand of the event, Matthew Salnick got his stack in the middle holding [Kc][9s], and he was trailing the [Ad][5c] of Raymond Ho. The flop of [7c][6s][5s] gave Ho bottom pair, but Salnick could still win with a king, nine, or eight. The [3s] on the turn gave Salnick even more outs, as a spade would now do. But the river was the [3h], giving Ho the hand, and the title. 

For his efforts, Ho will take home $76,231, as well as a $10,000 seat to the LAPC Main Event early next year. Congratulations to Ho on his impressive performance, and thanks to everyone who play in this year's LAPO Main Event! See you guys next year! 

Yasmine Hanane Eliminated in 3rd Place ($63,930)


Yasmine Hanane got her short stack in preflop holding [8c][7h], and she was up against the [Kd][Jh] of Raymond Ho. The board ran down [10d][4c][4d][3s][Kh], and Ho took down the pot to get us to heads up play. 

Ho and Salnick are fairly even in chips, with both players having around 5 million, with the blinds at 40,000-80,000. 


Brandon Zuidema Eliminated in 4th Place ($47,415)


Brandon Zuidema shoved all in from the small blind with [As][4h], and Raymond Ho called with [Ad][6h] in the big blind. Zuidema said that he was happy to take a chop, but he got more than that with the flop of [4d][2c][3s]. Ho now needed a five or six, and while he wouldn't get it on the turn, he did get it on the [5c] river. 

That gets us to three handed play. Matthew Salnik still has the lead with 5.1 million, with Ho in second with 4 million, and Yasmine Hanane has the short stack with 1.4 million. 

David "The Dragon" Pham Eliminated in 5th Place ($51,003)


Not long after that hand, David Pham got his money in good holding Ace-Queen to the Ace-Four of Brandon Zuidema. Pham survived the flop, but a four on the turn quickly changed things. Pham couldn't catch up on the river, and he was sent to the rail, getting us down to just four players. 


Alex Rapoport Eliminated in 6th Place ($51,840)


Alex Rapoport got his final chips in on the flop of [Jd][9h][6d] holding [10d][8h] for a straight draw, and he was up against the [Ad][Js] of Matthew Salnik. Rapoport picked up a few extra outs on the [10c] turn, but he didn't get anymore help on the [9s] river. 

Salnik increases his chip lead over the other four players, while Rapoport collects over $50,000. 

A Deal Has Been Struck, But We Play On

After some more haggling, the final six have struck a deal, and have agreed to play for the trophy and the $10,000 seat. Here are the exact figures that everyone will be taking home tonight. 

Matthew Salnick - $77,967
Raymond Ho - $76,231
Yasmine Hanane - $63,930
Alex Rapoport - $51,840
David "The Dragon" Pham - $51,003
Brandon Zuidema - $47,415

Khaled Faissal Eliminated in 7th Place ($19,500)



Not long after the chop was declined, we lost Khaled Faissal in 7th place. He was in great shape to double up holding [As][Ad] against the [5s][5c] of Raymond Ho, but the flop of [Jc][5d][2h] changed everything. Faissal needed a two outer now, but the board finished out with running nines. 

After that elimination, the final six are once again looking at the numbers. 

Exact Chip Counts From the Final Seven

After some lengthy discussions between the final seven, a deal could not be struck, so we play on! However, we do have the benefit of having exact chip counts for everyone still in. Play continues with the blinds at 25,000-50,000 

Matthew Salnick - 2.83 million
Yasmine Hanane - 2.045 million
Raymond Ho - 1.435 million
Alex Rapoport - 1.22 million
Brandon Zuidema - 1.12 million
Khaled Faissal - 935,000
David "The Dragon" Pham - 925,000

Rayna Davis Eliminated in 8th Place ($16,300)


The two ladies at the final table went heads up to a flop of [Qc][8s][3c]. Yasmine Hanane checked to Rayna Davis, who moved all in for 630,000. It was a big over bet to the pot, but after getting the official count, Hanane made the call with [Ac][4c]. She was happy to see that she was ahead, as Davis held [Kc][Js]. The [10c] on the turn gave Hanane the nut flush, and sealed the hand for her, shooting her up to 2.2 million. 

Mark Hamilton Eliminated in 9th Place ($13,030)



Mark Hamilton, Matthew Salnick, and Alex Rapoport went three ways to a flop of [Kh][8h][7s].  It checked to Hamilton, who bet out 120,000. Both Salnick and Rapoport called, and the turn brought the [Qc]. It checked to Hamilton again, who bet out 200,000 this time. Salnick immediately moved all in, having both players covered. Rapoport folded, and Hamilton thought for about three minutes before the clock was called. 

Eventually, he made the call, and flipped over [Qd][7d] for two pair. It was no good though, as Salnick had [Kc][Qs] for top two pair. The river didn't bring a miracle, and Hamilton was sent to the rail, while Salnick is now the chip leader with just under three million. 

Pham Doubles Up With Running Quads

David "The Dragon" Pham looked like he would be the first casuality of the final table, as he got his short stack in on a flop of [Qc][5s][4h]. Pham held [As][5c], but he was in rough shape, as Rayna Davis held a dominating [Ad][Qs]. However, Pham spiked the [5d] on the turn to get trips, and just for good measure, made quads with the [5h] river. 

Pham doubled up to over a million while Davis is now the short stack with 350,000. 

Final Table Chip Counts and Seats

                                                                        SEAT 1: RAYNA DAVIS - 1 million

                                                                        SEAT 1: RAYNA DAVIS - 1 million

                                                          SEAT 2: BRANDON ZUIDEMA - 670,000

                                                          SEAT 2: BRANDON ZUIDEMA - 670,000

                                             SEAT 3: DAVID "THE DRAGON" PHAM - 620,000

                                             SEAT 3: DAVID "THE DRAGON" PHAM - 620,000

                                        SEAT 4: RAYMOND HO - 1.8 million (CHIP LEADER)

                                        SEAT 4: RAYMOND HO - 1.8 million (CHIP LEADER)

                                                              SEAT 5: MARK HAMILTON - 1.15 million

                                                              SEAT 5: MARK HAMILTON - 1.15 million

                                                            SEAT 6: KHALED FAISSAL - 1.25 million

                                                            SEAT 6: KHALED FAISSAL - 1.25 million

                                                          SEAT 7: MATTHEW SALNICK - 1.5 million

                                                          SEAT 7: MATTHEW SALNICK - 1.5 million

                                                          SEAT 8: YASMINE HANANE - 1.65 million

                                                          SEAT 8: YASMINE HANANE - 1.65 million

                                                                SEAT 9: ALEX RAPOPORT - 730,000

                                                                SEAT 9: ALEX RAPOPORT - 730,000

The Final Table Nears

We are down to just 10 players after Yasmine Hanane busted Florentino Ornelas in a hand that saw her nearly double up. Not long after, Frank Crivello was sent to the rail by Khaled Faissal, who is continuing to add to his chip lead. Crivello and Ornelas will each take home $10,910, while Harry Arutyunyan, Balram Bhandari, and Eugene TIto, all took home $9,370. 

Double Knockout for Start of Day Chip Leader Faissal

"Hold please!" These were the words of former WPT Champion Harry Arutyunyan, who looked poised to scoop a monster pot, as he was all in preflop holding [Ks][Kc]. He was up against the [Ad][Kd] of Khaled Faissal and the [Ax][8x] of Balram Bhandari. The flop brought two diamonds, giving Faissal the nut flush darw, and the [2d] on the river drew a yell of excitement from Faissal, while Artuyunyan could only shake his head as his final chips were sent over to Faissal, who is now our chip leader with over 2 million. 

Fresh Counts For All 16 Players

We are down to the final 16 players, and you can view an updated seating chart, as well as fresh counts for all players still in, below. 

Table 1

1. Matthew Salnick - 1.5 million
2. Alex Rapoport - 1.1 million
3. Raymond Ho - 770,000
4. Rayna Davis - 705,000
5. Mark Hamilton - 730,000
6. Eli Strickland - 330,000
7. Eugene Tito - 165,000
8. Frank Crivello - 1.1 million

Table 2

1. Howard Dolgan - 140,000
2. Khaled Faissal - 920,000
3. Balram Bhandari - 320,000
4. David "The Dragon" Pham - 880,000
5. Yasmine Hanane - 620,000
6. Brandon Zuidema - 420,000
7. Florentino Ornelas - 680,000
8. Harry Arutyunan - 370,000

Some Fresh Chip Counts From the Final 24

Below you will see how some of the notables still alive are faring. Once we get down to our final 16, we will post updated counts for everyone still in, as well as a new seating chart. 

Raymond Ho - 805,000
David Pham - 415,000
Mark Hamilton - 330,000
David Rosenbloom - 320,000
Lawrence Ma - 295,000
Harry Arutyunyan - 255,000
Eugene Tito - 155,000