Jonathan Khalifa Leads the Final Nine Players

On the final hand of the night, Hae Kim moved all in for 5.5 million, and two seats over, Tim Tang moved in over the top for his final 9.925. Everyone else folded, and the cards were tabled. 

Kim: [Qs][Qc]
Tang: [Ac][As] 

The board ran down [Ks][10c][5c][7h][Ah]. and Tang made an unnecessary set on the river to seal the hand, and get us to our final nine. 

Here is how the final nine stack up, with Jonathan Khalifa leading the way. These nine players will return tomorrow at 2 PM to play down to a winner. Come back then for all of the updates! 

Seat 1: Chris Hinchcliffe - 8,800,000
Seat 2: Carl Hosten - 4,600,000
Seat 3: Jonathan Khalifa (pictured below) - 25,100,000
Seat 4: Jason Villard - 4,900,000
Seat 5: Johnathan Blake - 14,900,000
Seat 6: Mitchell Halverson -  3,300,000
Seat 7: Tim Tang - 15,900,000
Seat 8: Anthony Reategui - 14,100,000
Seat 9: Anonymous - 6,100,000