John Smith Eliminated in 5th Place ($41,760)

John Smith raised it up to 2 million, and on the button, Chris Hinchcliffe popped it up to six million. It folded around to Smith, who moved all in, a bet that was snap called by Hinchcliffe. 

Hinchcliffe: [As][Ah]
Smith: [8d][8s] 

Hinchcliffe was in great shape to rocket into the chip lead, and while the board gave him some sweats, it ended up being safe, coming down [10h][9c][3c][Kc][7s]. 

Here is how the final four players shape up right now. Jason Villard, who has held onto his final few big blinds for a while now, has laddered up to guarantee at least $55,650. 

Blinds: 200,000-400,000 Ante: 400,000

Chris Hinchcliffe - 53,000,000
Jonathan Khalifa - 29,500,000
Johnathan Blake - 12,000,000
Jason Villard: 1,100,000