Anthony Reategui Eliminated in 6th Place ($33,650)

After doubling up another player, Anthony Reategui was left with just a few big blinds, and he moved all in preflop. He was called by Chris Hinchcliffe and Jonathan Khalifa in the blinds, and they went three ways to a flop of [Jc][10s][8d]. Both players checked, and the [Ad] hit the turn. Hinchcliffe fired 600,000, Khalifa called, and the [3h] completed the board.

Hinchcliffe thought for a bit, rechecked his cards, and moved all in. A frustrated Khalifa flashed an ace as he folded, but he was quickly relieved after Hinchcliffe tabled [Kh][Qh] for the nuts. Reategui showed a jack before heading to the rail in sixth.