Mark Hamilton Eliminated in 9th Place ($13,030)



Mark Hamilton, Matthew Salnick, and Alex Rapoport went three ways to a flop of [Kh][8h][7s].  It checked to Hamilton, who bet out 120,000. Both Salnick and Rapoport called, and the turn brought the [Qc]. It checked to Hamilton again, who bet out 200,000 this time. Salnick immediately moved all in, having both players covered. Rapoport folded, and Hamilton thought for about three minutes before the clock was called. 

Eventually, he made the call, and flipped over [Qd][7d] for two pair. It was no good though, as Salnick had [Kc][Qs] for top two pair. The river didn't bring a miracle, and Hamilton was sent to the rail, while Salnick is now the chip leader with just under three million.