Congratulations to Raymond Ho, Winner of the 2017 LAPO Main Event!


On the final hand of the event, Matthew Salnick got his stack in the middle holding [Kc][9s], and he was trailing the [Ad][5c] of Raymond Ho. The flop of [7c][6s][5s] gave Ho bottom pair, but Salnick could still win with a king, nine, or eight. The [3s] on the turn gave Salnick even more outs, as a spade would now do. But the river was the [3h], giving Ho the hand, and the title. 

For his efforts, Ho will take home $76,231, as well as a $10,000 seat to the LAPC Main Event early next year. Congratulations to Ho on his impressive performance, and thanks to everyone who play in this year's LAPO Main Event! See you guys next year!