Heredia Spikes River to Double

Antonio Mallol Heredia got his final 2.3 million in preflop holding [Ah][Kh], and he was dominating the [Ad][Qh] of chip leader Robert Schmidt. The window card immediately flipped the hand, as the flop came [Qd][10d][5s]. Heredia was now looking for a king or jack, and while the [6c] on the turn wasn’t that, the [Kc] on the river was.

Heredia and his supporters let out a cheer as he doubled up to nearly 5 million, while Schmidt hangs onto the lead with 6.6 million.

Demersseman Doubles Through Massman

Adam Demersseman moved all in for nearly 1.2 million preflop, and Alex Massman called from the big blind to put him at risk.

Massman: [Ah][8d]
Demersseman: [Kc][Jh]

Demersseman shot out to the lead on the flop of [Js][9h][7c], and now Massman would need an ace or ten to win now. The [4c] came on the turn, and the [2h] hit the river, giving Demersseman the double up.

Here is how the final five players currently stack up.

Blinds: 75,000-125,000

Robert Schmidt - 8,000,000
Alex Massman - 5,600,000
Thomas Zanot - 3,500,000
Adam Demersseman - 2,400,000
Antonio Mallol Heredia - 1,900,000

Cody Bell Eliminated in 6th Place ($28,510)


Alex Massman moved all in from the small blind, easily having Cody Bell covered in the big blind. Bell called as soon as he saw his hand, [Ad][9h], and he was ahead of the [Qs][10s] of Massman. The flop of [9c][6c][3s] gave Bell top piar, but Massman could still pair up to take the lead. He would do that on the [Qc] turn, and he made unnecessary trips with another queen on the river.

Massman adds to his five handed chip lead after that pot, while Bell will have to settle for nearly $30,000.

Massman Doubles Through Demersseman

Adam Demersseman, who has been by far the most active player at the final table so far, has just shipped out another double up, this time to Alex Massman. It was a classic coinflip preflop, with Massman holding [7d][7s] to the [Ah][Qc] of Demersseman. The flop of [Ac][Jh][7c] gave Demersseman top pair, but put Massman well out in front with a set of sevens.

The [8c] on the turn did give Demersseman a flush draw, but the [Js] completed the board instead. This gives Massman a double to over three million, while Demersseman takes another big hit to his stack.

Zanot Doubles Through Demersseman

Thomas Zanot and Adam Demersseman got the last of Zanot’s chips in after a flop of [Qd][9c][3s]. Zanot’s [Qc][Jc] was in good shape against the [9d][7s] of Demersseman, and the [Jh] on the turn meant that Demersseman could only win with a nine now. A three came instead, and Zanot scored a nice double up.

We will post updated stacks for all seven players remaining shortly.