Cards in the Air: First of Three $1,100 Satellites Today

Welcome to satellite day here at the 2018 LAPC! We have three different $1,100 satellites all guaranteeing at least ten seats to the WPT Main Event tomorrow, and the first of them has just kicked off. Registration will be open until 2:15 PM today, and re-entry is allowed in that time as well.

If you can't make it for this satellite, your next chance will be at 5 PM today. Good luck players! 

What's Coming Up: Satellite Day at the LAPC

As always, the Friday before the Main Event will be dedicated to Mega Satellites for said Main Event. We have three different $1,100 satellites starting up at 12 PM, 5 PM, and 9 PM, all of them guaranteeing at least ten $10,000 seats to the Main Event, which starts on Saturday. 

All three tournaments will have registration open until the end of the first break, which is two hours and fifteen minutes into play. Remember that the 9 PM satellite is a turbo with 15 minute levels, as opposed to the 12 and 5 PM, which have the normal satellite schedule.

First place in this event will be at least $1 Million, so don't miss your chance to get in on the cheap! 

Congratulations to Daniel Lawrence, Winner of the Archie Event


Daniel Lawrence has just joined Peter Neff and Sirous Baghchehsaraie as the only players this series to win multiple Remington trophies after he just took down the $570 Archie Event. For his efforts, he will take home $8,045, and he will also shoot up to the top of the Mixed Game Player of the Series list. 

Congratulations to Lawrence, as well as Neil Smith, who takes home $5,150 for his runner up finish. 

By the Numbers: $200,000 Guaranteed Event

The $200,000 Guaranteed Event drew a total of 58 players, creating a prizepool of $290,000. The final eight spots will finish in the money, all of them at least doubling their investments. First place will take home $94,740 and the Remington Trophy. 

Scroll down for the full payouts, and be sure to come back in the morning to find out who makes the final table! 

1. $94,740
2. $63,150
3. $42,100
4. $29,230
5. $21,170
6. $16,030
7. $12,710
8. $10,580

Congratulations to Brandon Zuidema, Winner of the $1,100 Eternament


Brandon Zuidema and Yukiko Ogasawara took an extended break before their heads up battle, and when they got back, they started to discuss a deal. Zuidema had a healthy chip lead, and they agreed to give Ogasawara an extra $1,000 to end the tournament now. She will take home $12,800, while Zuidema will earn $16,685 and the Remington Trophy. 

Congratulations to Zuidema on winning this special structured tournament, and thanks to everyone who played it! 

Daniel Lawrence Leads the Final Four in Archie

Over in the Archie Event, we are down to just four players left. Daniel Lawrence, who already has a first and second place finish here at the 2018 LAPC, is in the lead right now. Craig Chait, who won back-to-back Remington trophies last year, is still in as well, though he is on the shorter side. Check out how they stand below, along with an update on how the bustouts have gone so far. 

1. Daniel Lawrence - 225,000
2. Larry Tull - 165,000
3. Craig Chait - 86,000
4. Neil Smith - 65,000

5th. Brandon Cantu - $1,640
6th. John Cernuto - $1,190
7th. Karlo Gharabegian - $900

Congratulations to Paul Chauderson, Winner of the Seniors Championship


After both players traded all in pots, the third and final one in a few minutes settled the battle. Paul Chauderson help pocket fours, and he was up against the Ace-Nine of Frank Kassela. Neither player would improve, meaning Chauderson was the winner! 

He will take home $26,460 and the Remington Trophy, while Kassela will take home an even $20,000. Congratulatiosn to both on their finishes, and thanks for playing our Seniors Event! 

Brandon Zuidema Extending Big Lead in Eternament

Over in the Eternament, Brandon Zuidema started the day with a massive chip, lead, and he has only extended that lead as they are down to the final four. He has over half of the chips in play, and neither of the three left is particularly close to him. 

Check out the updated stacks below, along with the latest payouts in the event. 

1. Brandon Zuidema - 29,500
2. Edward Liu - 9,800
3. VIP Nguyen - 5,800
4. Yukiko Ogasawara - 4,500

Final Four in Seniors Agree to a Deal but Will Play On

The final four in the Seniors Event have been discussing a potential deal for quite some time, but they were finally able to agree on something before their break. Aaron Kweskin, Frank Kassela, Paul Chauderson, and Doug Lada will all take home $22,000 each, and play for $6,460 and the Remington Trophy. 

Stay tuned to find out who wins!