What's Coming Up: Thursday, February 22nd

While tomorrow will mostly be comprised of satellites, we will also have the biggest buy-in preliminary event of the whole series, the $5,250 buy-in $200,000 Guaranteed Event. Last year, Koray Aldemir topped a field of 71 players to take home $124,240. 

In addition to that event, we will have $175 satellites at 1 and 5 PM, and another $1,100 Main Event Mega guaranteeing at least ten Main Event seats starting up at 8 PM. It should be a busy day, so make sure you don't miss out! 

Cards in the Air: $1,100 Main Event Mega Satellite

Normally we save the $1,100 Main Event Megas for Fridays and Saturdays, but since the Main Event is this weekend, we are running one tonight and tomorrow at 8 PM. These satellites will all be guaranteeing at least ten seats to the LA Poker Classic Main Event, where the winner is guaranteed $1 Million. 

Registration for this satellite will be open until 10:15 PM tonight. Good luck everyone! 

By the Numbers: $1,100 Eternament

We just missed out on the guarantee in the $1,100 Eternament, as we got 47 of the 50 players needed. That means that Commerce Casino will be kicking in the final $3,000 to cover the guarantee. The final six spots will make the money, with first place taking home $17,685, and the Remington Trophy. 

1. $17,685
2. $11,800
3. $7,860
4. $5,460
5. $3,960
6. $3,000

Congratulations to Ophir Atar, Winner of the $1,100 Escalator Event


Ophir Atar started the final table today as the short stack, but he was able to spin it up early, and by the time we were four handed, Atar held on to a permanent lead. When he and Geyer got heads up, the two started to discuss a deal. Atar, who had the chip lead heads up, will take home $17,380, while Geyer will earn $15,500. 

Congratulations to Atar on his impressive final table run, and thanks to all who played the event! 

By the Numbers: $1,100 Senior's Championship

Today's Senior Championship drew a total of 156 players to create a prizepool of $155,220. The final 20 spots will finish in the money, with first place taking home $41,750. Scroll down for a full list of the payouts. 

1. $41,750
2. $27,060
3. $15,950
4. $9,700
5. $7,490
6. $6,210
7. $5,390
8. $4,840
9. $4,170
10-12. $3,650
13-15. $3,140
16-18. $2,650
19-20. $2,170

Yu Kurita Eliminated in 4th Place ($5,290)


Yu Kurita was down to just a few big blinds when she shoved all in holding [Kc][9d] She was slightly behind the [As][4c] of Adam Geyer, and neither player would improve on the [Qs][Jh][5c][3s][5s]. 

That leaves us with just three players, with Ophir Atar leading the way. Here is how they stack up. 

Blinds: 3,000-6,000

Ophir Atar - 405,000
Adam Geyer - 265,000
Anthony Justic - 210,000

Congratulations to Randy Ohel, Winner of the $2,150 Single Draw Event


David Eichhorn was able to hang around for a while before Randy Ohel put the nail in the coffin. On the last hand, Eichhorn checked to Ohel, who moved all in having Eichhorn covered. Eichhorn tanked for over two minutes before calling, and Ohel said "I have it," and rolled over a #3 which was easily good.

For his efforts, Ohel will take home $17,745 and the Remington Trophy. Congratulations Randy! 

Player Profile: Keith Morrow, Winner of the $1 Million Guaranteed


In the wee hours of the morning on Sunday night, the biggest prize of the 2018 LAPC was handed out to three people: Keith Morrow, Anuj Agarual, and Evan Sandberg. Those three chopped the $1 Million Guaranteed evenly, all taking home $169,700. Morrow was the chip leader at the time, so he was giving the trophy, and the victory.

“I’m pretty ecstatic the way the day played out. It was a long day, 15 hours. I came into the day with 640,000 and feeling good. At first break I was at 700,000 and 20 minutes after I was down to 80,000. But I kept it together said let’s get a couple doubles and see what happens. Blessed the way the cards came. I’m really happy but exhausted.”

Morrow came into the final table as one of the big stacks, but dropped down a bit at first before his first major all in pot went his way. He then got lucky in a huge pot to double, and from there, it was smooth sailing.

“I was probably top three to start was card dead for the first couple levels folded and limped down from 9 million to 6 million. Then I picked up a big hand Ace-Eight suited and trapped one. I was all in later with a jack high flush draw and straight draw and was drawing slim but got lucky.”

Morrow told us that he’s been in the zone recently. Morrow won an event in Florida in January, and final tabled another event at the Venetian earlier this month. Morrow said that his good fortunate has been the perfect storm of a number of things.


“Definitely a bit of both playing well and running well. I’ve been slowing things down and I told the guy in Florida just trying to focus, have that tunnel vision, and run well.”

This tournament was one of the few this series that has used the Big Blind Ante. The structure has received rave reviews from nearly everyone who has played it, and you can put Murrow into that former company.

“The first time I big blind ante was a month ago at the Wynn in a Survivor tournament. I had never seen it I loved it there. I think it’s a great idea it balances out. A lot of short stacked people say they don’t like it but when you work it out it usually works in their favor.”

As far as how the biggest score of his career will change his plans for the future, Morrow said that you can guarantee that he’ll be at one big event coming up.

“I was debating about the Main Event here so I’ll definitely play now. I’ll take a few days off and get ready for it.”

Good luck to Morrow in the Main Event, and congratulations to all three players on their biggest career cashes.

Fresh Stacks From the Final Four in Escalator

The last four player in the Escalator Event are taking their first break of the day. Here is how they are standing right now. 

Ophir Atar - 290,000
Anthony Justic - 220,000
Yu Kurita - 165,000
Adam Geyer - 160,000

Over in the 2-7 Single Draw, Randy Ohel has been in control of the heads up battle, as he has taken quite a large lead over David Eichhorn. Stay tuned to find out if Ohel can close it out. 

Two Eliminations in Each of Our Restarts

We mentioned before that Rep Porter was quickly eliminated in the 2-7 Single Draw final. Well just a few hands later, Lawrence Berg joined him on the rail in third place, meaning we are heads up between the two big stacks to start the day: Randy Ohel and David Eichhorn.

Over in the Escalator Event, they were six handed for over two hours before there were two eliminations in quick succession. First, Alexander Orlov hit the rail in 6th place. Orlov started the final table as one of the leaders, but took a big hit early and was a short stack throughout. A few hands later, Jared Griener would get it in preflop with a mid ace, but he was dominated by the pocket kings of Ophir Atar.

They are now four handed there, with Atar holding a slight chip lead. 

Photos From the Final Four in 2-7 Single Draw

Below you will see the four players who made the money in our $2,150 Single Draw Event. In the time that it took to take these photos, we lost short stack Rep Porter in 4th place, meaning they are now three handed. Stay tuned to find out who wins! 

                                                          SEAT 1: REP PORTER - 15,800

                                                          SEAT 1: REP PORTER - 15,800

                                                   SEAT 2: LAWRENCE BERG - 40,500

                                                   SEAT 2: LAWRENCE BERG - 40,500

                                               SEAT 3: DAVID EICHHORN - 206,300

                                               SEAT 3: DAVID EICHHORN - 206,300

                                                         SEAT 4: RANDY OHEL - 156,500

                                                         SEAT 4: RANDY OHEL - 156,500

Overlay Alert in Today's Eternament

We are signaling the overlay alert here at the LAPC in today's $1,100 Eternament. Remember this is the event with the special structure of 1,100 in starting chips, and two hour levels. We need 50 people to reach our guarantee today, and so far, we only have 22, so there's a good chance Commerce will be kicking in some money to cover the guarantee.

Registration will be open until 5:30 PM. Come win some free money! 

Photos From the Final Six in Escalator

                                            SEAT 1: ALEXANDER ORLOV - 46,000

                                            SEAT 1: ALEXANDER ORLOV - 46,000

                                                              SEAT 2: ADAM GEYER - 190,000

                                                              SEAT 2: ADAM GEYER - 190,000

                                                            SEAT 3: OPHIR ATAR - 152,000

                                                            SEAT 3: OPHIR ATAR - 152,000

                                                    SEAT 4: JARED GRIENER - 83,000

                                                    SEAT 4: JARED GRIENER - 83,000

                                                    SEAT 5: ANTHONY JUSTIC - 95,000

                                                    SEAT 5: ANTHONY JUSTIC - 95,000

                                                             SEAT 6: YU KURITA - 240,000

                                                             SEAT 6: YU KURITA - 240,000