What's Coming Up: Friday, November 16th

The Main Event action keeps rolling on tomorrow with the second of three starting flights. The action starts up at 1 PM today, with registration available until 5:30 PM. Just like today, we will have $175 satellites at 4 and 7 PM tomorrow, that will be guaranteeing a total of 20 seats to the Saturday flight of the Main. Be sure to come join us!

Time to Start the Evening Main Event Satellite

The first satellite of the day was a big success, with 94 players coming out. That meant that 12 discounted seats will be handed out from that satellite, and we have another $175 satellite starting up now here in the tournament ballroom!

Registration for this satellite is open tonight until 9:15 PM tonight, and if you can’t make it out for this satellite, don’t forget that we have two more tomorrow at 4 and 7 PM once again!

By the Numbers: Opening LAPO Main Event Flight

The first flight of this LAPO Main Event drew a crowd of 176 players. The final 22 will finish in the money tonight, with the top 14 advancing to the Day 2 finals on Sunday. If you want to take your shot at this event, remember that we have another $175 satellite starting up at 7 PM, and the second of three flights starts tomorrow at 1 PM!

1-14. Advance to Day 2
15-18. $2,000
19-22. $1,600

Some Notables Off to a Nice Start in the Main

We have just crossed the four hour mark of play here at the opening flight of the LAPO Main Event, and while registration is just about to close, we have a handful of notables who have more than double their original starting stack of 30,000. Check out those counts below, and don’t forget that our $175 satellite is in full swing right now!

Blinds: 300-600

Travis Tachibana - 92,000
Mark Hamilton - 84,000
Lang Lee - 75,000
Anthony Pitesa - 75,000
Scott Stewart - 67,000
Ping Liu - 65,000

Time for Some More Player Snapshots

Below you guys will see a few more player photos from today’s opening Main Event flight. Defending champion Raymond Ho is here looking to do the near impossible: win this event two years in a row. We also spotted recent Mixed Game crusher Anthony Pitesa dipping his toe back into the No-Limit game.

Check out those photos below, along with a few others!











Cards in the Air: 4 PM Main Event Satellite

Registration for today’s Main Event flight is still open until 5:30 PM, but for those who don’t have $1,100 to put down, we are starting up the first of two $175 satellites today! This satellite will be guaranteeing ten seats, but these same satellites were wildly successful in September, all giving out more seats than the guaranteed ones.

Registration for this satellite is open until 6:15 PM tonight, with the second satellite starting up at 7 PM. Good luck all!

First Round of LAPO Main Event Photos

Below you guys will see a few of the players who are here for the opening LAPO Main Event flight! We spotted Lang Lee, who is fresh off a deep run in the $50,000 Guaranteed Event on Tuesday. We also spotted the 2016 LAPO Main Event Champion, Scott Stewart!

Scroll down for those photos, and a few more.











Nearly 150 Players on First Break of Today's Flight

We are off to a fast start in this LAPO Main Event with a total of 145 players on the first break of the day. Registration is open until 5:30 PM today, so there’s a good chance we’ll get over 200 before the dust settles. Remember that this is the first of three starting flights in this event. The second flight starts at 1 PM tomorrow, and we wrap up the qualification with the final flight at 12 PM on Saturday.

Come join us!

The First of Two Satellites Start in an Hour

The $1,100 LAPO Main Event is in full swing, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to get in on the cheap! We are running two satellites today and tomorrow that are guaranteeing a total of 30 seats, and the first of those starts up at 4 PM today!

The buy-in for all of them will be $175, and the afternoon satellites will guarantee 10 seats each, while the 7 PM satellites will guarantee at least five. These satellites are always massive, and we will be giving out dozens of seats, so don’t miss it!

The 2018 LA Poker Open Main Event is Underway!

The day that everyone has been waiting for is finally here. It’s time to start up another massive Main Event here at the Commerce Casino! The LAPO Main Event has a buy-in of $1,100, with a guarantee of at least $500,000.

In September, this same format drew a huge crowd of 748, making for a prizepool just short of three quarters of a million dollars! Sam Weiss came out on top in that event, earning over $108,000 in a three way chop with Commerce regulars Thu Nguyen and Duey Duong.

Registration today will be open until 5:30 PM, and this is the first of three starting flights over the next three days. As always, we will have the Thursday Night game up on the big screen, so come on down, watch some football, and win some money here at the 2018 LA Poker Open Main Event.

Good luck all!

The Final Six Agree to a Deal, Travis Tachibana Is the Winner


With all six players fairly close in chips, they all took a look at the numbers, and agreed on the deal as proposed. Travis Tachibana had the smallest of chip leads, and as a result, he will be declared the winner. He will take home $33,560, and the trophy. Scroll down for a full breakdown of the chop, and congratulations to all six players on their finishes!

  1. Travis Tachibana - $33,560

  2. Rafi Azam - $33,225

  3. Einov Shalom - $32,540

  4. Anthony Pitesa - $24,620

  5. Beau Winn - $24,240

  6. Cruz Guerrero - $22,935

Nguyet Dao Eliminated in 7th Place ($9,260)


Nguyet Dao took a big hit to her stack after folding on the river after Rafi Azam moved all in. Azam would show eight high for the bluff as he raked in the big pot, knocking Dao down to a below average stack.

A few hands later, she three bet shoved all in with [Ac][Qd], only to be called by Travis Tachibana, who held a dominating [Ad][Kh]. The lead quickly flipped after the flop came down [Qs][10s][2s], but Tachibana still had outs. The [4c] turn changed nothing, but the [Js] on the turn changed everything.

Dao hit the rail in seventh, and the final six are once again looking at the numbers for a chop.

Marc Weinstock Eliminated in 8th Place ($7,220)


A few hands later, Marc Weinstock would move all in from the small blind with [Ac][8c]l. Unfortunately for him, Travis Tachibana woke up with pocket aces in teh big blind, and made the call to put him at risk. Weinstock picked up some help on the [10d][8s][10h] flop, but another miracle eight didn’t come, and he was sent to the rail in eighth place.

After this knockout, the final seven looked at the numbers, but a deal couldn’t be struck, so we carry on with seven!