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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Congratulations to Josh Tieman, Winner of the $1,100 Omaha 8/PLO8 Event

Josh Tieman started heads-up play with a big chip lead, and he crippled Bart Hanson on the following hand. Hanson bet on the turn of a board showing [Qd][8d][3s][Qh], and checked the [Kc] river. Tieman bet out, and Hanson called with just a few thousand behind. Tieman showed [Kd][6c][5d][4s] for a missed flush draw and low draw that turned into two pair, and Hanson couldn't beat it.

Hanson would score a couple small double ups, but his comeback would end shortly after. Hanson will take home $7,020 for his efforts, while Josh Tieman will take home $11,700, and the Remington. It's been an impressive series for Tieman, who finished runner up in a three way chop in the $1,100 No-Limit Hold'em Event last week.

Congratulations Josh on your victory!

Jani Vilmunen Eliminated in 3rd Place ($4,420)

Josh Tieman has been on a tear at this final table, knocking out another player in Jani Vilmunen. He now has a substantial chip leader over Bart Hanson. Tieman has 300,000 in chips, while Hanson has 90,000. Stay tuned to find out if Tieman can finish it off, or if Hanson can mount a comeback!

Some Chip Counts from Flight 1A

Blinds: 600-1,200 Players Left: 81 Average: 48,000

Thu Nguyen - 90,000
Sean Jazayeri - 87,000
Scott Stewart - 56,000
Lawrence Ma - 45,000
John Racener - 43,000
Mohsin Charania- 36,000
Sorel Mizzi - 31,000
Massoud Eskandari - 22,000
Eddy Sabat - 17,000
Bruce Buffer - 17,000

What's Coming Up: Thursday, February 16th

The $1 Million Guaranteed event takes center stage once again tomorrow at the 2017 LAPC. We have our second flight starting up at 1 PM, with registration open until 5:30. Just like today, at 5 PM, we are running a $175 buy-in satellite guaranteeing at least ten $1,100 seats that can be used in this event. Today, we gave out 30 seats in our afternoon satellite, so don't be surprised if we get a similar turnout tomorrow.

Rob Cowen Eliminated in 4th Place ($2,860)

Rob Cowen was the short stack for quite some time before he busted in 4th place. He got it all in preflop against Jani Wilmunen, who had aces in his hand. The board wouldn't bring a low, coming down [Js][10c][4h][4s][Kh], and the ace-king Cowen had for high was no good.

This gets us down to just three players. Josh Tieman has taken over the chip lead, while Bart Hanson is the short stack.

Witold Homka Bubbles

Witold Homka had the chip lead for quite some time at this final table, but he lost a string of pots, including a massive one to Josh Tieman that crippled him. He would bust the next hand.

The hand that did most of the damage came on a flop of [Qc][10h][7c]. Tieman check called a bet from Homka, and the [9h] hit the turn. Tieman checked again, and Homka fired Tieman check raised all in, and Homka called.

Homka: [As][2c][9s][10c]
Tieman: [Ad][8s][Jc][2d]

Tieman's straight was ahead, but he had flush and full house outs to fade. He would do so, as the [Qh] completed the board.

Homka would bust to Tieman on the next hand. The final four are going on break and are all in the money. Here is how their stacks look.

Jani Vilmunen - 155,000
Josh Tieman - 95,000
Bart Hanson - 70,000
Rob Cowen - 62,000

By the Numbers: Flight 1A of the $1 Million Guaranteed

The first of four flights in the $1 Million Guaranteed Event drew 260 players, meaning we are already well on our way to smashing another guarantee here at the 2017 LAPC. The top 33 players will be in the money, with the final 21 moving on to the finals. Check out the breakdown below, and don't forget that your next chance to qualify will be tomorrow at 1 PM.

1-21. Day 2
22-27. $2,000
28-33. $1,600

Fresh Counts From the Final Five

Blinds: 2,000-4,000

Jani Vilmunen - 120,000
Bart Hanson - 105,000
Witold Homka - 95,000
Rob Cowen - 45,000
Josh Tieman - 27,000

Now on the Bubble of the O8/PLO8 Event

Raouf Malek had been grinding the short stack for quite some time before putting most of his chips in preflop from the small blind. Jani Vilmunen called, and the flop came [10s][8d][5c]. The last of Malek's chips went in, and Vilmunen called that as well.

Malek: [9d][7d][3d][2s]
Vilmunen: [Ac][Kc][4c][4s]

Malek was likely to get some part of the pot, but the board finished with running eights, giving Vilmunen a full house. With that, we are on the bubble. Josh Tieman is currently the short stack.

Motohiro Kondo Out in 7th

Motohiro Kondo got his short stack in preflop, and he was called by Josh Tieman and Witold Homka. The flop came down' Qh][9c][5d], Homka bet, and Tieman folded.

Kondo: [Ac][Kh][7c][7h]
Homka: [Ah][7s][5c][Kc]

Kondo was in the lead with his sevens, and the [3h] on the turn didn't change that. However, the [Kd] on the river gave Homka two pair, which was better than Kondo's hand now.

We are just two spots away from the money now.

Today's $175 Satellite Underway

We have just kicked off our $175 satellite, where at least ten $1,100 seats will be handed out. These seats can be used for any of our $1 million Guaranteed flights, or for any other $1,100 events coming up. Registration for this satellite will be open until 7:15 PM, and if you can't make it out today, you will have another chance tomorrow and Friday.

Down to Seven in the O8/PLO8 Event

Benny Glaser was the first causality of today's final table. We are still three eliminations away from the money. Motohiro Kondo is the short stack, while Witold Homka has taken the chip lead with nearly 100,000.

Player Profile: Dan Heimiller, Winner of the WPT Freeroll

Over the weekend we held our second Main Event freeroll, and out of a field of over 700 players, it was won by none other than accomplished pro Dan Heimiller. Heimiller proved that even with the fast structure and skipped levels, skill could still come out as a factor in the end.

"This is actually the second seat I won a Mega a few weeks ago so it's the second seat I won. First one I paid $625 for it this one's completely free. I thought my odds were like 50/50 either I win or a I don't," Heimiller joked after.

In addition to being Heimiller's second seat, it was also his second Remington of the series, after finishing on top of a chop in the $350 OE Event. According to Heimiller, who said he was knocked out in the first hand of the first freeroll, this time around, he had good chips from start to finish.

"I didn't have another tournament to play tonight so I tried to play well all the way through. Because of the speed, you tend to be short stacked more often than not. This one I think I tripled up in the first hour so it was more playing logical staying in line and pot odds plus interest. That's what you need."

We asked Heimiller if he would approach this prestigious tournament any differently now that he had locked up a seat for free.

"I'm just trying to make it a winning year so it doesn't change the way I play. Not at all."

We will be sure to keep track of Heimiller and all of our freeroll winners when the Main Event starts in just two weeks. Good luck Dan!

Some Snapshots From Flight 1A

We have a few snapshots for you guys from the first of four flights in the Million Guaranteed Event. Thomas Zanot has been one of the most consistent performancers so far here at the LAPC, and he is looking to continue that today. Erika Weinstein is fresh off a runner-up showing in the Triple Stack Event last week, and Tim Cramer, who won the So Cal Poker Championship in December, is also here looking for another major title.

Thomas Zanot

Erika Weinstein

Adam Foxen

William Sturiano

Tim Cramer

Over 200 Players So Far in Flight 1A

We are off to a great start in the $1 million Guaranteed Event. We already have 220 players registered with just under two hours left in registration. This is the first of four flights to be play out between now and Saturday. Don't forget that if you want to take a shot at a cheap seat in this event, we are running $175 satellites at 5 PM for the next three days.

Final Table Photos From the Omaha 8/PLO8 Event

Seat 1: Jani Vilmunen - 91,900

Seat 2: Motohiro Kondo - 24,400

Seat 3: Rob Cowen - 91,900 (Not Pictured)

Seat 4: Bart Hansen - 45,800

Seat 5: Benny Glaser - 15,900

Seat 6: Josh Tieman - 62,500

Seat 7: Witold Homka - 53,200

Seat 8: Raouf Malek - 27,800

Cards in the Air: Opening Flight of the $1 Million Guaranteed Event

It's time to start up the biggest event of the series so far: the $1,100 buy in $1 million Guaranteed Event! This is the first of four flights over the next four days. Players will start with 15,000 in chips, and registration will remain open until 5:30 PM today. Players are also allowed to re-enter one time each flight.

Good luck players!

LAPC Event #40 $1,000,000 Guaranteed Flight 1A

  • LAPC Event #44 
  • 2/15/17 - 1pm 
  • $1,100 Buy-in
  • $1,000,000 Guaranteed 
  • Flight 1A
  • 15,000 Starting Stack 
  • Levels 1-12 40 Minutes 
  • All Levels After - 60 Minutes
  • Late Register until 5:30pm 
  • One Re-entry per flight allowed
  • Day 2 Finals Sunday, February 19th 1pm

Event 43 $1,100 Omaha 8/PLO 8 or Better Day 1 Chip Counts

Entries: 26 Prize Pool: $26,000
Place Last Name First Name City State Chips Table Seat
1 Cowen Rob Swansea UK 91,900 36 3
2 Vilmunen Jani Vantaa Finland 68,600 36 1
3 Tieman Josh Cherry Hill NJ 62,500 36 6
4 Homka Witold Warsaw Poland 53,200 36 7
5 Hanson Bart Los Angeles CA 45,800 36 4
6 Malek Raouf Los Angeles CA 27,800 36 8
7 Kondo Motohiro Tokyo Japan 24,400 36 2
8 Glaser Benny Southampton UK 15,900 36 5
Day 2 returns Wednesday 2/15 at 3:00pm
1st $11,700
2nd $7,020
3rd $4,420
4th $2,860

LAPC Event #42 $550 No Limit Hold'em Double Stack Partners Results

Entries: 62 Prizepool: $31,000

Last First City State Prize
1 Chang Kathy Valencia CA $11,140
Gaspard Jean Montebello CA
2 Jape James Rancho Cucamonga CA $6,560
Bolander Rebecca Rancho Cucamonga CA
3 Renshaw Samuel Long Beach CA $4,110
Stewart Scott Lakewood CA
4 Gravatt Jason Landenberg PA $2,790
Malkoun Peter Burbank CA
5 Buckholtz Ryan Studio City CA $2,170
Java Nipun Los Angeles CA
6 Leard Titan San Clemente CA $1,710
Vinh Vinny Downey CA
7 Tran Phuong Monterey Park CA $1,400
Nguyen Turbo Monterey Park CA
8 Prewitt Deborah Redondo Beach CA $1,120
Williams Lance La Mirada CA