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Monday, February 13, 2017

Congratulations to Isaac Crow, Winner of the $1,100 HORSE Event

Isaac Crow and Carlos Rodriguez battled it out for quite some time heads up, and at one point, Rodriguez was able to take a small lead. But Crow never stopped battling, and before long, he would take down the title. For his efforts, he will take home $23,250, while Rodriguez will have to settle for $16,540.

Congratulations to Crow on his incredible effort, and good luck in the upcoming Mixed Game events!

Nearing the Bubble in the Omaha-8 Event

We are down to the final 15 players in the Omaha 8-or-Better Event, with the top nine making the money tonight. Some of the notables still alive are Mike Noori, Mark Gregorich, Joshua Tieman, Benny Glaser, Randy Ohel, and none other than Craig Chait, who amazingly is still alive for his quest to win three tournaments in a row.

Isaac Crow Still Leading in the HORSE

Isaac Crow has maintained his lead throughout this heads up HORSE battle, but he can't quite seem to finish off Carlos Rodriguez. As the two go on break, Crow has 975,000 in chips, while Rodriguez has 300,000.

John Cerntuo Eliminated in 3rd Place ($14,500)

John Cernuto was all in on third street of Seven Card Stud with [Kd][Jh][10d]. He was up against Carlos Rodriguez, who had the [8c] showing, but then revealed the [Qd] and [Qc] in the hole much to the dismay of Cernuto. Rodriguez would hit two clubs to pick up a flush draw, while Cernuto would grab a queen on fifth to give him straight draw outs. Both players bricked sixth street, and on seventh, Rodriguez showed the [10c], leaving Cernuto drawing dead.

With that pot, we are heads up between Crow and Rodriguez. The winner of this battle will be taking home $2,000 and the Remington trophy!

The Final Three Make a Deal and Will Play On

While on break, the players asked us to take a look at the numbers. Isaac Crow had 710,000, Carlos Rodriguez 400,000, and John Cernuto 160,000. They decided to keep $2,000 on the side to play for, and after Cernuto was able to get some extra money, a deal was struck. Here is how the money will be dealt out.

Isaac Crow - $21,250
Carlos Rodriguez - $16,540
John Cernuto - $14,500

Again, the three are playing on to decide who will win the final $2,000 and the trophy!

Adam Kipnis Eliminated in 4th Place ($6,970)

Adam Kipnis lost a string of pots to wind him down to the short stack, and he got his final chips in on fifth street in razz. He was up against Isaac Crow, who was behind on fifth, but hit running cards to leave Kipnis drawing dead by seventh street.

Crow increased his chip lead with that pot, as he is now up to 640,000, over half the chips in play three handed.

What's Coming Up: Valentine's Day at the LAPC

In the spirit of Valentine's Day tomorrow, we are offering a tournament that potentially you and your spouse can play together! At 1 PM, it's the return of our $550 Partner's Event. Here's how it works. Players will register in teams of two. One player will start the tournament, and after every 20-minute level, the teammates will switch places. This will continue until the tournament ends.

At 5 PM, we have a $1,100 Half Omaha-8 half PLO8 event. This is a two day event, with the finals starting up on Wednesday at 3 PM. Registration for that tournament will remain open until 9:30 PM.

It should be a fun day of poker, so don't miss out on it!

George Rechnitzher Eliminated in 5th Place ($5,310)

On the turn of a board showing [Kc][10c][9d][5s], George Rechnitzher checks to Isaac Crow, who fires out. Rechnitzher calls for most of his stack, and the [8h] completes the board. Another check sees Crow bet enough to put Rechnitzher all in, and he thinks for a while before calling.

Crow shows [Qs][Js][3h][2h] for the nuts, and Rechnitzher obviously can't beat that. This gets us down to four players. Here is how they stack up right now.

John Cernuto - 490,000
Isaac Crow - 360,000
Adam Kipnis - 300,000
Carlos Rodriguez - 140,000

Frankie O'Dell Eliminated in 6th Place ($4,250)

Frankie O'Dell was eliminated in a hand shortly after the break in Omaha 8-or-Better. We are down to five players now.

By the Numbers: $1,100 Omaha 8-or-Better Event

Today's $1,100 Omaha-8 Event drew a total of 70 players, creating a prize pool of $70,000. The final nine players will finish in the money in this event, all locking up at least $2,450. First place will be good for $24,480, and the Remington Trophy. Check below for a full breakdown of the payouts.

1. $24,480
2. $14,000
3. $8,580
4. $6,130
5. $4,730
6. $3,680
7. $3,150
8. $2,800
9. $2,450

Player Profile: Craig Chait, Winner of the 2-7 Single Draw Event

It's been quite a couple of days for local player Craig Chait. As of last Friday, he had zero titles here at the Commerce Casino. Just three days later, he now has two Remington Trophies after defeating one of the biggest names in poker heads up in the $1,100 2-7 Single Draw Event.

"I feel awesome. Another short tough field lots of pros and beating Hellmuth heads up was special. I coolered him I had a pat 86 he had a pat 87 so that's getting all in regardless. It was a really fun tournament the format is great. I loved the No-Limit aspect of it. It brings in some more bluffing and playing in position."

Chait told us after his victory in the Dealer's Choice Event on Saturday that he has been working on his draw games, and it certainly looks like his hard work has paid off, as he defeated a small but stacked field of players in this event. We asked Chait what specifically he had been working on in his game, and he told us this.

"I'm trying to lower variance. Before I would take marginal spots and gamble for a lot of chips and now I'm playing more solid hands and leaving it less up to the runouts. I folded alot of hands yesterday and today pretty big hands and big draws because I didn't have a made hand. It worked out."

It was an interesting final table. The final eight players combined for the final table, but only half of them would finish in the money. Hellmuth, the most experienced player at the final table, showed his skills in building up a massive lead. By the time the bubble came, Hellmuth had half the chips in play, with Chait holding a nice stack, and the final three players all short.

"I wanted to sit back and try to get heads up and see what would happen from there. We were 5-handed for a while and I didn't want to put a ton of my chips at risk because there were a lot of small stacks. I picked my spots play mostly big hands just called with big draws in position. I just played more solid more ABC poker."

Chait started heads-up play with a big deficit, but after scoring a big double up, he was able to grind back to close to even. The two players agreed to a deal that saw Chait lock up $9,000, and Hellmuth $9,720. They agreed to play for the trophy, and after a few big hands, the Remington was going home with Chait. In addition to his second title, he now also leads the Player of the Series race.

"The second one validates the first one right. They both feel great and we'll see if I can get a third. It would feel great to win Player of the Series. Besides the World Series this is my marquee series I don't get to travel much for poker so the LAPC is really big for me. To put together a good run of tournaments is great."

Chait is going for the three-peat today in the $1,100 Omaha 8-or-Better Event. Be sure to stay tuned to find out if he is able to pull it off!

Paul Lucas Eliminated in 7th Place ($3,530)

Paul Lucas is all in on fourth street in Razz against Frankie O'Dell. Lucas has [7c][5d][2s][Jh], while O'Dell has [9h][7s][6h][3h]. O'Dell hits a five on fifth to make a ninety seven, and he wouldn't improve on his last two cards. Lucas would pair up on fifth, pick up a nice draw with a [3s] on sixth, but he would make two pair on seventh.

This gets us down to six players. As of yet, there hasn't been any talks of a deal.

Jeff Peterson Eliminated in 8th Place ($2,980)

Jeff Peterson was just busted in a hand of razz against Adam Kipnis. Peterson had a six-five low, but Kipnis was able to improve on the river to a six-four low, getting us down to our final seven players.

Player Profile: Tony Cheng Hai, Winner of the $300,000 Guaranteed Event

Yesterday, Tony Cheng Hai finished on top of the biggest event of the 2017 LAPC so far. He led the way in a six way chop that saw him take just under $50,000 home. After the victory, Hai walked us through how his day went.

"It was pretty steady I went down to 100,000 and doubled up with pocket queens up to 250,000. Next few hands I had pocket tens I doubled up again. From there after one round I got Jack-Ten suited flopped a flush and went to almost a million. From there, it was smooth sailing."

Hai came into the final table towards the top of the pack, but he won a handful of big pots thanks to some aggressive play. Hai told us after that he isn't always aggressive, but that's what he felt would be most effective at that particular final table.

"It all depends on the table and the players there. I try to play according to the table, so I thought aggression was best here."

For Hai, it's his second final table of the series, but more importantly, it's by far the biggest cash of his poker career. Hai said it gives him some confidence going into some of the bigger events coming up in the series.

"This is my biggest cash yes. I'm going to play the million guaranteed and hopefully do well in that one."

Congratulations to Tony Cheng Hai on his impressive performance. Don't forget that the Million Guaranteed Event starts up on Wednesday!

Brandon Cantu Eliminated in 9th Place ($2,740)


Brandon Cantu was all in on fifth street in stud with a straight draw, and he turned a flush draw to go with it. He was trailing the aces in the hole of Isaac Crow, and on seventh, Crow picked up a third ace. Cantu wasn't able to hit either of his draws on seventh, and he is the first player eliminated from this final table.

Final Table Photos in the $1,100 HORSE Event

Seat 1: Jeff Peterson - 80,000

Seat 2: Frankie O'Dell - 75,000

Seat 3: Brandon Cantu - 30,000 

Seat 4: George Rechnitzer - 150,000

Seat 5: Isaac Crow - 220,000

Seat 6: Carlos Rodriguez - 85,000

Seat 7: Adam Kipnis - 180,0000

Seat 8: Paul Lucas - 22,000 (short stack)

Seat 9: John Cernuto - 290,000 (chip leader)

Bubble Burst in the HORSE Event

We started the day with 16 players in the $1,100 HORSE Event, and we had to lose five players to get into the money. We lost Matthew Kursar, Alan Myerson, Jeff Mitseff, and Michael Lemkin on our way to reaching the bubble. That bubble was just burst when none other than James Woods was knocked out. This leaves us with just 11 players, all of whom are in the money.

Stay tuned for final table photos and eliminations from this Mixed Game final table!

First Break of the $1,100 Omaha 8 Event

We are two hours into our only Remington tournament of the day, and so far, 46 players have entered. Registration will remain open for this two day event until 5:30 PM today.

Cards in the Air: $1,100 Omaha 8-or-Better Event

We continue with our $1,100 Mixed Game Events today with the Omaha 8-or-Better installment. Players will start with 15,000 in chips, and registration will stay open until 5:30 PM today. This is a two day event, with the finals starting up tomorrow at 2 PM. Good luck players!

LAPC Event #41: $1,100 Omaha 8-or-Better

  • LAPC Event #41 
  • Omaha 8-or-Better
  • 2/13/17 - 1pm 
  • $1,100 Buy-in
  • 15,000 Starting Stack 
  • Levels 1-9 - 40 Minutes
  • All Remaining Levels 60 Minutes
  • Late Register until 5:30pm 
  • Single Re-Entry Allowed 
  • Two Day Event
  • Day 2 Tuesday February 14th at 2 PM 

Event 38 Final Results

Entries: 26 Prizepool: $26,000
Last First City State Prize
1 Chait Craig Newport Beach CA $9,000*
2 Hellmuth Phil Palo Alto CA $9,720*
3 Hamid Abdel Corpus Christi TX $4,420
4 Bernard Timothy San Diego CA $2,860
*Heads up players agreed to chop based on chip count and to play for the trophy. Original payouts were
1st $11,700 2nd $7,020

Event #36 $570 No Limit Hold'em Final Results

$300,000 GUARANTEE
BUY IN: $500 S/C: $20 E/F: $50

Last Name First Name City State Prize
1 Hai Cheng Temple City CA $49,290*
2 Mendoza Jose Luis Los Angeles CA $41,375*
3 Aljanedi Sameer Marina Del Rey CA $40,910*
4 Nguyen Thu Fountain Valley CA $40,840*
5 Hua Alex Rosemead CA $32,960*
6 Davenport William Lake Elsinore CA $30,095*
7 Nguyen Phuoc San Jose CA $13,470
8 Robben Tyler Santa Ana CA $10,740
9 Bailey Daniel Bondurant WY $8,060
10 Lumayag Francis La Mirada CA $6,700
11 French Kevin Riverside CA $6,700
12 Gutierrez Antonio Lincoln CA $6,700
13 Khalili Sohale Los Angeles CA $5,360
14 Zanot Thomas N Hollywood CA $5,360
15 Brereton Luke Prestbury UK $5,360
16 Hochman Corey Phoenix AZ $4,460
17 Rich Angelina Lake Stevens WA $4,460
18 Karle Erich Redondo Beach CA $4,460
19 Pesi Gino Los Angeles CA $3,770
20 Lim Anan Alhambra CA $3,770
21 Lehmanski Maxilian Innsbruch Austria $3,770
22 Ramakrishnan Rajkumar Sydney NSW $3,130
23 Lauritzen Mark Newport Beach CA $3,130
24 Bronfenajer Oliver Burbank CA $3,130
25 Kramer Bruce Westminster CA $2,660
26 Fletcher Arron Cambridge UK $2,660
27 Massman Alexander Calabasas CA $2,660
28 Azam Rafi Escondido CA $2,210
29 Trudeau Stephen Santa Monica CA $2,210
30 Gale Lee West Covina CA $2,210
31 Alati Richard Phoenix AZ $2,210
32 Hulett John Sherman Oaks CA $2,210
33 Chi Meng Tam Moreno Valley CA $2,210
34 Merrick Andrew San Diego CA $2,210
35 Kop Joel San Jose CA $2,210
36 Richardson Jerry Irvine CA $2,210
37 Jun Mark Fontana CA $1,920
38 Coppola Brian Conifer CO $1,920
39 Valladares Diego Saugus CA $1,920
40 Marzillier Leon Granada Hills CA $1,920
41 Simityan Pogos Glendale CA $1,920
42 Lam Huy Alhambra CA $1,920
43 Teranie Behzad San Mateo CA $1,920
44 Bitton Doron Van Nuys CA $1,920
45 Hakobyan Arsen Glendale CA $1,920
46 Foster Jordan Santa Barbara CA $1,690
47 Pattni Rupesh Los Angeles CA $1,690
48 Chan Patrick Los Angeles CA $1,690
49 Brent Dennis Somis CA $1,690
50 Conins Joseph Huntington Beach CA $1,690
51 Srour Ramzi Burbank CA $1,690
52 Nguyen John Fountain Valley CA $1,690
53 Tran Larry Hacienda Heights CA $1,690
54 Kung Kevin Newport Beach CA $1,690
55 Fung Steven Walnut CA $1,460
56 Zhang Chuanhao Ontario CA $1,460
57 Mestas Richard Granada Hills CA $1,460
58 Dao Bao Fountain Valley CA $1,460
59 Loizu Louis Woodland Hills CA $1,460
60 Moss Hunter Carlsbad CA $1,460
61 Katz Michael Studio City CA $1,460
62 Jones David Long Beach CA $1,460
63 Rice Shawn Lubbock CA $1,460
64 Moorman Christopher Benfleet CA $1,260
65 Tyfekchyan Arman North Hills CA $1,260
66 Williams Matthew Edgewood CA $1,260
67 Doumani Phil Santa Ana CA $1,260
68 Java Nipun Los Angeles CA $1,260
69 Pham David Hawthorne CA $1,260
70 Arutyunyan Arutyun Glendale CA $1,260
71 Tokushige Marc Whittier CA $1,260
72 Nguyen Turbo Monterey Park CA $1,260
73 Ruan Xiao Monrovia CA $1,080
74 Kramer Bruce Westminster CA $1,080 **
**Player qualified twice and his lower stack was removed form play
Day 1 finishers
Crespo Eduardo Hacienda Heights CA $950
Ein Zachary Studio City CA $950
Hershler Eric Los Angeles CA $950
Siyarath Phonesana Riverside CA $950
Ma Lawrence Artesia CA $950
Shanmugam Ravi San Jose CA $950
Nguyen Huy-Khiem Berlin Germany $950
Yarchever Jeffrey Laguna Beach CA $950
Mattox Kenneth Long Beach CA $950
Speck Raymond Burkburnett TX $950
Misirian John N Hollywood CA $950
Lim Michael Irvine CA $950
Hartshorn Travis Sarver PA $950
Aguiluz Heroico Sherman Oaks CA $950
Blanco Oscar CA $950
Kruglov Victor Los Angeles CA $950
Lo Michael Alhambra CA $950
Shady Sherif Tustin CA $950
Robison Gregg Long Beach CA $950
Hengsakul Peter Los Angeles CA $950
Whyte Lawrence Las Vegas NV $750
Hartshorn Travis Sarver PA $750
Ky Joe Honolulu HI $750
Guerrero Dustin San Diego CA $750
Witjas Matthew Woodland Hills CA $750
Musgrove Andy Laguna Hills CA $750
Garner Michael Colton  CA $750
Ramakrishnan Rajkumar Sydney NSW $750
Yanoff Nathan Riverside CA $750
Phan Vincent Chalmette LA $750
Stringham Mojgan Houston TX $750
Chuldjian Avedis Glendale CA $750
Staats Christopher Oklahoma City OK $750
Pedulla Bertha Santa Fe Springs CA $750
Stallworth Fredrick Riverside CA $750
Regiaba Adam Snta Ana CA $750
Carl David Glendale CA $750
Mayekar Sanjay Los Angeles CA $750
Lee Jungkil Los Angeles CA $750
Moreale Stefano San Diego CA $750
Castaneda Ralph Diamond Bar CA $750
O'Flynn Matthew San Diego CA $750
Speck Raymond Burkburnett TX $750
Ghazarian Edvin Palmdale CA $750
*Final 6 players agreed to make a deal based on chip counts. Original payouts were:
1st $80,520 2nd $56,470 3rd $36,310 4th $25,930 5th $19,900 6th $16,340