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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Dan Heimiller Scores A Double Knockout to Win the Freeroll!

Dan Heimiller had just doubled up into the chip lead when we saw a three way all in confrontation between Heimiller, Ramzi Srour, and John Villanueva.

Heimiller: [10d][10s]
Villanueva: [Ac][Qs]
Srour: [As][Jd]

The hand was all but over after the flop came down [10h][8d][6h], giving Heimiller top set. Another eight on the turn sealed the deal for Heimiller, who has freerolled himself into the $10,000 Main Event while also taking home his second Remington of the series.

Congratulations Dan!

"I've Never Seen a Hand Like This"

These were the words of famed poker pro Eli Elezra. You would think a pro with as much experience as Elezra would have seen it all by now, but he just came over to us to tell us about an insane hand that saw Phil Hellmuth get eliminated.

According to Elezra, Hellmuth was severely short stack and all in on third street in Razz. Hellmuth had [7x][5x][3x], and his opponent, who had to bring in with a king, said "Only because you are Phill Hellmuth I am going to play this hand." He called with a king in the hole for a pair of kings. Hellmuth drew an ace, while his opponent drew a nine.

Hellmuth was all but assured a double up at this point, but according to Elezra, Hellmuth would pair up twice, and end up with a ten low by seventh. His opponent, on the other hand hit three runners to make a nine low. Safe to say, Hellmuth wasn't too pleased by the result as he made his way out of the tournament room.

Just Four Left in the Freeroll Now

We are quickly down to the final four players in the freeroll, with Dan Heimiller still leading the way. Here's how they look right now, with the blinds at 50,000-100,000.

Dan Heimiller - 1.8 million
Ramzi Srour - 1.5 million
Andrew Cha - 1.1 million
John Villanueva - 325,000

The Final Six Agree to a Deal: Tony Cheng Hai is the Champion!

The final six took a look at the numbers, and at first a deal wasn't struck. But after some numbers were moved around, a deal was made! Every one of the final six will be making between $30,000 and $50,000, with Tony Cheng Hai taking home the lion's share of the prize money. Check below for a full breakdown of the deal, and congratulations to all six players!

Tony Cheng Hai - $49,295
Jose Luis Mendoza - $41,325
Sameer Aljanodi - $40,910
Thu Nguyen - $40,840
Alex Hua - $32,960
William Davenport - $30,095

We are in the Money in the Freeroll!

We have reached the final 11 players, and they are currently at the 11-handed final table. You can view a photo of the final 11 above this, and a seating chart for the final 11 can be viewed below. We will post occasional updates on this table, though our main focus is on the $300,000 Guaranteed finals.

Seat 1: Victor Santos
Seat 2: Ramzi Srour
Seat 3: Bryan Kim
Seat 4: Craig Berger
Seat 5: Daniel Lawrence
Seat 6: Elaine Seidel
Seat 7: Andrew Cha
Seat 8: John Villanueva
Seat 9: Francisco Cabral
Seat 10: Michael Managaula
Seat 11: Dan Heimiller

Phouc Nguyen Crippled, Eliminated in 7th Place ($13,470)

Phouc Nguyen and Alex Hua get their money in preflop with virtually even stacks. Nguyen has [As][Qs], while Hua has [Ad][Qd]. It looks destined for a chop, and the flop of [6d][5s][6c] means both will need running cards to win. Hua wins that coin flip of sorts with the [9d] on the turn, and a diamond on the river would ship the double up to him. The [Jd] comes, and Nguyen can hardly believe it, as all but 25,000 of his stack is sent to Hua.

Nguyen would bust out just a couple of hands later, and now the final six are looking at the numbers for a deal.

Tyler Robben Eliminated in 8th Place ($10,740)

Tyler Robben moved all in from middle position holding [10c][10s], and on the button, William Davenport moved all in for just a bit more with [Kc][Kd]. The kings would hold on the runout of [3s][2s][3d][Qh][Ad], and Davenport virtually doubles up to 1.5 million.

Jose Luis Mendoza Extends His Lead

Jose Luis Mendoza, Alex Hua, and Tyler Robben go three ways to a flop of [Kh][5d][4s]. Hua fired out 100,000, Mendoza called, and Robben raised to 350,000. Hua folded, but Mendoza called to see the [Ac] hit the turn. Both players checked that card, and the [4c] completed the board. Mendoza fired out 350,000, Robben called, and Mendoza showed [Ah][5h] for two pair.

Robben shook his head before flashing [Kd][Qd] for a lesser two pair, and he was knocked down to 600,000, while Mendoza upped his stack to about four million.

By the Numbers: $1,100 HORSE Event

This afternoon's HORSE tournament drew 85 players, creating a prizepool of $85,000. The final 11 players will finish in the money, with first place good for $27,400 and the Remington Trophy. Check below for a full breakdown of the payouts.

1. $27,400
2. $16,580
3. $10,310
4. $6,970
5. $5,310
6. $4,250
7. $3,530
8. $2,980
9. $2,740
10. $2,550
11. $2,380

Francis Lumayag Eliminated in 10th Place ($6,700), Daniel Bailey Eliminated in 9th Place ($8,060)

On the first hand of the final table, we lost Francis Lumayag in 10th place. He would move all in preflop holding [As][Qc], and Sameer Aljanodi put him at risk with [Jh][Jc]. The jack would hold on a runout of [10d][8d][6d][4c][6c], and that got us down to nine players.

Not long after that, short stack Daniel Bailey would be knocked out in ninth place. This leaves us with eight players left.

Final Table Photos and Stacks From the $300,000 Guaranteed Event

Seat 1: Alex Hua - 800,000

Seat 2: Daniel Bailey - 300,000 (short stack)

Seat 3: Jose Luis Mendoza - 1.95 million (chip leader)

Seat 4: Sameer Aljanodi - 1.9 million
Seat 5: Tyler Robben - 1.18 million

Seat 6: Tony Cheng Hai - 1.88 million

Seat 7: Thu Nguyen - 1.2 million

Seat 8: Francis Lumayag - 450,000 (not pictured)

Seat 9: William Davenport - 510,000

Seat 10: Phouc Nguyen - 1.3 million

Congratulations to Craig Chait, Winner of the $1,100 2-7 Event!

Because Phil Hellmuth was still in the $1,100 HORSE Event, him and Craig Chait agree to move the payouts a bit, and shorten the blind levels. Hellmuth would receive $9,720, Chait $9,000, and they would play for the trophy.

Chait would take the chip lead over Hellmuth before this final hand. Chait moved all in, and Hellmuth called all in. Chait stayed pat while Hellmuth drew one card. Chait showed a [Jx][6x][5x][3x][2x], while Hellmuth fanned out a [10x][8x][6x][4x].  Hellmuth squeeze his card for quite some time before saying he paired up, showing another four. He shook hands with Chait before heading over to the HORSE Event.

For Chait, it is amazingly his second Remington Trophy in as many days! With the victory, he also moves into first on the Player of the Year standings. Stay tuned for another player profile of our first two time winner of the series. Congratulations Craig!

Chait Doubles Through Hellmuth

Craig Chait raised to 12,000, and Phil Hellmuth reraised to 35,000. Chait moved all in for 82,000 total, and Hellmuth tanked for a bit before calling.

Both players stood pat, and Chait rolled over [8x][6x][5x][4x][3x] for an eight-six. Hellmuth shot up out of his chair and said "What the f*** just happened," as he showed [8x][7x][6x][5x][3x] for an eight-seven low.

"I thought it was over," Hellmuth said as he shook his head. Chait doubles up to 165,000, though he is still behind Hellmuth, who has 225,000.

Abdel Hamid Eliminated in 3rd Place ($4,420)

Phil Hellmuth raised to 15,000, and Abdel Hamid moved all in for 33,500. Hellmuth called, and Hamid said he was pat. "That's not good," Hellmuth said as he drew two cards.

Hamid showed [10x][9x][8x][6x][4x], while Hellmuth showed [7x][6x][2x]. The first card Hellmuth drew was a [4x], and Hellmuth said "ooo I'm drawing live." He squeeze his next card and said it was either a ten or nine. Both would work for him, and it was eventually shown to be the [9c].

Hellmuth takes the pot, and with that, he has an enourmous lead over Chait. Hellmuth has 320,000 to the 75,000 of Chait. Will the 14-time bracelet winner close it out for yet another title?

By the Numbers: Second WPT Freeroll

The second WPT Main Event Freeroll drew 734 players. With the add-ons, the top 11 players will lock up at least a $1,100 Satellite seat. Of course, the eventual winner will earn the $10,000 Main Event seat, and will have the chance to turn their freeroll into a $1 million in early March!

1. $10,000 Main Event Seat
2-11. $1,100 Satellite Seats

Hal Kizzire Eliminated in 4th Place ($2,860)

Hal Kizzire was crippled in a hand where he doubled up Abdel Hamed, and a few hands later, he was all in against Craig Chait. Chait stood pat, and after Kizzire drew one, Chait rolled over one of the best possible hands, [7h][6h][5d][3d][2d]. "I'm drawing dead," Kizzire said as he rolled over a draw to a nine.

This get us down to just three players.

Philip Guitar Bubbles The 2-7 Event

Hal Kizzire moved all in from under the gun, and from the small blind, Philip Guitar called all in for less. Guitar was first to act, and he drew one. As soon as he drew, Kizzire flipped over his hand, [Jh][9s][5c][3s][2h], indicating he was patting.

Guitar had [6x][5x][4x][2x], and was looking for any card lower than a jack that didn't pair him up. He ended up drawing a three, which gave him a straight. Straights are no good in this game, and Guitar shot up out of his chair in disgust before wishing everyone luck. Here is how the final four currently stand.

Seat 1: Abdel Hamed - 27,000

Seat 2: Craig Chait - 95,000

Seat 3: Hal Kizzire - 50,000

Seat 4: Phil Hellmuth - 195,000

Fresh Stacks From the Final 18

Blinds: 10,000-20,000 Average: 638,000

Thu Nguyen - 990,000
Thomas Zanot - 760,000
Phuoc Nguyen - 585,000
Angelina Rich - 430,000
Erich Karle - 280,000
Kevin French - 280,000
Cory Hochman - 205,000

Next Round of $300,000 Guaranteed Eliminations

We have just two tables left in the massive $300,000 Guaranteed Day 2 restart. The following three players all took home $3,770 for their efforts today.

19. Gino Pesi
20. Anan Lim
21. Maxilian Lehmanski

These three each won $3,130 for their showings.

22. Rajkumar Ramakrishnan
23. Mark Lauritzen
24. Oliver Bronfenajer

And lastly, these three all won $2,660.

25. Bruce Kramer
26. Arron Fletcher
27. Alex Massman

On the Bubble of the Single Draw Event

Neeraj Nayak was just eliminated in sixth place, meaning we are officially on the money bubble. With one more elimination, everyone left will lock up $2,860.

Chip Counts From the Final Six in 2-7

Josh Hale was just knocked out in the 2-7 event, leaving us just two spots from the money. Phil Hellmuth has taken the chip lead, while Craig Chait is still alive for his second Remington in as many days. Check out the updated stacks below.

Phil Hellmuth - 95,000
Philip Guitar- 76,000
Craig Chait - 75,000
Abdel Hamid - 56,000
Hal Kizzire - 53,000
Neeraj Nayak - 32,000

Kevin French Takes Monster Pot From Alex Massman for the Chip Lead

We walked up to a hand between Alex Massman and Kevin French on the river of a completed board showing [Qc][9c][2c][10d][6s].  There was already about 150,000 in the middle when Massman fired out 110,000. French rechecked his hole cards and counted out his stack for a while before announcing a raise to 330,000.

Massman tanked for quite some time before calling for nearly all of his chips, and French rolled over [Ac][4c] for the nuts. Massman mucked what he later said was a smaller flush, and he was eliminated on the next hand. French now has the chip lead with just under one million. Here are a few other counts from the top 27.

Angelina Rich - 630,000
Cory Hochman - 485,000
Thu Nguyen - 320,000
Erich Karle - 275,000
Bruce Kramer - 215,000
Thomas Zanot - 190,000

Next Round of Bustouts in the Day 2 Restart

The following players all took home $2,210 for their efforts. From now on, there will be a pay jump for every three eliminations until the final table.

28. Rafi Azam
29. Stephen Trudeau
30. Lee Gale
31. Richard Alati
32. John Hulett
33. Tam Chi Meng
34. Andrew Merrick
35. Joel Kop
36. Jerry Richardson

Cards in the Air: Second WPT Freeroll

It's time for the second WPT Freeroll here at the Commerce Casino! Joey Pham took down the first freeroll a couple of weeks ago. Right now, 415 players have entered, but that number will be going up as the next two hours progress. Remember that all players have an optional $60 add-on that will help add $1,100 Satellite seats to the prizepool, but only one players will be taking home the Main Event seat. Good luck players!

Dana Kellstrom Out in 8th in the 2-7

Dana Kellstrom came into the day as the chip leader of the 2-7 event, but he was blinded down quite a bit after showing up late. He eventually arrived, but was the first causality of the final table. With just seven players left, Phillip Guitar is the chip leader with over 100,000.

Some Fresh Counts From the Final 36

Blinds: 4,000-8,000 Average: 325,000

Thomas Zanot - 530,000
Cory Hochman- 520,000
Alex Massman - 325,000
Bruce Kramer - 260,000
Thu Nguyen - 210,000
Joel Kop - 135,000
Erich Karle - 110,000

First Round of Bustouts in the Day 2 Restart

We are down to just four tables in our big Day 2 restart, and the first round of player bustouts can be viewed below. The following players all took home $1,920 for their efforts.

37. Mark Jun
38. Brian Coppola
39. Diego Valladares
40. Leon Maezillier
41. Pogos Simityan
42. Huy Lam
43. Sammy Teranie
44. Doron Bitton
45. Arsen Hakobyan

Randy Ohel Out in Ninth

Randy Ohel came into the day as the short stack, and he was just eliminated to get us down to our unofficial final table of eight, Only half of these players will finish in the money today. Stay tuned for a few pictures to come later.

Some Fresh Counts From the Final 45

Blinds: 3,000-6,000 Average: 260,000

Cory Hochman - 565,000
Alex Massman - 345,000
Thomas Zanot - 305,000
Erich Karle - 270,000
Mark Jun - 240,000
Bruce Kramer - 180,000
Thu Nguyen - 125,000
Joel Kop - 120,000

Day 2 Restart of the 2-7 Event

The final nine players are back for Day 2 of the 2-7 Event. Dana Kellstrom bagged the chip lead for the second night in a row after leading the Dealer's Choice Event yesterday. All eyes will be on 14-time WSOP Bracelet winner Phil Hellmuth, who comes into the day 7th of nine.

Stay tuned for photos and updates from the final table of this event. Good luck everyone!

Some Bracelet Winners in the $1,100 HORSE Event

We were expecting the $1,100 HORST Event to draw some of the biggest names in Los Angeles right now, and we certainly haven't been disappointed yet. We found these five bracelet winners below, and a couple more have entered since we took these pictures. Check out those players below, and stay tuned for updates from this event throughout this busy day!

Frankie O'Dell

Tyler Patterson

David "ODB" Baker

Gavin Griffin

Benny Glaser

Some of the Notables In the Day 2 Restart

Alex Massman - 310,000
Thomas Zanot - 290,000

Joel Kop - 260,000
Thu Nguyen - 230,000
Erich Karle - 180,000
Patrick Chan - 130,000 

Rupesh Pattni - 102,000

Day 2 Restart of the $300,000 Guaranteed Event

After three days of qualifying heats, 73 players have moved on to today's finals. Anan Lim leads the way with 477,500 in chips, though Jose Luis Mendoza is right behind him with 470,000. You can view a full list of the Day 2 survivors here.

We will be here until a winner is decided, providing updated all day long, so make sure you don't go anywhere!

1st $80,520 16th-18th $4,460
2nd $56,470 19th-21st $3,770
3rd $36,310 22nd-24th $3,130
4th $25,930 25th-27th $2,660
5th $19,900 28th-36th $2,210
6th $16,340 37th-45th $1,920
7th $13,470 46th-54th $1,690
8th $10,740 55th-63rd $1,460
9th $8,060 64th-72nd $1,260
10th-12th $6,700 73rd $1,080
13th-15th $5,360

Cards in the Air: $1,100 HORSE Event

It's time for another HORSE Event here at the 2017 LA Poker Classic. The buy-in today is $1,100, giving players 15,000 in chips. Registration will stay open until 4:30 PM, and players will be allowed to re-enter once in that time frame.

This is a two day event, with the finals starting up tomorrow at 2 PM. Good luck players!

Registration Now Open for the WPT Freeroll

The second WPT Freeroll is now open for registration! You can head down to the Casino Services desk and register anytime from now until 6:15 PM. Remember that all players are allowed one optional $60 add-on. For every 22 add-ons, a $1,100 satellite seat will be added to the prizepool. The last freeroll gave out $1,100 seats to everyone at the final table, and we expect a much bigger crowd on a weekend day, so don't miss out on this incredible opportunity!

LAPC Event #39: $1,100 HORSE Event

  • LAPC Event #39 
  • 2/12/17 - 12pm 
  • $1,100 Buy-in
  • 15,000 Starting Stack 
  • Levels 1-3 Last 2 Hours
  • All Levels After Last 1 Hour
  • Late Register until 5:30pm 
  • Single Re-Entry Allowed 
  • Two Day Event
  • Day 2 Sunday, February 13th at 2 PM 

LAPC Event 38 $1100 No Limit 2-7 Single Draw Chip Counts

Entries: 26 Prize Pool: $26,000
Place Last Name First Name City State Chips Table Seat
1 Kellstrom Dana Stevenson Ranch CA 69,100 68 3
2 Hale Josh San Diego CA 65,500 68 1
3 Chait Craig Newport Beach CA 50,000 36 2
4 Nayak Neeraj Pasadena CA 47,900 36 3
5 Guitar Philip Fort Worth  TX 39,100 36 4
6 Kizzire Hal Trussville AL 34,000 68 1
7 Hellmuth Phil Palo Alto CA 33,700 68 7
8 Hamid Abdel Corpus Christi TX 26,300 68 4
9 Ohel Randy Las Vegas NV 24,600 36 7

Day 2 Returns Sunday at 2:30pm
1st $11,700
2nd $7,020
3rd $4,420
4th $2,860

LAPC Event #36 Day 2 Chip Counts and Redraw

$300,000 GUARANTEE
Entries: 924 Prizepool: $462,000
Last Name First Name City State Chips Table Seat
1 Lim Anan San Gabriel CA 477,500 24 6
2 Mendoza Jose Luis Los Angeles CA 470,000 25 6
3 Nguyen Phuoc San Jose CA 360,000 30 7
4 Lumayag Francis Cypress CA 322,500 31 2
5 Bronfenmafer Oliver Burbank CA 301,000 24 3
6 Meng Tam Chi Macau 295,500 22 3
7 Brereton Luke Manchester UK 286,500 29 6
8 Kop Joel Honolulu HI 286,500 31 1
9 Massman Alex Woodland Hills CA 283,000 22 6
10 Gutierrez Antonio Lincoln NE 280,000 23 8
11 French Kevin Irvine CA 272,500 31 5
12 Ramakrishnan Raj Sydney Australia 249,500 22 9
13 Nguyen Thu Fountain Valley CA 240,500 23 2
14 Jun Mark Pasadena CA 236,000 30 8
15 Gale Lee West Covina CA 230,500 25 8
16 Hakobyan Arsen Los Angeles CA 219,500 24 1
17 Khalili Sohale Los Angeles CA 216,500 25 9
18 Hai Chang Temple City CA 210,500 23 7
19 Laurhzen Mark Newport Beach CA 203,000 25 7
20 Hochman Cory Phoenix AZ 201,500 22 5
21 Brent Dennis Camarillo CA 200,000 31 7
22 Valladares Diego Lima Peru 195,500 32 3
23 Nguyen John Fountain Valley CA 195,000 22 7
24 Hua Alex Alhambra CA 193,500 25 1
25 Marzillier Leon Granada Hills CA 182,500 23 6
26 Fletcher Arron Cambridge UK 157,500 31 4
27 Lehmanski Maxi Innsbruck Austria 156,500 32 9
28 Aljanodi Sameer Marina Del Rey CA 156,000 25 3
29 Richardson Jerry Irvine CA 150,500 23 5
30 Pesi Gno Pittsburgh PA 149,000 22 1
31 Robben Ty Santa Ana CA 147,500 31 3
32 Bailey Dan Seal Beach CA 146,500 30 5
33 Moss Hunter San Diego CA 146,500 30 3
34 Terrane Sammy Los Angeles CA 146,000 24 7
35 Lam Huy Los Angeles CA 141,000 30 9
36 Zanot  Thomas Phoenix AZ 136,500 32 1
37 Dao Bao Los Angeles CA 135,000 23 1
38 Rich Angelina Seattle WA 128,000 23 9
39 Pham David Westminster CA 127,500 24 4
40 Mestas Richard San Fernando CA 123,500 23 4
41 Fung Steven Hacienda Heights CA 121,500 32 5
42 Pattni Rupesh Los Angeles CA 120,000 29 7
43 Loizu Louie Woodland Hills CA 116,000 31 6
44 Zhang Chuanhao Ontario CA 111,500 25 4
45 Hulett John Sherman Oaks CA 109,000 22 4
46 Kramer Bruce Westminster CA 107,000 29 8
47 Coppola Brian Henderson  NV 105,000 25 5
48 Foster Jordan Santa Barbara CA 104,000 30 6
49 Davenport Bill Lake Elsinore CA 104,000 30 4
50 Tran Larry Anaheim Hills CA 102,500 32 4
51 Karle Erich Redondo Beach CA 102,500 29 4
52 Tyfekchyan Arman North Hills CA 97,000 24 5
53 Truden Brooks Metamora MI 91,000 24 9
54 Azam Rafi Escondido CA 91,000 30 1
55 Bitton Doron Van Nuys CA 90,500 23 3
56 Merrick Andrew San Diego CA 87,500 29 1
57 Alati Richard Phoenix CA 87,000 32 2
58 Comins Joel Hungtington Beach CA 87,000 30 2
59 Williams Matt Gig Harbor WA 85,000 29 2
60 Rice Shawn Lubbock TX 83,500 31 8
61 Jones Dave Long Beach CA 83,000 24 8
62 Simityan Pogos Glendale CA 80,500 32 6
63 Moorman Chris Benfleet UK 78,500 22 2
64 Doumani Phil Newport Beach CA 73,500 32 7
65 Katz Michael Los Angeles CA 71,000 25 2
66 Srour Ramzi Burbank CA 70,000 22 8
67 Java Nipun Los Angeles CA 67,500 25 10
68 Tokushigo Marc Whittier CA 60,000 32 8
69 Nguyen Turbo Los Angeles CA 58,000 29 9
70 Arutyunyan Harry Glendale CA 55,500 29 5
71 King Kevin Alhambra CA 44,000 31 9
72 Chan Patrick Brooklyn NY 39,500 29 3
73 Ruan Xiao Monrovia CA 6,000 24 2