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Saturday, February 11, 2017

By the Numbers: $1,100 No-Limit Single Draw

The game of the future event today drew 26 players, creating a prizepool of $26,000. The top four spots will get paid, with a min cash earning $2,860. First place will take home the Remington Trophy, along with $11,700. The four payouts can be viewed below. Good luck players!

1. $11,700
2. $7,020
3. $4,420
4. $2,860

What's Coming Up: Sunday, February 12th

It will be another busy Sunday here at the 2017 LAPC tomorrow. We start things off with the $1,100 HORSE Event. Registration for that tournament will be open until 4:30 PM, and players will be starting with 15,000 in chips.

At 4 PM, we have our second WPT Main Event Freeroll. Two weeks ago, Joey Pham bested a field of 618 players without using his optional $60 add-on, meaning he will be playing later this month in the Main Event on a true freeroll. Registration for the freeroll will open up at 10 AM tomorrow morning at the Casino Services desk, and will remain open until 6:15 PM. The WPT Royal Flush Girls will also be here handing out free shirts and hats, so make sure you pick up your free swag!

Of course, we also have the finals of the $300,000 Guaranteed Event starting up at 1 PM. It will be another incredible day of poker, so make sure you come back here for all of your updates!

Some Counts on the Bubble of Flight 1C

Blinds: 1,000-2,000 Players Left: 61 Average: 94,000

Hero Aguiluz - 150,000
Erich Karle - 105,000
Rupesh Pattni - 99,000
Thu Nguyen - 76,000
Patrick Chan - 75,000
Harry Arutyunyan - 65,000
Peter Hengsakul - 57,000
Chris Moorman - 37,000

Player Profile: Craig Chait, Winner of the Dealer's Choice Event

Craig Chait has been a mainstay on the Los Angeles poker scene for quite some time now, and though his biggest cashes recently have come in No-Limit Hold'em, he fancies himself a Mixed Game specialist first and foremost. Chait showed off his Mixed Game prowess this past summer in Las Vegas, when he took 14th place in the $10,000 Dealer's Choice Event. Well he put those stills on display again here today, taking down the $570 installment for his first ever Remington Trophy.

"It's great to get my first Remington and it's my first victory at Commerce. With all the games, I think we were playing 16 games today, to be able to come out on top it's a great feeling for sure."

It was a small and stacked field loaded with poker pros. In the final eight alone, we had John Cernuto, Jon Turner, Mark Gregorich, Randy Ohel, and Dana Kellstrom. Defeating all of these players is quite an accomplishment, and a feat that wasn't lost on Chait.

"I feel great it was a really tough field lots of pros in it. I've been working on my draw games it worked out well."

The Dealer's Choice format provides an interesting element of strategy. Conventional wisdom would say that players would want to pick the games they are best at, but as Chait explains to us, the decision isn't always so simple.

"I was more focused on picking games I thought they wouldn't play as well as opposed to games I thought I would play well. I picked alot of Stud Hi-Lo no qualifier, Big O, really depended on stack sizes."

In addition to this aspect, Chait told us that stack sizes were often the biggest factor in his game selection.

"If I was trying to protect my stack I was going with PLO or Big O. If I was trying to attack a small stack I'd go for a more high variance game. Limit Games aren't good for the short stacks they are more painful in this format. It just depends on stacks at the table and reads on people what I thought they were playing well weren't playing well."

There are plenty more mixed games on the schedule here at the 2017 LAPC, and Chait said he hopes that his victory in this event will give him some momentum for some of those events.

"I'm definitely playing the $1,100 HORSE tomorrow for sure. I'm excited for 2k Dealer's choice. Hopefully I'll still be in the Main but that's a good backup play. I'm obviously excited for the Main. The Million Guaranteed I'll be playing that next week. I'll be playing alot."

It was a long time coming for Craig Chait, and his persistence has paid off with his first of what will likely be many Commerce Casino titles. Congratulations again Craig!

14-Time Bracelet Winner Phil Hellmuth In the Building!

Phil Hellmuth had tweeted earlier that he would be joining us here at the LAPC shortly, and sure enough, he has just taken his seat in the $1,100 No-Limit Single Draw Event. He is seated right next to his good friend Brandon Cantu, who is also making his first appearance here at this year's LAPC. Stay tuned to find out if Hellmuth is able to add another title to his incredible tournament poker resume!

Congratulations to Craig Chait, Winner of the Dealer's Choice Event!

After a break, Craig Chait and John Cernuto took a look at the numbers, and they agreed to the proposed deal. Cernuto will take home $7,890, while Chait will take home the Remington Trophy, along with $9,810. Congratulations to both players on their impressive showings.

Mark Gregorich Eliminated in 3rd Place ($4,110)

Big O

Mark Gregorich raised it up, and Craig Chait announced pot, enough to put Gregorich all in. He would make the call, but not before telling Chait that he was gambling.

Gregorich: [Ad][4h][9d][7s][Js]
Chait: [Ac][Jd][Jh][4d][2s]

The flop of [Ah][10c][5h] gave both players a piece, but the [3s] on the turn gave Chait a wheel. Gregorich could only hope for a counterfiet card on the river, but it was the [Jc].

We are now heads up, with Chait holding a big lead on Cernuto. Chait has 600,000 to the 175,000 of Cernuto.

Cards in the Air: $1,100 Main Event Satellite

Tonight's $1,100 Main Event Satellite has just kicked off. This satellite will be guaranteeing at least two Main Event seats, with registration and re-entry open until 9:20 PM. Good luck everyone!

Tim Bernard Eliminated in 4th Place ($2,790)

Big O

Tim Bernard and Craig Chait tangled in a big pot that sees Bernard get all his chips in before the flop.

Chait: [Ah][2d][2c][4d][8h]
Bernard: [Ad][8s][3s][9s][Kh]

The flop of [5s][4h][3c] gives Chait a wheel, and leaves Bernard drawing rather thing. The [Ks] on the turn gives him some flush outs, but the [9c] on the river doesn't give him any more help.

This leaves us three handed, with Chait holding a nice lead over John Cernuto and Mark Gregorich.

Dana Kellstrom Eliminated in 5th Place ($2,170)


Before the second draw in Badeucy, Craig Chait bets out. Dana Kellstrom calls, leaving himself just 15,000 behind. Chait stays pat, while Kellstrom draws two. Chait puts him all in, and Kellstrom tank calls for his final few chips.

Chait pats and shows [10c][7d][6s][3s][2h] for a ten low and ten badugi. Kellstrom showed [6h][5c][3d], and reveals his final two cards: [As] and [Jc]. Neither one is good enough for Kellstrom to beat Chait, and he is out in fifth place.

Very Close Stacks in the Dealer's Choice

We just did a round of counts for our final table and found that all of our players are remarkably close in chips. Here is how they all look at the moment.

John Cernuto - 165,000
Tim Bernard - 155,000
Dana Kellstrom - 145,000
Mark Gregorich - 140,000
Craig Chait - 125,000

William Smith Eliminated in 6th Place ($1,710)

Big O 

William Smith, John Cernuto, and Craig Chait go three ways to a flop of [Ad][Ks][8d]. Smith bets, leaving just 3,000 behind. Cernuto calls, and Chait folds. The last 3,000 go in on the [Jh] turn, and Cernuto calls, showing [As][Kc][9d][6s][4h] for two pair. Smith has [Jd][10s][9c][6d][2s], and he will need some help on the river. The [2c] gives him two pair, but it's still no good compared to Cernuto's two pair.

Cernuto, who started the table as the short stack, now has 220,000, and is barely trailing Dana Kellstrom for the chip lead.

Cards in the Air: $1,100 No-Limit Single Draw

We are back to the four figure buy-ins with our 5 PM event, the $1,100 Single Draw event. Registration for this event will stay open until 9:30 tonight, and it's a two day event, with the finals starting up tomorrow at 3 PM. Good luck players!

Jon Turner Eliminated in 7th Place ($1,400)

Big O 

Jon Turner raised to 12,000, and John Cernuto bet pot, leaving himself just a few thousand behind. Chip leader Dana Kellstrom was in the big blind, and he put out a stack of 5,000 chips to set Turner all in. Turner immediately shot his hands up into the air and looked up at the ceiling in disgust. He looked at his hand a few times, counted out his chips, and eventually said, "Ok hopefully I get lucky," as he called.

Cernuto: [As][Qs][3c][2h][6h]
Turner: [Kh][Kd][Ad][4h][3h]
Kellstrom: [Ah][2c][2s][8s][Qc]

The flop of [7s][5c][4s] gave both Cernuto and Kellstrom the nut low, and the [9s] on the turn gave Cernuto the nut flush. Turner could only salvage half the pot with a deuce on the river, but the [9c] came instead.

Cernuto scoops 3/4 of the pot to get up to over 100,000, Kellstrom adds a little bit to get up to 240,000, and Turner heads to the payout desk.

Final Table Photos From the Dealer's Choice Event

Seat 1: John Cerunto - 60,000 (short stack)

Seat 2: Mark Gregorich - 80,000

Seat 3: Craig Chait - 110,000

Seat 4: William Smith - 85,000

Seat 5: Dana Kellstrom - 225,000 (chip leader)

Seat 6: Jon Turner - 135,000

Seat 7: Tim Bernard - 80,000

By the Numbers: Final Flight of the $300,000 Guaranteed

The final flight of the day drew 473 players, more than the first two flights of this event combined. The top 38 players will be punching a ticket to the Day 2 finals, with places 39-60 earning some cash tonight. Check out the full breakdown below, and stay tuned for the final numbers to be posted shortly.

1-38. Day 2
39-48. $950
49-60. $750

A Few Photos From Flight 1C

We have a few player photos from today's third and final Event #36 flight. Kazu Oshima is here hoping to finish one better than his runner-up finish in the $570 Heads-Up Event. We also spotted a slim looking Nick Guagenti, who has lost 120 pounds and is looking very fit. Check out those photos below, along with a few others!

Phong "Turbo" Nguyen

Chris Moorman

Mark Hamilton

Derrick Mokedi

Kazu Oshima

Nick Guagenti

Over $400,000 in the Prizepool Now

We promised yesterday that today would be the biggest of the three flights, and sure enough, we have 384 players and counting today. That means the prize pool is now over $400,000, with registration open for another 90 minutes. If you haven't secured your seat to the Day 2 finals yet, come down and take your shot before time runs out!

LAPC Event #38 $1,100 No-Limit 2-7 Single Draw

  • No-Limit 2-7 Single Draw
  • 2/10/17 - 5pm 
  • $1,100 Buy-in
  • 15,000 Starting Stack 
  • Seven Handed Tables
  • All Levels Until the Money - 40 Minutes
  • All Remaining Levels 60 Minutes
  • Late Register until 9:30pm 
  • Two Day Event
  • Day 2 Sunday, February 12th at 3 PM

Cards in the Air: Final Flight of the $300,000 Guaranteed Event

The final flight of our next massive guaranteed event has just started up here in the tournament room. So far, 36 players have punched their tickets to the Day 2 finals tomorrow, and we are expecting a big turnout for this final flight. Registration will remain open until 4 PM, and there is one re-entry available as well. Good luck players!

LAPC Event #36: $300,000 Guaranteed Flight 1C

  • LAPC Event #36 Flight 1C
  • $300,000 Guaranteed
  • 2/11/17 - 12pm 
  • $570 Buy-in
  • 12,500 Starting Stack 
  • Levels 1-7 - 30 Minutes
  • Levels 8-Final Table - 40 Minutes
  • Final Table Levels - 60 Minutes
  • Late Register until 4pm 
  • One Re-Entry Allowed Per Flight
  • Two Day Event
  • Day 2 Sunday February 12th at 1 PM 

Event #37 $570 Dealer's Choice Chip Counts

Entries: 62 Prize Pool: $31,000
Place Last Name First Name City State Chips Table Seat
1 Kellstrom Dana Stevenson Ranch CA 255,000 29 5
2 Chait Craig Newport Beach CA 133,300 36 3
3 Smith William Tualatin OR 106,200 29 3
4 Ohel Randy Las Vegas NV 94,900 36 2
5 Gregorich Mark Las Vegas NV 59,900 36 6
6 Turner Jon Myrtle Beach SC 57,500 36 5
7 Bernard Tim San Diego CA 42,700 29 2
8 Cernuto Miami John Las Vegas NV 26,600 29 1
1st $11,140
2nd $6,560
3rd $4,110
4th $2,790
5th $2,170
6th $1,710
7th $1,400
8th $1,120

Event #36 Totals Through Day 1A+1B

$300,000 GUARANTEE
BUY IN: $500 S/C: $20 E/F: $50
Place Last Name First Name City State Chips
1 Lim Anan San Gabriel CA 477,500
2 Nguyen Phuoc San Jose CA 360,000
3 Meng Tam Chi Macau 295,500
4 Brereton Luke Manchester UK 286,500
5 Gutierrez Antonio Lincoln NE 280,000
6 Jun Mark Pasadena CA 236,000
7 Gale Lee West Covina CA 230,500
8 Hakobyan Arsen Los Angeles CA 219,500
9 Khalili Sohale Los Angeles CA 216,500
10 Brent Dennis Camarillo CA 200,000
11 Valladares Diego Lima Peru 195,500
12 Hua Alex Alhambra CA 193,500
13 Lehmanski Maxi Innsbruck Austria 156,500
14 Aljanodi Sameer Marina Del Rey CA 156,000
15 Bailey Dan Seal Beach CA 146,500
16 Moss Hunter San Diego CA 146,500
17 Terrane Sammy Los Angeles CA 146,000
18 Zanot  Thomas Phoenix AZ 136,500
19 Rich Angelina Seattle WA 128,000
20 Mestas Richard San Fernando CA 123,500
21 Loizu Louie Woodland Hills CA 116,000
22 Hulett John Sherman Oaks CA 109,000
23 Kramer Bruce Westminster CA 107,000
24 Coppola Brian Henderson  NV 105,000
25 Foster Jordan Santa Barbara CA 104,000
26 Tran Larry Anaheim Hills CA 102,500
27 Tyfekchyan Arman North Hills CA 97,000
28 Bitton Doron Van Nuys CA 90,500
29 Merrick Andrew San Diego CA 87,500
30 Alati Richard Phoenix CA 87,000
31 Rice Shawn Lubbock TX 83,500
32 Katz Michael Los Angeles CA 71,000
33 Java Nipun Los Angeles CA 67,500
34 Kramer Bruce Westminster CA 65,000
35 King Kevin Alhambra CA 44,000
36 Ruan Xiao Monrovia CA 6,000

Event #36 Day 1B Results and Chip Counts

$300,000 GUARANTEE
Place Last Name First Name City State Chips
1 Lim Anan San Gabriel CA 477,500
2 Nguyen Phuoc San Jose CA 360,000
3 Brereton Luke Manchester UK 286,500
4 Jun Mark Pasadena CA 236,000
5 Valladares Diego Lima Peru 195,500
6 Hua Alex Alhambra CA 193,500
7 Lehmanski Maxi Innsbruck Austria 156,500
8 Bailey Dan Seal Beach CA 146,500
9 Moss Hunter San Diego CA 146,500
10 Rich Angelina Seattle WA 128,000
11 Hulett John Sherman Oaks CA 109,000
12 Kramer Bruce Westminster CA 107,000
13 Tran Larry Anaheim Hills CA 102,500
14 Bitton Doron Van Nuys CA 90,500
15 Merrick Andrew San Diego CA 87,500
16 Alati Richard Phoenix CA 87,000
17 Java Nipun Los Angeles CA 67,500
18 King Kevin Alhambra CA 44,000
19 Ruan Xiao Monrovia CA 6,000
Finish Last First City State Prize
20 Ma  Lawrence Artesia CA $950
21 Shanmugam Ravi San Jose CA $950
22 Nguyen Huy-Khiem Berlin Germany $950
23 Yarchever Jeffrey Laguna Beach CA $950
24 Mattox Kenneth Long Beach CA $950
25 Speck Raymond Burkburnett TX $950
26 Garner Michael Colton CA $750
27 Ramakrishnan Rajkumar Sydney NSW $750
28 Yanoff Nathan Riverside CA $750
29 Phan Vincent Chalmette LA $750
30 Stringham Mojgan Houston TX $750
31 Chuldjian Avedis Glendale CA $750
Day 2 returns Sunday at 1pm