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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Zhijian Shen Doubles Up Twice

Zhijian Shen has been the short stack for quite some time, having no choice but to move all in or fold every hand. But he has just doubled up twice through chip leader Adam Volen to vault himself back into this final table.

On the first hand, Volen raised with [Kd][8s], and Shen moved all in for just a bit more with [5d][5h]. Volen called, and the flop of [Jd][10h][9c] gave him a ton of outs. Those outs were cut down when the [5s] hit the turn, and the [8h] on the river was no longer any help to Volen.

On the very next hand, Volen would raise with [As][Qh], and Shen would move all in with [Jh][Jd] this time. Volen called, and Shen was on the right side of the coin flip again, as the board ran down [Kc][9c][5h][9c][2c].

Volen is still the chip leader after those hands, but Erika Weinstein is right on his heels, while Shen is suddenly up to over 2.5 million.

Chris Picquette's Turn to Double

Chris Picquette moved all in for 1.4 million from early position, and in the big blind, Erika Weinstein tank called.

Picquette: [As][Ac]
Weinstein: [Ad][9s]

It was a dream scenario for Picquette, who had Weinstein all but dead after the flop of [Qc][6s][2s]. The [Kh] on the turn sealed the hand, giving him the double up to three million, while Weinstein is down to just under six million.

Zhijian Shen Doubles Up

Zhijian Shen moved all in for his final 480,000 with [Ac][5c], and Tho Nguyen put him at risk with [3d][3s]. Shen shot out to the lead on the flop of [10s][9s][5h], strengthened his lead with the [As] turn, and sealed the hand on the [Kd] river.

Shen is up to over a million now, while Nguyen becomes our short stack with about 800,000.

Alfred Cho Eliminated in 7th Place ($6,150)

Adam Volen just took back-to-back monster pots off of Alfred Cho, and now Volen is our chip leader with six left. The first hand saw Volen and Cho check to the river on a board of [8d][10h][3s][5s][7s]. Volen bet out 350,000, and Cho raised to one million even. Volen rechecked his hole cards before moving all in, and Cho tanked for about three minutes before folding.

On the very next hand, Cho looked good to get those chips back when he had [Qs][Qc] against the [As][10s] of Volen. However, Volen was able to river a flush to crack the queens, and he took down the huge pot. As Cho got up, Volen told Cho that he had a flush on the previous hand as well.

Cho will have to settle for $6,150, while Volen is now up to 8 million, and has taken over the chip lead.

Anthony Denove Eliminated in 8th Place ($4,900)

Action started with Albert Cho moving all in from early position for a little over two million. It folds around to Anthony Denove in the small blind, who calls all in for about a million.

Denove: [10c][10s]
Cho: [Ah][Qc]

Cho jumps out to the lead on the flop of [Qh][8d][6d], and Denove isn't able to catch up, as the board finished out [6c] and [Jc].

Cho is up to over four million after that pot, while Denove has to settle for just under $5,000.

Alfred Cho Doubles Up

Chris Picquette raised to 250,000 from early position, and from the small blind, Alfred Cho moved all in for 710,000. The big blind folded, and Picquette didn't take long to call.

Picquette: [Jh][Jd]
Cho: [Ah][As]

The window was an ace on the flop of [Ac][9c][2s], and a ten on the turn left Picquette drawing dead. He drops to about 800,000, while Cho is up to over 1.5 million.

Marc Orillo Eliminated in 9th Place ($3,680)

Action started with Marc Orillo raising to 200,000. Erika Weinstein was the only caller, and the flop came down [Jd][5c][4s]. Both players checked, and the [10d] hit the turn. Orillo moved all in for about 750,000, and Weinstein snap called.

Weinstein: [4c][4h]
Orillo: [Kd][Qc]

Orillo needed an ace or a nine to crack Weinstein's set, but the [2c] came instead. Weinstein extends her dominating chip lead, as she now has over six million.

James Jackson Eliminated in 10th Place ($3,060)

James Jackson's double up didn't do too much good for him, as he just busted to Erika Weinstein. After an early limp, Weinstein raised it up on the button. From the big blind, Jackson moved all in. The first limper folded, and Weinstein quickly called to put him at risk.

Weinstein: [Ac][Kh]
Jackson: [Ad][10h]

The board ran down [7c][5h][2d][Js][9c], and Weinstein extended her chip lead, jumping up to over five million.

James Jackson Doubles Up

From middle position, James Jackson moved all in for 580,000. Action folded around to Marc Orillo in the small blind, and he moved all in over the top.

Jackson: [Ks][Qh]
Orillo: [As][10s]

Both players paired on the flop, but it was better for Jackson, [Kh][10h][2s]. The [3s] on the turn gave Orillo more outs, but the [8d] was no help for him. Jackson doubled up to 1.2 million, while Orillo is down to a million.

Tho Nguyen Doubles Up

Alfred Cho raised to 150,000, and next to act, Tho Nguyen moved all in for 435,000 total. It folded back to Cho who called, though he didn't look thrilled about it.

Nguyen: [9s][9h]
Cho: [7c][7d]

Nguyen was in great shape to double up, and that never changed, as the board came down [10d][4s][2c][8h][3h]. Nguyen doubles up to nearly a million, while Cho is down to 750,000.

Congratulations to Hanh Tran, Winner of the $1,100 2-7 Triple Draw Event!

Hanh Tran started the heads-up battle with Kane Kalas at a slight chip disadvantage, but he made quick work of Kalas, winning the tournament in just a few hands. For his efforts, Tran will take home $16,400 and the Remington Trophy, while Kalas will have to settle for $10,000 at his second final table in a row.

Tomorrow we will post a player profile on Hanh Tran, so be sure to keep an eye out for that!

Photos and Chip Stacks From Our Triple Stack Final Table

Seat 1: Juvenal Juarez - 1.75 million

Seat 2: Erika Weinstein - 4.325 million (chip leader)

Seat 3: Chris Picquette - 1.7 million

Seat 4: Anthony Denove - 2.15 million

Seat 5: James Jackson - 790,000

Seat 6: Adam Volen - 3.75 million

Seat 7: Zhijian Shen - 1.3 million

Seat 8: Alfred Cho - 830,000

Seat 9: Tho Nguyen - 730,000 (short stack)

Seat 10: Marc "Maze" Orillo - 2.1 million

Heads up in the 2-7 Event

After playing three handed for about three hours, we are finally heads up after Abdel Hamid busted out. Kane Kalas has the chip lead with 350,000, while Hanh Tran has 250,000. It looks like the two players are going to the end without a chop.

We are just about to get to the final table of the Triple Stack, but we will be sure to post when this event wraps up.

Erika Weinstein Still Leads with Two Tables Left

As the title indicates, Erika Weinstein is still in the lead with 18 players left, but her lead has certainly taken a hit since our last update. She is down to 2.15 million, thanks in some part to a double up that Massoud Eskandari scored off of her. Eskandari is up to 750,000. Other notables still alive and well are Adam Volen (1.85 million) and Peter Hengsakul (1.05 million).

When we get down to 10 players, we will grab photos and chip stacks for all of them, and start providing final table elimination posts.

Next Round of Triple Stack Bustouts

We are at the point in the tournament where there is a pay jump after every three bustouts. The following three players too home $1,660 tonight.

19. Gabriel Coria
20. Alex Faynshteyn
21. Payman Taheri

These three won $1,400.

22. Edward Klein
23. Paul Huber
24. Corey Zobb

And lastly, these three all took home $1,190.

25. Evan Muschetto
26. Paramjit Gill
27. Pornthep Karschamroon

What's Coming Up: Friday, February 10th

We continue our $300,000 Guaranteed Event tomorrow at 1 PM with the second of three flights. Just like today, registration will be open until 5 PM, and the buy-in is $570.

The buy-in will also be $570 for our second tournament of the day, but the event is vastly different. It will be a Mixed Game player's dream tomorrow, as we are having our Dealer's Choice Event. Players will have the chance to choose from 16 different games! Registration for that event will be open until 9:30 PM.

By the Numbers: First Flight of the $300,000 Guaranteed Event

The first of three flights in this massive $300,000 Guaranteed Event drew 209 players, and considering this should be the smallest of the three, we are well on our way to smashing another big guarantee. The final 27 players will be cashing tonight, with the top 17 moving on to the finals on Sunday. Good luck players!

1-17. Day 2
18-27. $950

Player Profile: Patrick Chan, Winner of the $1,100 No-Limit Hold'em Event

For a player his age, Patrick Chan has seen a lot at the poker table. Usually a cash game grinder, Patrick Chan delved into tournaments a couple of years ago, and he lived out the dream of poker players around the world two years ago when he final tabled the WSOP Main Event. He finished in ninth place, and for some, it would make it tough to get motivated to play for much smaller stakes after. Chan is not one of those players though.

"I just have a love of the game and I just randomly like to play tournament poker nowadays. Since I final tabled the Main Event I don't play all the events but I play some of them when there's a series going in LA, especially the LAPC. I go to East Coast and play there too. I just love poker."

Yesterday, Chan booked the first live win of his young career, when he topped a field of 104 players in the $1,100 No-Limit Event. In the end, a three way chop saw Chan take home over $26,000, and the Remington Trophy.

"I'm feeling great this is my first live win and looking forward to more. It's a great start to the series for me and I'm looking forward to playing more events."

Chan came into the final table as the chip leader, and thanks to being on the right side of a couple of coolers, Chan was able to build up a monster stack. With five players left, Chan had half the chips in play, and he simply cruised from there.

"Oh man I got Aces vs. Ace-King against Kane (Kalas) and I got Kings against Queens against Nick (Grippo). Standard coolers. I ran pretty well for sure."

After building up that stack, Chan was content to sit back and let the hands come to him, rather than put relentless and potentially reckless pressure on the smaller stacks. When the chop allowed him to get just $5,000 less than first place three handed, it was an easy yes for Chan, who is looking forward to a few other events here at the LAPC after this big win.

"I'm really looking forward to the Main Event, the $1,100 Million Guaranteed Event, and probably the $570 tomorrow. Those are probably the best ones the best value tournaments."

Stay tuned to the coverage here at to see if Chan is able to add to his already impressive tournament poker resume. Congratulations again to Patrick on his victory!

Just Three Left in the 2-7 Final Table

Hal Kizzire is out in fourth place over at the 2-7 final table, earning $4,400 for his efforts. Hanh Tran has retaken the chip lead with just over 300,000, while Kane Kalas is in second with 205,000, and Abdel Hamid with just over 100,000.

Erika Weinstein With Huge Lead In Triple Stack

We are down to just 27 players left, and Erika Weinstein has been on a tear recently. She strung together a series of huge pots to get up to 3.1 million. At the moment, no one else has over two million. Other notable stacks from the final three tables include Peter Hengsakul (970,000), Massoud Eskandari (800,000), and Adam Volen (670,000).

Next Round of Triple Stack Eliminations

The following players each won $970 today for their efforts.

28. Maxilian Lehmanski
29. Christopher Champeaux
30. Christopher Staats
31. Adam Chen
32. Hoang Ta
33. Wing Wong
34. Joshua Brown-Mccue
35. Carl Kuran
36. Babak Badkoubei

Lynda Tran Eliminated in 5th Place ($3,200)

Not long after the bubble burst, short stack Lynda Tran bowed out in fifth place. Her final chips went to chip leader Kane Kalas. We are down to just four players, with Kalas having more than double any other stack at the table.

Matthew Smith Bubbles The 2-7 Event

Matthew Smith has just bubbled the 2-7 Event. The five remaining players have all locked up at least $3,200. Here's how they stack up right now.

Kane Kalas - 230,000
Abdel Hamid - 115,000
Hal Kizzire - 104,000
Hanh Tran - 96,000
Lynda Tran - 40,000

The $75 Mega Satellite Has Started

In lieu of a regular 5 PM tournament, we are running a $75 satellite today that will be guaranteeing at least ten $570 seats. Those seats can be used in either tomorrow or Saturday's flights of the $300,000 Guaranteed Event. Registration for this satellite is open until 7:15. Good luck all!

On the Bubble in the 2-7 Event

Michael Chow has busted in seventh, meaning we are on the money bubble. Kane Kalas appears to be the chip leader, and there aren't any severe short stacks at the moment, which means the bubble could drag for a while.

Updated Counts From the Triple Stack

Blinds: 8,000-16,000 Players Left: 36 Average: 550,000

Erika Weinstein - 840,000
Adam Volen - 660,000
Adam Chen - 460,000
Massoud Eskandari - 395,000
Peter Hengsakul - 335,000

First Round of Eliminations From the Triple Stack

We are down to the final four tables, meaning we will start listing all eliminated players. The following players each won $850 tonight.

37. James Mathers
38. Jeffery Bond
39. Robert Durant
40. Nader Modabber
41. Kenneth Perry
42. Reginald Austin II
43. Jeffrey Yarchever
44. Kirt Suihkonen
45. Nicholas Grippo

Final Table of the 2-7 Triple Draw Event

We are down to just seven players in the Triple Draw Event, but only five of these players will be finishing in the money. We will be keeping an eye on this table, though most of our focus today will be on the Triple Stack Day 2.

Seat 1: Matthew Smith

Seat 2: Abdel Hamid

Seat 3: Hal Kizzire

Seat 4: Kane Kalas

Seat 5: Lynda Tran

Seat 6: Michael Chow

Seat 7: Hanh Tran

Some Chip Counts From the Triple Stack Restart

Blinds: 5,000-10,000 Players Left: 54 Average: 375,000

Erika Weinstein - 630,000
Adam Volen - 310,000
Kirt Suihkonen - 300,000
Peter Hengsakul - 240,000
Massoud Eskandari - 175,000
Nicholas Grippo - 170,000
Jeff Yarchever - 85,000

Some of the Players in our Opening Flight

Below you will see a handful of the players in the first flight of the $300,000 Guaranteed event. A few of them are on the quest to ad to their Remington collection. Thu Nguyen is back after successfully defending his title in the $570 Heads-Up Event. We also spotted Matt Schultz, who took down two Remington's last year in No-Limit Hold'em Events, though he fancies himself as more of a Mixed Game player. Check below for some other photos from today's action.

Nikhil Gera

Thu Nguyen

Xuan Nguyen

Kevin Song

Mike Shariati

Matt Schultz

Nearly 150 Players in the Opening $300k Flight

The first of three flights in our $570 buy-in $300,000 Guaranteed Event is in full swing in the tournament room here at Commerce. So far, 148 players have entered, with registration open until 5 PM. If you can't make it out today, your next chance to qualify will be tomorrow at 1 PM. Good luck everyone!

Day 2 of the Triple Stack Event

Over 650 players came out for our Triple Stack event yesterday, nearly doubling the posted $100,000 Guarantee. Only 83 of them are returning today to battle it out for the first place prize of $36,000 and change. Manny Marianakis brings the chip lead into play today with 660,000, but he has some stiff competition behind him, as Adam Volen, Massoud Eskandari, and Nicholas Grippo, all bring in top ten stacks.

We will be here until the final hand is dealt tonight, so make sure you don't go anywhere. Good luck players!

Cards in the Air: Opening Flight of the $300,000 Guaranteed Event

We are kicking off another low buy-in big guaranteed event here at the 2017 LAPC. This time around, the buy-in is $570, and the guarantee is $300,000. Registration for this flight will be open until 5 PM, and players will be allowed to re-enter once per flight.

This is the first of three starting flights, with the finals resuming Sunday at 1 PM. Good luck players!

LAPC Event #36: $300,000 Guaranteed Flight 1A

  • LAPC Event #36 Flight 1A
  • $300,000 Guaranteed
  • 2/9/17 - 1pm 
  • $570 Buy-in
  • 12,500 Starting Stack 
  • Levels 1-7 -  30 Minutes
  • Levels 8-Final Table - 40 Minutes
  • Final Table Levels - 60 Minutes
  • Late Register until 5pm 
  • One Re-Entry Allowed Per Flight
  • Two Day Event
  • Day 2 Sunday February 12th at 1 PM 

LAPC Event #33 $150 Omaha 8 or Better w/ Rebuys Final Results

Entries: 101 Prizepool: $16,775
Rebuys: 55
Add Ons: 44

Last First City State Prize
1 Merksick Tony Council Buffs $6,215
2 Armstrong Kevin Canyon Country $3,690
3 Boyd Derek Canoga Park $2,260
4 Tran Phuong Monterey Park $1,590
5 Tartaro Joseph San Pedro $1,260
6 Peterson Jeffery Corona $1,010
7 Popa Christian Clovis $750

Event #32 $1,100 No Limit Hold'em Final Results

Entries: 104 Prizepool: $104,000

Last First City State Prize
1 Chan Patrick Brooklyn NY $26,360 *
2 Tieman Joshua Cherry Hill NJ $20,620 *
3 Mattox Kenneth Long Beach CA $16,210 *
4 Roe Mickey Hollywood CA $7,800
5 Kim Jason Los Angeles CA $6,080
6 Kalas Kane Philidelphia PA $4,860
7 Zewin Jerid Las Vegas NV $4,130
8 Grippo Nicholas Arlington Heights IL $3,590
9 Lei Charles Monterey Park CA $3,170
10 Silva Luis Phoenix AZ $2,860
11 Camou Andy Long Beach CA $2,860
12 Kawalsky Jared Los Angeles CA $2,860
13 Nguyen Turbo Los Angeles CA $2,600
*Final 3 players agreed to chop based on chip count. Original payouts were:
1st $31,730 2nd $19,500 3rd $11,960

LAPC Event #35 $1,100 2-7 Triple Draw Chip Counts

$1,100 2-7 TRIPLE DRAW
Entries: 40 Prize Pool: $40,000
Place Last Name First Name City State Chips Table Seat
1 Tran Hanh Austria 161,500 36 2
2 Chow Michael Honolulu HI 99,500 43 5
3 Hamid Abdel Corpus Christi TX 90,500 43 6
4 Kalas Kane Philadelphia PA 84,000 43 1
5 Smith Matthew Margate FL 60,500 36 4
6 Kizzire Hal Trussville AL 58,000 36 3
7 Tran Phuong Los Angeles CA 31,000 36 5
8 Smith Matthew Lithia FL 16,500 43 2
1st $16,400
2nd $10,000
3rd $6,000
4th $4,400
5th $3,200

Event 33 $350 No Limit Hold'em Triple Stack Chip Counts

$100,000 GUARANTEE
Entries: 662 Prizepool: $198,600
Place Last Name First Name City State Chips Table Seat
1 Marianakis Manny West Hollywood CA 660,000 19 9
2 Jackson James Los Angeles CA 608,000 22 2
3 Volen Adam Fullerton CA 579,000 15 6
4 Chen Adam Covina CA 571,000 16 5
5 Eskandari Mike Mission Viejo CA 501,000 24 6
6 Ansdell Allan Huntington Beach CA 472,000 24 4
7 Cho Alfred Fountain Valley CA 447,000 16 9
8 Mashour Max Laguna Beach CA 442,000 24 3
9 Grippo Nicholas Arlington Hills IL 436,000 22 5
10 Muschetto Evan Los Angeles CA 435,000 25 4
11 Shen Zhijian Los Angeles CA 434,000 19 3
12 Austin Reginald Culver City CA 417,000 24 5
13 McCue Joshua Los Angeles CA 384,000 22 6
14 Nguyen Tho Jurupa Valley CA 367,000 26 8
15 Ta Hoang Garden Grove CA 362,000 25 7
16 Takeri Payman Valley Village CA 362,000 22 7
17 Evans Michael Palm Springs CA 358,000 16 6
18 Zorb Corey Murrieta CA 350,000
19 Durant Robert Los Angeles CA 345,000 24 1
20 Grippo Alison New York NY 319,000 25 1
21 Staats Christopher Oklahoma City OK 317,000 25 5
22 Faynshteyn Alex Los Angeles CA 316,000 26 4
23 Yarchever Jeff Laguna Beach CA 307,000 23 7
24 Alajajian Gevork Granada Hills CA 306,000 17 9
25 Badkoubei Babak Irvine CA 304,000 19 6
26 Ly Hien San Diego CA 287,000 26 3
27 Lehmanski Max Innsbruch Austria 281,000 18 6
28 Huber Paul San Diego CA 278,000 15 5
29 Modabber Nader Northridge CA 277,000 22 9
30 Suihkonen Kirt Huntington Beach CA 264,000 23 9
31 Perry Kenneth San Diego CA 264,000 17 2
32 Stanczak Tim Carlsbad CA 263,000 26 1
33 Miller Ron Santa Fe Springs CA 253,000 24 9
34 Pitesa Anthony Long Beach CA 248,000 16 1
35 Klimas Adam Parkersburg WV 236,000 15 4
36 Picquette Christopher Fresno CA 234,000 15 2
37 Wong Wing Rowland Heights CA 228,000 25 6
38 Kleini Ed Arcadia CA 228,000 23 3
39 Coria Gabriel Oxnard CA 216,000 17 7
40 Magar Guy Los Angeles CA 216,000 17 6
41 Terijima Junpei Las Vegas NV 215,000 17 8
42 Bond Jeff Thousand Oaks CA 214,000 18 3
43 Dohyung Ho San Gabriel CA 209,000 23 5
44 Esquerilla Michael Chino Hills CA 203,000 16 8
45 Doumani Phil Newport Beach CA 202,000 19 4
46 Kesheshian Hovik Glendale CA 199,000 19 1
47 Rogers Keith Covina CA 189,000 15 3
48 Takahara Noel Buena Park CA 185,000 25 8
49 Duong Duey Anaheim Hills CA 179,000 26 9
50 Denove Anthony N Hollywood CA 170,000 18 8
51 Price Allen Silverlake CA 164,000 18 4
52 Wolf Will San Diego CA 160,000 15 7
53 Sygiel John Orange CA 156,000 18 7
54 Kuran Carl Costa Mesa CA 155,000 24 2
55 Li Ming Arcadia CA 149,000 19 8
56 Shon Samuel Newport Beach CA 144,000 17 1
57 Mayfield Doug Woodland Hills CA 142,000 17 3
58 Williams Darrell Los Angeles CA 138,000 26 2
59 Motamedi Nojan San Diego CA 127,000 18 2
60 Flores ugo Ventura CA 125,000 16 3
61 Hengsakul Peter Los Angeles CA 117,000 22 1
62 Arjang Pejman Studio City CA 116,000 17 4
63 Juarez Juvenal Los Angeles CA 115,000 22 4
64 Mathers Larry Clovis CA 114,000 18 1
65 Weinstein Erika West Hollywood CA 114,000 23 2
66 Yakubinis Jeffrey Bellevue WA 113,000 15 8
67 Martynov Helen La Canada CA 109,000 23 8
68 Orillo Marc Valencia CA 108,000 26 6
69 Tu Michael West Covina CA 93,000 26 7
70 Champeaux Chris Las Vegas NV 92,000 25 2
71 Luna Raynard Oxnard CA 87,000 25 9
72 Sequeira Mario Hanford CA 82,000 17 5
73 Karschamroon Pornthep Los Angeles CA 78,000 18 9
74 Jin Xiao China 78,000 16 7
75 Brown Camille Riverside CA 71,000 23 1
76 Shishegar Behrooz Ontario CA 69,000 19 5
77 Dizon Susan Bakersfield CA 68,000 18 5
78 Gevork Burunsuzyan N Hollywood CA 65,000 23 4
79 Romeo Tommy Walden NY 60,000 24 7
80 Gill Paramjit Diamond Bar CA 32,000 16 2
81 Wesley Jackie Hanford CA 25,000 22 8
82 Bianod Lynne Costa Mesa CA 22,000 26 5
83 Cosentino Joseph Monterey Park CA 1 23 6
1st $36,870 16th-18th $2,030
2nd $25,790 19th-21st $1,660
3rd $16,620 22nd-24th $1,400
4th $12,100 25th-27th $1,190
5th $9,270 28th-36th $970
6th $7,420 37th-45th $850
7th $6,150 46th-54th $750
8th $4,900 55th-63rd $680
9th $3,680 64th-72nd $600
10th-12th $3,060 73rd-81st $540
13th-15th $2,430 82nd-83rd $490