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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Some Notable Counts In the Triple Stack

Blinds: 1,200-2,400 Players Left: 190 Average: 105,000

Massoud Eskandari- 370,000
Adam Volen - 305,000
Anthony Pitesa - 260,000
Nick Guagenti - 220,000
Scott Stewart - 205,000
Nicholas Grippo - 180,000
Randy Holland - 145,000
Peter Hengsakul - 138,000

Player Profile: Tony Merksick, Winner of the $150 No-Limit Omaha 8-or-Better W/ Rebuys Event

It's the 2017 LAPC, and that means that Tony Merksick is due to win an Omaha 8-or-Better tournament. Merksick won the $570 buy-in Omaha 8-or-Better Event in 2014, and defended his title in 2015. He wasn't able to make it out last year, and he didn't take down the $570 installment last week, so Merksick mixed it up and played some No-Limit O8. Two days later, Merksick is taking home another Remington Trophy.

"You know in the past I've always said I prefer to play Limit I have a limit mentality. Obviously I play a lot of Omaha Hi-Lo so this is quite different. You can protect your hands differently here. I kind of had to get away from the drawing hands you would normally have in Limit."

Merksick went on to discuss some of his strategy in the tournament, saying that there are a few major differences between Limit, and No-Limit O8.

"I played more of the high hands and less of the low hands. Obviously in a Limit tournament I often raise when I get Ace-Deuce in this tournament I waited and just called. I was must more passive I didn't put myself in alot of tough spots and fortunately the last hand came down to I had quads against a full house it was pretty easy."

This is Merksick's 12th registered cash, and all but one of them came in Omaha 8-or-Better. Amazingly, of his 11 O8 cashes, four of them are now victories. Merksick told us that while most of the poker world has moved to No-Limit Hold'em, Omaha 8-or-Better is still his bread and butter.

"I mostly play just O8. When I was cutting my teeth that was the game being played. I honed my skills in that game. Obviously as Moneymaker won the World Series he ended up changing the whole identity of poker and everything went to No-Limit. I stuck to O8 but there's not that much games of Limit O8 that's why I have to travel a lot that's why I'm here in California."

Merksick has been dominating Omaha 8-or-Better cash games for years now, but only in the past decade has Merksick dove into tournaments. Merksick was upfront about his reasons for playing more tournaments these days.

"Honestly I started playing tournaments so that I could be recognized as an excellent player. You can win all the money you want downstairs and no one will know it. So I transitioned to tournaments and unfortunately I didn't make it out here last year. So this is the 3rd year in a row I've won a Remington."

Merksick doesn't live in the Los Angeles area, and usually only comes out here for the LA Poker Classic. While Merksick was supposed to already be home, he changed his mind to play this event, and has yet to make up his mind on the rest of the series.

"I played last week fell a little short in the $570. It would have been quite an experience but it didn't happen. I was supposed to leave Sunday. I ended up cancelling my flight I don't have a return flight so I might go home might stay and play the $1,100 O8 and kind of go from there.

Congratulations again to Tony Merksick on yet another incredible Omaha 8-or-Better victory here at the Commerce Casino. Good luck in the $1,100 version Tony!

What's Coming Up: Start of the $300,000 Guaranteed Event

Tomorrow we start up our next huge guarantee event, the $570 buy-in $300,000 Guaranteed tournament. There will be three flights for this event over the next three days, with the first one tomorrow starting at 1 PM. Registration will be open until 5 PM tomorrow, and there is one re-entry per flight allowed.

At 5 PM, we are running a $75 satellite guaranteeing at least ten $570 seats. These seats can be used for the flights on either Friday or Saturday afternoon. Good luck players!

The Final Three Agree to a Deal: Patrick Chan is the Champion!

The final three players decided to take a look at the numbers, and after a couple thousand dollars were moved around, a deal was struck. Patrick Chan, who had over half the chips in play at the time, will take home just over $25,000 for his efforts in this event, along with the Remington Trophy. Check below for a full breakdown of the payouts, and congratulations to all three players!

1. Patrick Chan - $26,360
2. Joshua Tieman - $20,620
3. Kenneth Mattox - $16,150

Mikey Roe Crippled, Eliminated in 4th Place ($7,800)

Mikey Roe and Kenneth Mattox got all the money in after a flop of [Ad][8d][3c]. Roe had Mattox outchipped by just 2,000 holding [6d][5d], but he was in rough shape against the [7d][4d] of Mattox. The [Qh] on the turn kept Mattox's seven high in the lead, and he improved to a pair on the [7c] river.

Roe would be all in on the next hand and Joshua Tieman knocked him out.

Field Update in the 2-7 Triple Draw Event

We just registered the 30th player in the $1,100 Triple Draw Event, meaning the prizepool is now up to $30,000. Registration for this tournament will remain open until 9:30 PM, so you still have a couple of hours to come on down and join us. Remember that this is a two day event, with the finals starting at 3 PM tomorrow.

Fresh Counts From the Final Four

Blinds: 3,000-6,000 Average: 312,000

Patrick Chan - 900,000
Joshua Tieman - 355,000
Kenneth Mattox - 200,000
Mikey Roe - 82,000

Congratulations to Tony Merksick, Winner of the $150 No-Limit Omaha-8 Event

It's the beginning of 2017, and all is right here at the LAPC, as Tony Merksick has claimed his seemingly annual Remington Trophy. In 2014, Merksick took downthe $570 Omaha 8-or-Better Event. In 2015, he did it again, defending his title. Merksick wasn't able to come out last year to go for the three peat, and he didn't cash in the installment this year. But he was able to bounce back quick, as he just took down the $150 No-Limit Omaha 8-or-Better rebuy event, earning $6,215, and his third Remington.

On the final hand, his opponent, Kevin Armstrong, had made a full house, but it was no good, as Merksick had quads! Armstrong took home $3,690 for his efforts, but it's once again Merksick who reigns supreme. Stay tuned for a player profile coming from Merksick, and congratulations again!

Down to Four in the $1,100 Event

Just after the break, we lost Jason Kim in fifth place. Based on how the chip stacks are now, it looks like Joshua Tieman was the player who did him in, as Tieman is up to around 400,000.

Patrick Chan still holds a big lead in this four handed battle.

Tony Merksick on the Cusp of Another O8 Title

Tony Merksick has already won the $570 Omaha 8-or-Better event in back-to-back in 2014 and 2015, and it looks like Merksick will possibly be adding another Remington to his trophy collection. Merksick just knocked out Derek Boyd in third place, and now he has a nice chip lead, 375,000 to the 120,000 of Kevin Armstrong.

Will Merksick be able to close it out? Stay tuned to find out!

Kane Kalas Eliminated in 6th Place ($4,860)

Patrick Chan now has half the chips in play with five players left after another huge preflop cooler knocked out Kane Kalas.

Action started with Kalas raising to 13,000 under the gun. He was called by Mikey Roe and Kenneth Mattox before Chan reraised to 48,500 from the big blind. It was on Kalas now, and he thought for quite some time before making it 95,000 to go.

Roe and Mattox quickly folded, and it was on Chan again. He asked that the raise be pulled in, and not long after getting the raise amount left, Chan announced "100,000 on top."

Kalas rechecked his hole cards before moving all in, and Chan beat him into the pot.

Chan: [Ah][As]
Kalas: [Ad][Kc]

The flop of [8s][6c][5c] gave Kalas faint hopes of a fortunate runout, and the [9s] on the turn meant he could only chop with a seven. The [4s] came instead, and Chan scored another big kncokout.

After taking that pot, Chan has over 800,000 of the just under 1.6 million chips in play.

By the Numbers: $350 Triple Stack Event

The Triple Stack Event smashed the guarantee, nearly doubling it, as a total of 662 players entered. This created a prizepool of $198,600. The final 83 players will be coming back tomorrow in the money, all locking up at least $490. First place will earn $36,870, an incredible return on a $350 investment, and the Remington Trophy. Check below for a full breakdown of the payouts. Good luck everyone!

1. $36,870
2. $25,790
3. $16,620
4. $12,100
5. $9,270
6. $7,420
7. $6,150
8. $4,900
9. $3,680
10-12. $3,060
13-15. $2,430
16-18. $2,030
19-21. $1,660
22-24. $1,400
25-27. $1,190
28-36. $970
37-45. $850
46-54. $750
55-63. $680
64-72. $600
73-81. $540
82-83. $490

Updated Counts From Our Two Final Tables

$1,100 No-Limit Hold'em - Blinds: 2,500-5,000 Average: 260,000

Patrick Chan - 495,000
Kane Kalas - 272,000
Jason Kim - 250,000
Mikey Roe - 220,000
Joshua Tieman - 155,000
Kenneth Mattox - 137,000

$150 No-Limit Omaha 8-or-Better - Blinds: 5,000-10,000 Average - 165,000

Tony Merksick - 230,000
Kevin Armstrong - 140,000
Derek Boyd - 90,000

Jerid Zewin Eliminated in 7th Place ($4,130)

Jerid Zewin was able to hold on to his crippled stack and ladder up a couple of spots before being knocked out by Joshua Tieman. Tieman raised the button, and Zewin moved all in for just a few chips more from the big blind. Tieman called with [10c][9c], and he had two live cards against the [Ks][6s] of Zewin.

The flop came down [9h][5d][3s], vaulting Tieman out into the lead. Zewin was looking for a king, six, or runner runner now, but the board completed with two aces instead, [Ah] and [Ad]. This gets us down to just six players. We will be posting fresh chip stacks shortly.

Nicholas Grippo Eliminated in 8th Place ($3,590)

Nicholas Grippo and Patrick Chan got in a raising war preflop that saw Grippo's final chips get in the middle. He held [Qh][Qs], but he was dominated by the [Kc][Kh] of Chan. The flop of [Qc][10h][8h] flipped the script, giving Grippo a dominating set of queens. The turn wasn't a king, but it was about as good a card as Chan could have asked for, the [Ah]. This gave him flush and straight draw outs, and one of those, the [Jc], came on the river.

After that roller coaster hand, Grippo is out in eighth place, while Chan increases his chip lead to 510,000.

Charles Lei Eliminated in 9th Place ($3,170)

Charles Lei raised to 9,000 preflop, and Kane Kalas reraised to 24,000. Action folded back around to Lei, who moved all in. Kalas called, and it was a classic race for a huge pot.

Lei: [10d][10h]
Kalas: [As][Ks]

Kalas shot out to the lead on the flop of [Kd][Jc][Js], and Lei wasn't able to hit a miracle ten, as the board finished [5h] and [Qd].

Kalas is up to over 300,000 after that hand, and we are down to our final eight players.

Cards in the Air: $1,100 2-7 Triple Draw

It's time for our second $1,100 buy-in event, and this time, the game is 2-7 Triple Draw. Players will be starting with 15,000 in chips, and all tables will be 6-handed. Registration for this event will stay open until 9:30 PM tonight, so you have plenty of time to come on down and join us.

Good luck players!

Lynda Tran Eliminated in 4th Place ($1,590) in O8 Event

Over at the No-Limit Omaha 8-or-Better Event, we are down to just three players after Lynda Tran was knocked out in 4th place. She takes home just over $1,600 for her efforts. Right now, Tony Merksick, Kevin Armstrong, and Derek Boyd are all fairly close in chips.

Patrick Chan Extends His Lead

There is already a big pot between Patrick Chan and Charles Lei on the turn of a board showing [8h][6c][5s][4d]. Chan is first to act, and he fires out 51,000. Lei makes the call, and the [Qc] completes the board. Chan thinks for about 30 seconds before announcing all in. Chan has just under 200,000 left, but the bet is effectively for the 125,000 Lei is left with.

Lei tanks for about three minutes before he folds, and Chan scoops the pot to get his stack up to 405,000.

Mattox Doubles In Massive Cooler

Action started with Patrick Chan raising to 6,500 from early position. Jerid Zewin flat called, and Kenneth Mattox reraised to 16,000 next to act. Chan thought for quite some time before calling, and it was on Zewin now. He pulled back his original call, then slid his entire stack into the middle.

Mattox beat him into the pot, and Chan didn't take long to fold his hand. Zewin had [Ks][Kc], but he was one upped by the [Ad][Ac] of Mattox. The board came down [Jh][7s][4c][Qh][Qd], and Zewin was crippled down to 26,000, while Mattox is up to nearly 200,000 after that hand.

Four Players Left in the No-Limit Omaha-8

Joseph Tartaro was just eliminated from the No-Limit Omaha 8-or-Better final table, taking home $1,260 for his efforts. Tony Merksick, who already has two Remington's in Omaha-8 events, is the chip leader four handed. Stay tuned for more updates from this event.

Luis Silva Eliminated in 10th Place ($2,860)

Luis Silva got his final chips in the middle on a flop of [Qc][10c][5h]. He was quickly called by Mikey Roe, who had him beat with [Kh]Ks]. The board finished out [4d] and [10h], and the cowboys held to give Roe a big pot.

After that hand, he is neck and neck with Patrick Chan for the chip lead.

Mikey Roe - 280,000
Luis Silva - Out

Over $150,000 In the Prizepool in the Triple Stack Event

The Triple Stack Event has drawn a whopping 525 entries so far, and registration is still open for 90 more minutes! This structure mirrors that of the WPT Main, but with shorter blind levels. The first eight will be 30 minutes long, then the levels will be 40 minutes until the final table, where they go up to 60 minutes.

There's a good chance that first place for this will be well over $30,000, all for just a $350 investment, so make sure you don't miss out on this special event!

Event #32 Final Table Photos and Updated Stacks

After the elimination of Andy Camou in 11th place, the remaining ten players redrew for seats at the final table. Here is how they stack up right now.

Seat 1: Kenneth Mattox - 73,000

Seat 2: Luis Silva - 86,000

Seat 3: Jason Kim - 190,000

Seat 4: Charles Lei - 180,000

Seat 5: Nicholas Grippo - 175,000

Seat 6: Patrick Chan - 275,000 (chip leader)

Seat 7: Kane Kalas - 173,000

Seat 8: Joshua Tieman - 59,000 (short stack)

Seat 9: Mikey Roe-  193,000 

Seat 10: Jerid Zewin  - 121,000

Final Table Photos From Event #33

The $150 No-Limit Omaha-8 with Rebuys Event has just started up, and you can view the players at that table below. We will post occasional updates on this final table throughout the day until it completes, though the $1,100 Event just got down to it's final table, so we will mainly be focusing on that one.

Seat 1: Joseph Tartaro - 70,500

Seat 2: Kevin Armstrong - 178,500

Seat 3: Tony Merksick - 125,500

Seat 4: Lynda Tran - 47,000

Seat 5: Derek Boyd - 73,500

Jared Kawalsky Eliminated in 12th Place ($2,860)

Jared Kawalsky was the next person to bow out before the final table in this $1,100 Event. Kawalsky got his last chips in with pocket jacks preflop, but like Turbo Nguyen before him, he ran into pocket aces. These bullets were held by Jason Kim, who is now up to 170,000 after that knockout.

With one more elimination, we will be redrawing for the final ten.

Extra Seats Added for the Upcoming $150 Mega Satellites

In an effort to add even more opportunities for players to get into the $10,000 LAPC Main Event on a severely discounted rated, we have just heard the following from Matt Savage here at the Commerce Casino.

Starting on Friday February 17, and going through Tuesday February 21st, The WPT and the Commerce Casino have RAISED the guarantee on the $150 Mega Satellites from 3 seats to 10 for their 9pm satellites.

Players will be registered directly into any $1,100 Mega of their choice and seat is non-transferable or refundable.

In addition, Commerce Casino will be running it's second and final open freeroll on Sunday the 12th at 5 PM. Last week, Joey Pham finished on top of a field of over 600 players to earn his $10,000, for an investment of exactly $0. These are some incredible opportunities, so make sure you don't miss your chances!

Phong "Turbo" Nguyen Eliminated in 13th Place ($2,600)

Turbo Nguyen came into the day as the second short stack, and he was the first player eliminated in the restart. It was a preflop cooler for Nguyen, as his [Ad][Kd] ran into the pocket aces of Charles Lei. The flop of [9c][6c][2h] left Nguyen drawing about as thin as possible, and a seven on the turn ended things.

This gets us down to 12 players. When we get down to 10, we will be redrawing for the final table.

Triple Stack Event Already Over the Guarantee

There were whispers that a $100,000 Guarantee was too much for a $350 buy-in on a Wednesday, but we have already smashed that number with three hours left to register. We already have 390 players, meaning the prizepool is over $115,000. With the lengthy time left to register, the prize pool should grow to about $150,000. While our focus will primarily be on the $1,100 restart, we will provide some photos and occasional updates from this event later in the afternoon.

Day 2 of the $1,100 Now Underway

After about 12 hours of play yesterday, only 13 players remaining in the first $1,100 event of the series. Former November Niner Patrick Chan leads the way with 238,600. Other notables who are still alive in this Day 2 are Nicholas Grippo (200,000), Kane Kalas (160,600), Joshua Tieman (101,700), Turbo Nguyen (51,300), and Jared Kawalsky (49,600).

We will be here all day providing live updates, including final table photos, eliminations, and updated chip counts until the last hand of the tournament. Good luck to the remaining players!

LAPC Event #35 $1,100 2-7 Triple Draw

  • 2-7 Triple Draw
  • 2/8/17 - 5pm 
  • $1,100 Buy-in
  • 15,000 Starting Stack 
  • Six Handed Tables
  • All Levels Until Final Table - 40 Minutes
  • Final Table Levels 60 Minutes
  • Late Register until 9:30pm 
  • Two Day Event
  • Day 2 Thursday, February 9th at 3 PM

Cards in the Air: $350 Triple Stack $100,000 Guaranteed

For any player who loves to start with a deep stack, and let's be honest, who doesn't, this tournament will be one you don't want to miss. It is the $350 buy-in $100,000 Guaranteed event, where players will be starting with 30,000 in chips! With the blinds starting at 50-100, that means that players will have 300 big blinds to work with in the beginning.

Registration will be open until 5:30, and we expect to get a big crowd for this one. Good luck everyone!

LAPC Event #34: $100,000 Guaranteed Triple Stack

  • LAPC Event #34 Triple Stack
  • $100,000 Guaranteed
  • 2/8/17 - 1pm 
  • $350 Buy-in
  • 30,000 Starting Stack 
  • Levels 1-8 - 30 Minutes
  • Levels 9-Final Table - 40 Minutes
  • Final Table Levels - 60 Minutes
  • Late Register until 5:30pm 
  • Single Re-Entry Allowed Per Flight
  • Two Day Event
  • Day 2 Finals Thursday, February 9th, 2017, 2pm

Event #33 $150 No Limit Omaha 8 or Better Chip Counts

Entries: 101 Prizepool: $16,775
Rebuys: 55
Add Ons: 44
Place Last Name First Name City State Chips Table Seat
1 Armstrong Kevin Santa Clarita CA 178,500 36 4
2 Merksick Tony Council Bluffs IA 125,500 36 5
3 Boyd Derek Canoga Park CA 73,500 36 8
4 Tartaro Joseph San Pedro CA 70,500 36 3
5 Tran Phuong Los Angeles CA 47,000 36 7
1st $6,215
2nd $3,690
3rd $2,260
4th $1,590
5th $1,260

Event #32 $1,100 No Limit Hold'em Chip Counts

Entries: 104 Prizepool: $104,000
Place Last Name First Name City State Chips Table Seat
1 Chan Patrick Brooklyn NY 238,600 15 9
2 Roe Mickey Hollywood CA 234,400 22 8
3 Grippo Nicholas Arlington Heights IL 200,000 22 3
4 Kalas Kane Philidelphia PA 160,600 22 6
5 Mattox Kenneth Long Beach CA 129,100 15 7
6 Silva Luis Phoenix AZ 120,000 15 6
7 Tieman Joshua Cherry Hill NJ 101,700 15 5
8 Zewin Jerid Las Vegas NV 92,400 15 1
9 Camou Andy Long Beach CA 67,100 22 1
10 Lei Charles Monterey Park CA 58,300 22 7
11 Kim Jason Los Angeles CA 56,200 15 8
12 Nguyen Turbo Los Angeles CA 51,300 22 2
13 Kawalsky Jared Los Angeles CA 49,600 15 4
1st $31,730
2nd $19,500
3rd $11,960
4th $7,800
5th $6,080
6th $4,860
7th $4,130
8th $3,590
9th $3,170
10th-12th $2,860
13th $2,600