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Monday, February 6, 2017

Some Stacks in the Survivor Event

Blinds: 400-800 Players Left: 50 Average: 25,500

John Misirian - 82,000
Mark Hamilton - 53,500
Lynda Tran - 51,000
Randy Holland - 35,000
Phong "Turbo" Nguyen - 24,000
Harry Arutyunyan - 21,000
Thomas Zanot - 20,000
Scott Stewart - 19,500
Jared Griener - 8,000

OVERLAY ALERT in the $225 Main Event Satellite

We are looking at another hefty overlay in our nightly $225 Main Event Satellite. So far, only nine players have brought in with registration open until 9:30 PM. We need 50 entrants to reach the one seat guarantee, so it looks like the casino will once again be forking over a good chunk of change to get to that seat. If you are in the area, don't miss out on this great chance at a discounted seat!

What's Coming Up: February 7th

Tomorrow we will have our first four figure buy-in event of the 2017 LAPC, as the $1,100 No-Limit Hold'em Event is starting up at 1 PM. This is a two day event that will give players 15,000 in tournament chips. Registration will be open until 5:30 PM, and the finals will resume on Wednesday at 2 PM.

The 5 PM event tomorrow is another rebuy event. Once again, the game is Omaha 8-or-Better, but this time, it is No-Limit rather than Pot Limit. Registration will be open until 7:15, and $100 rebuys will be allowed throughout that time. Good luck players!

Cards in the Air: $225 Main Event Satellite

We have another $225 Main Event satellite starting up in the corner of the tournament room. These satellites will have registration open until about 9:30 PM, and one $10,000 Main Event seat will be handed out when the dust settles. Good luck players!

By the Numbers: $570 Survivor Event

Today's Survivor Event drew a total of 102 players, creating a prizepool of $51,000. The full payout breakdown for this event can be viewed below. Good luck to the 81 remaining players!

1-7. $5,000
8. $1,000
Chip Leader at 26,15, and 10 left - $5,000

Tonight's $225 Satellite Starts in an Hour

Don't forget that we also have another $225 Main Event Satellite starting up at 7:30 PM tonight. A few of these satellites fell short of the one seat guarantee last week, so make sure you don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to get a vastly discounted seat for the Main Event at the end of the month!

Some Snapshots From the Survivor Event

We have a few player photos for you guys from today's event that you can find below. Scott Stewart is back here at the Commerce Casino. Later this month, Stewart will try to make it three Main Event titles in a row here, as he took down the Commerce Poker Series and the LA Poker Open Main Events. We also spotted Jared Griener, who was all smiles after his Patriots made an improbable comeback to win the Super Bowl last night.

Scott Stewart

Jared Griener

Ron West

Deepinder Singh

Harry Arutyunyan

OVERLAY ALERT in the $570 Survivor Event

We have a $50,000 Guarantee on today's $570 Survivor Event, which means we need to hit 100 players to make that guarantee. Right now, with about 90 minutes left in registration, we have 63 players, meaning that Commerce is currently kicking in about $19,000 to cover the guarantee. The traffic isn't too bad today, so make sure you come join us!

Cards in the Air: $570 Survivor Event

Now that the Super Bowl is done and dusted, we are back with the poker action here at the Commerce Casino. Today's event is a $570 Survivor Event. Here's how it works. Players will play down to the top 10% in the money just like any other tournament. However, once we reach the money, the clock stops, the tournament is over, and everyone will receive $5,000. The chip leaders at 25%, 20%, and 15% will also be done at that time and earn $5,000.

Registration is open until 7:15 PM. Good luck everyone!

By the Numbers: $100 Mega Satellite

Today's $100 satellite drew a crowd of 106 players, meaning that the top 15 players will be earning $570 seats. Remember that these seats can be used for today's $570 Survivor event, but they can also be used for any future $570 event this series.

LAPC Event #31: $570 Survivor Event

  • LAPC Event #31
  • Survivor Event
  • 2/6/17 - 5pm 
  • $570 Buy-in
  • 12,500 Starting Stack 
  • All Levels 30 Minutes
  • Late Register until 7:15pm 
  • One Re-Entry Allowed Per Flight
  • One Day Event
  • Top 10% shared prize pool evenly

Cards in the Air: $100 Mega Satellite

We hope everyone has shaken off the Super Bowl hangover! It's time for the LAPC to pick up again, and we are starting with a $100 Mega Satellite. This event will guarantee at least 10 $570 seats, and those seats can be used in the 5 PM Survivor tournament, where the top 10% will take home $5,000. Registration and re-entry are open until 3:15 PM. Good luck everyone!

LAPC $100 Mega Satellite

  • Mega Satellite
  • Ten $570 Seats Guaranteed
  • 2/6/17 - 1pm 
  • $100 Buy-in
  • 10,000 Starting Stack 
  • All Levels 15 Minutes
  • Late Register until 3:15pm 
  • Re-Entries Allowed 
  • One Day Event