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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Player Profile: Chris Abkarian, Winner of the $570 HORSE Event

They say that beginner's luck is a thing, and if the 2017 LAPC has shown anything, it has proven that is the case. For the third time this series, a player has taken down an event while playing that game in tournament style for the first time. Yesterday, it was Chris Abkarian who took down the $570 HORSE Event for over $15,000! 

"I feel great. This is actually the first HORSE tournament I've played. I've played these games in cash but this was the first one I entered. Took it on a whim and took it down. Guess that's the way to do it."

Abkarian came back to the Day 2 restart second in chips of 13 players left, and he immediately took a chip lead that he would never relinquish. However, it was when they got short handed at the final table that Abkarian really pulled out to a big lead.

"Obviously the cards were slapping me in the face a bit in a good way. I was running really well once I had the chip lead at 5-6 handed I could tell the money matters regardless of what anyone says so I took advantage of the chips I had and just steamrolled through."

Abkarian looked like a true pro at a final table full of experience players like John Cernuto, Robert Turner, Rick Gleitsman, and Peter Brownstein. For Abkarian, he said it was a fantastic experience for him in more ways than one.

"It was a learning experience. They played great, but cards matter even with how good they played. I had the deck on my side and rode that way. I knew the deck was hitting me and they felt it as well, so with that combination they were playing a little more afraid I was playing a little more aggressive."

Abkarian was also quick to heap praise on the special structure of this event, which had two hour levels throughout. The long levels allowed for deep play throughout, even at the final table where the bets were huge.

"Oh man it was a fantastic structure. Two hour levels bigger increments of bets but the levels are great. That was the main reason I played. I saw the structure and said wow two hour levels I'll really get to play and learn as I go. I mean 100 players entered and it still took two full days so that shows you it's a great structure."

While he is mainly a cash game player, Abkarian confessed that he feels the need to play more tournaments after such an impressive showing in this field of really quality players.

"Now that I took this down I obviously have to play now that I have the bug and obviously when you win you want to play more."

Congratulations again to Abkarian, who displayed one of the most dominating final table performances we've seen at the 2017 LAPC so far. We will have to wait and see if Abkarian comes back next Sunday to take a crack at the $1,100 HORSE event.

Event 30 $350 12 Hours and Time's Up Results

Entries: 266 Prizepool: $79,800
Last First City State Prize
1 Dehghan Amir Woodland Hills CA $11,380 *
2 Schwartz Rick Calabasas CA $8,350 *
3 Gil Michael Fountain Valley CA $8,100 *
4 Weinraub Adam Orange CA $7,150 *
5 Jackson James Los Angeles CA $5,970 *
6 Howard Bill Lake Havasu City AZ $5,535 *
7 Javadzad Nikan Orange CA $4,460 *
8 Han Yong Stevenson Ranch CA $3,450 *
9 Lee Paul Anaheim CA $3,105 *
10 Karle Erich Redondo Beach CA $1,520
11 Want Keylie El Monte CA $1,520
12 Anderson Paul Pasadena CA $1,520
13 Jin Xiao Upland CA $1,300
14 Terry Richard Bakersfield CA $1,300
15 Egbert Gregory Los Angeles CA $1,300
16 Warne Daniel Camarillo CA $1,090
17 Javadzadeh Behzad Orange CA $1,090
18 Chung Julian Los Angeles CA $1,090
19 Enright Barbara Los Angeles CA $900
20 Pham David Hawthorne CA $900
21 Harris James Calabasas CA $900
22 Tzeiler Michael Los Angeles CA $720
23 Rendahl David Visalia CA $720
24 Clark Shane Costa Mesa CA $720
25 Nicholson Steven Thousand Oaks CA $620
26 Mangiamele James Los Angeles CA $620
27 Khodjoian Gagik Sun Valley CA $620
28 Lewis Alan Westlake Villiage CA $550
29 Pilot Shawn North Hills CA $550
30 Teagarden Annette Bakersfield CA $550
31 Kirchner Darryl Windsor CA $550
32 Zhang Xiaoting Irvine CA $550
33 Cha Andrew Encino CA $550
34 Reyes Eric Long Beach CA $550
9 players were left when it was "Time's Up" and split based on chip counts

Event #28 $570 Final Results and Payouts

$570 HORSE
Entries: 101 Prizepool: $50,500

Last First City State Prize
1 Abkarian Christopher La Verne CA $15,400
2 Brownstein Peter Scottsdale AZ $9,470
3 Turner Robert Los Angeles CA $5,810
4 Cernuto John Las Vegas NV $3,790
5 Rechnitzer Gerard Beverly Hills CA $2,950
6 Kipnis Adam Porter Ranch CA $2,360
7 Gleitsman Rick Woodland Hills CA $2,010
8 Tang Benjamin Scottsdale AZ $1,740
9 Ferrari Alex Los Angeles CA $1,540
10 Shim Albert Cerritos CA $1,390
11 Villanueva Gabriel Los Angeles CA $1,390
12 Woods James Los Angeles CA $1,390
13 Hill Christina Garland TX $1,260