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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Peter Brownstein Eliminated in 2nd Place ($9,470), Chris Abkarian is the Winner!

It took just two hands of heads up play for Chris Abkarian to defeat Peter Brownstein heads-up. Once again, the game was Omaha 8-or-Better. The last of Brownstein's chips got in the middle on the turn, with the board showing [9h][2h][Js][Ad]. Brownstein had [Qd][Qh][8s][5s], and he was trailing the [Ac][Jh][4h][7c] of Abkarian. The [8d] on the river didn't bring any help for Brownstein, and he will take home $9,470 for his efforts.

The Remington trophy, and the first place money of $15,400, will be going to Chris Abkarian, who told us after the tournament that this was his first ever HORSE tournament! Stay tuned for a full player profile about Abkarian. Congrats Chris!

Robert Turner Eliminated in 3rd Place ($5,810)

Robert Turner got his final chips in preflop in Omaha-8 holding [Ad][3c][Js][8s], and the dominant chip leader, Christoper Abkarian, had [As][Qs][Ah][9c]. The board came down [Kh][Qs][5c][7h][Jd], and a rivered pair of jacks wasn't good enough for Turner.

This leaves us heads-up, with Abkarian holding one of the biggest heads up leads we can remember seeing.

John Cernuto Eliminated in 4th Place ($3,790)

John Cernuto was crippled in a Stud 8 hand, and while he hung around for one chop, he would go broke on the third hand of Limit Hold'em. Cernuto moved all in for 27,000 with [9h][8c], and Peter Brownstein woke up with a monster in the big blind: [Qd][Qh]. Cernuto flopped an eight, but that's all the help he would get.

Brownstein scored the knockout, but he's stil the severe short stack of the three. Robert Turner has just over 100,000, while Christoper Abkarian has about 90% of the chips in play.

Some Stacks From the Time's Up Event

Blinds: 5,000-10,000 Players Left: 45 Average: 300,000

Adam Weinraub - 980,000
Erich Karle - 460,000
Barbara Enright - 350,000
David "The Dragon" Pham - 280,000

Cards in the Air: $1,100 Main Event Satellite

It's time for another $1,100 Main Event Satellite here at the 2017 LA Poker Classic. Registration for this satellite will be open until 9:15 PM, and two Main Event seats are guaranteed! Good luck players!

Updated HORSE Counts on Break

Limits: 15,000-30,000 Average: 315,000

Christopher Abkarian - 685,000
John Cernuto - 240,000
Peter Brownstein - 160,000
Robert Turner - 155,000

Player Profile: Joey Pham, Winner of the First WPT Main Event Freeroll

Last night, 618 players came to the Commerce Casino hoping they would be the lucky one to get the chance of a lifetime: earn a seat into the prestigious $10,000 WPT LAPC Main Event....for free. The final table of nine players all earned an $1,100 satellite seat, but only one of them would earn the free seat. That player ended up being Joey Pham.

"This is awesome. It's my first ever opportunity to play a $10,000 buy-in so it feels really nice. It's really special. I just got good cards and good luck. You never know what can happen."

Pham was clearly taken aback by the moment, hardly able to form a full sentence as he smiled from ear to ear. The freeroll had a fast structure, with 15 minute levels and several levels skipped. From start to finish, the freeroll took less than seven hours. Pham came into the final table in the middle of the pack, but was able to get key hands to hold when he needed them.

Pham is mostly a cash game player who dabbles in tournaments occasionally. According to his Hendon Mob, he didn't have a cash last year, but he already has two at this year's LAPC, including a 3rd place showing in the $150 Pot-Limit Omaha 8 rebuy event.

"I've played just a few tournaments mostly cash game player. "I'll probably play the $1,100 PLO that's the main one I'm excited for outside of the Main now."

Pham didn't use his $60 optional add-on, so the seat was a true freeroll for him. When asked what it would be like to join the likes of Chris Moneymaker, who turned a $39 satellite into $2.5 million at the WSOP in 2003, Pham was once again at a loss for words.

"Oh wow that would be so awesome. You never know. If I just go in, get the run of cards I got today, you never know what the lord will give you."

We will be sure to keep track of Pham's progress when the Main Event stars on February 25th. If you would like to follow in Pham's footsteps, your next chance to get in for free will be next Sunday, the 12th. Congratulations again to Joey Pham on his incredible accomplishment. Good luck in the Main Event!

Gerard Rechnitzer Eliminated in 5th Place ($2,950)

Gerard Rechnitzer got his short stack in preflop in Omaha 8-or-Better, and he got calls from Robert Turner and John Cernuto. The flop of [Ah][6c][Jc] saw Cernuto check call a bet from Turner. The two would then check the [Kc] turn and [2d] river.

Turner announced ace-jack for two pair, but when he revealed his hand, the table pointed out that he actually had the nut flush with [Ac][9c]. Cernuto had [3d][5h] in his hand for a low, and Rechnitzer couldn't beat either hand, knocking him out in fifth place.

The Next $1,100 Main Event Satellite Starts in an Hour!

It's Saturday night at the LAPC, so you know what that means! It's almost time for another $1,100 Main Event Satellite. These satellites run every Saturday throughout the series, and they all guarantee at least two $10,000 Main Event Seats. Registration and re-entry will be open until 9:15 PM. Come join us and try to earn a discounted seats to one of the biggest poker tournaments of the year!

Adam Kipnis Eliminated in 6th Place ($2,360)

Adam Kipnis was grinded down to just a few chips when he moved all in preflop in Omaha 8-or-Better. His opponent would flop trip queens, and with no low available, Kipnis was knocked out in seventh place.

By the Numbers: $570 Time's Up event

Today's 12 PM tournament drew a total of 266 players, creating a prizepool of $79,800. The final 34 players will finish in the money tonight, with a min cash good for $550. The player who has the chip lead when the last hand the night is dealt will take home $17,960, and the Remington Trophy. Good luck players!

1. $17,960
2. $12,680
3. $8,160
4. $4,980
5. $3,840
6. $3,180
7. $2,670
8. $2,230
9. $1,800
10-12. $1,520
13-15. $1,300
16-18. $1,090
19-21. $900
22-24. $720
25-27. $620
28-34. $550

Updated Counts on Break of HORSE

Limits: 6,000-12,000 Average: 210,000

Christopher Abkarian - 330,000
Gerard Rechnitzer - 275,000
Peter Brownstein - 250,000
John Cernuto - 160,000
Adam Kipnis - 120,000
Robert Turner - 90,000

Rick Gleitsman Eliminated in 7th Place ($2,010)

Rick Gleitsman got most of his chips in preflop in Omaha 8-or-Better, and the last of his chips went in after the flop of [As][9s][2s]. He had [Js][Jh][3c][3h], and he was well behind the [Ac][Qc][9c][4d] of Gerard Rechnitzer. Gleitsman needed a jack or three now, but the board finished [8c] and [5s].

Impressively, Gleitsman has final tabled both HORSE events so far this series. Just last week, Gleitsman finished 4th in the $350 buy-in version. Good run Rick!

Benjamin Tang Eliminated in 8th Place ($1,740)

Benjamin Tang got the last of his chips in preflop in Limit Hold'em holding [Ad][Jd]. He was racing against the [6h][6d] of Gerard Rechnitzer. The board ran down [Qc][4h][8h][8d][Kc], and the sixes held for Rechnitzer.

This is Tang's third final table in a week, but he will have to settle for eighth place in this event.

Alex Ferrari Eliminated in 9th Place ($1,540)

Alex Ferrari is the first player to be eliminated from this $570 HORSE final table. His final chips went to Peter Browstein in a hand of Razz. Rick Gleitsman is the only player left who is severely short stacked at the moment.

Final Table Photos and Updated Stacks in the $570 HORSE

Seat 1: John Cernuto - 180,000

Seat 2: Adam Kipnis - 95,000

Seat 3: Gerard Rechnitzer - 168,000

Seat 4: Christopher Abkarian - 290,000 (chip leader)

Seat 5: Benjamin Tang - 62,000

Seat 6: Rick Gleitsman - 20,000 (short stack)

Seat 7: Robert Turner - 140,000

Seat 8: Alex Ferrari - 27,000

Seat 9: Peter Brownstein - 190,000

Player Profile: Grantel Gibbs, Winner of the $570 Big O Event

Yesterday was one of the busiest days here at the 2017 LAPC so far, and part of that was the final table of the Big-O Event, which was won by Grantel Gibbs. Gibbs finished on top of a three way chop, taking home just under $7,000. Gibbs is a part time player who made the most of his limited time here at Commerce Casino.

"I would say I'm a semi-pro I'm a chemical engineer by profession so I only play poker part-time. But I play very competitive and I really believe I'm very skilled in Big O particularly. Anywhere a Big O game is, I want to be there."

Gibbs started the final table in the middle of the crowd, but he said that it was all up from there for him. Gibbs chipped up throughout the day until he held the lead three handed when the chop was made. Gibbs said after his win that his strategy was fairly straight forward throughout the tournament.

"This tournament was all up for me. I hardly made any mistakes. I tried to lay down some big hands and using strategy and lay down big hands that would only get half. That was my strategy I chipped up throughout."

Unfortunately, it doesn't sound like we will be seeing much more of Gibbs this series. He said that Big-O is by far his favorite game, and this is the only Big-O event on the schedule. He did say that he will be in Vegas this summer, and certainly plans to come back next year.

"Normally I'll just come back for the World Series. I love the LAPC I was here last year and I'll definitely be back next year."

Congratulations again to Grantel Gibbs on his performance. We look forward to seeing you again next year!

Some of the Players in the Time's Up Event

Below you will see a few of the 200+ players who are here for the 12 Hours and Time's Up Event. LA regular Jared Griener is hoping for some good luck today ahead of the big game tomorrow, where his rooting interest is obvious. We also spotted former Playboy Event winner Adam Weinraub in the crowd. Check out their photos, and a few more, below.

Jared Griener

Kevin Gimble

Kyung Min Lee

LoriAnn Persinger

Sean Yu

Adam Weinraub

Nearly 200 Players in the Time's Up Event

We have 196 players so far in today's $350 Time's Up Event, with registration open for another three hours. Remember that this event has a special structure with blind levels of varying lengths throughout. After 12 hours of play, the tournament will end, with the chip leader taking home first place money. Good luck everyone!

Cards in the Air: $350 12 Hours and Time's Up

It's time once again for the always popular Time's Up event! Today's version is 12 hours long. The tournament will have levels of various time lengths, with the final level lasting 30 hands. At the end of those 30 hands, the tournament will be over. The chip leader at that time will be declared the winner. Second place will receive second place money, and so on and so forth.

Registration will be open until 5:30 PM. Good luck players!

LAPC Event #30: $350 12 Hours and Time's Up

  • LAPC Event #30 
  • 12 Hours and Time's Up
  • $50,000 Guaranteed
  • 2/4/17 - 12pm 
  • $350 Buy-in
  • 50,000 Starting Stack 
  • Levels 1-8 - 15 Minutes
  • Levels 9-14 - 20 Minutes
  • Levels 15-18 - 30 Minutes
  • Level 19-24 - 40 Minutes
  • Level 25 - 30 Hands
  • Late Register until 5:30pm 
  • Single Re-Entry Allowed 
  • One Day Event

Event #27 $570 Big O Final Results

$570 BIG O
Entries: 52 Prizepool: $20,000
Last First City State Prize
1 Gibbs Grantel Baton Rouge LA $6,850*
2 Brandenburg Joseph Portland OR $6,000*
3 Wong Brian Irvine CA $6,000*
4 Tilley James Vista CA $2,470
5 Burt Bryce Portland OR $1,950
6 Demaci Christopher Stanton CA $1,560
7 Gregg Christopher Encinitas CA $585
7 Brill Larry Bconville IN $585
*Two players were eliminated on the same hand and split 7th place. Final 3 players agreed to a chop based on chip counts
Original payouts were:
1st $9,620 2nd $5,720 3rd $3,510

Event #26 $570 Limit Hold'em Final Results

Entries: 92 Prizepool: $46,000

Last First City State Prize
1 Liosi Chris Alpine CA $9,455*
2 Kattamuri Susan Long Beach CA $8,435*
3 Hoffman Joseph Laguna Woods CA $7,040*
4 Yu Mengchao Diamond Bar CA $6,350*
5 Swinburne Christopher Markham Ontario $2,760
6 McHenry Stuart Beaumont CA $2,190
7 Hulett John Sherman Oaks CA $1,840
8 Wein Robert Fountain Valley CA $1,610
9 Pham Ha Whittier CA $1,460
10 Erickson Kevin Portland OR $1,330
11 Tatevosian Raffi Los Angeles CA $1,240
12 Allen Mark Redondo Beach CA $1,150
13 Lucas Paul Waxhaw NC $570*
14 Jerome Jeffrey Philadelphia PA $570*
Final 12 players agreed to pay 2 extra spots their money back. Final 4 agreed to chop based on chip counts and to give the
"win" to 4th. Original payouts were:
1st $14,590 2nd $8,740 3rd $5,520 4th $3,570 

LAPC Event #28 $570 HORSE Day 1 Chip Counts

$570 HORSE
Entries: 101 Prizepool: $50,500
Place Last Name First Name City State Chips
1 Brownstein Peter Scottsdale AZ 190,000
2 Abkarian Christopher La Verne CA 180,000
3 Turner Robert Downey CA 173,500
4 Tang Benjamin Scottsdale AZ 145,000
5 Rechnitzer Gerard Beverly Hills CA 138,000
6 Cernuto "Miami" John Las Vegas NV 96,500
7 Hill Christine Phoenix AZ 72,000
8 Kipnis Adam Northridge CA 65,000
9 Ferrari Alex Los Angeles CA 53,000
10 Gleitsman Rick Woodland Hills CA 52,000
11 Shim Albert Los Angeles CA 37,000
12 Woods James Los Angeles CA 31,000
13 Villanueva Gabriel Miami FL 22,000
1st $15,400
2nd $9,470
3rd $5,810
4th $3,790
5th $2,950
6th $2,360
7th $2,010
8th $1,740
9th $1,540
10th-12th $1,390
13th $1,260