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Friday, February 3, 2017

Congratulations to Joey Pham, Winner of the First WPT Main Event Freeroll!

On the final hand of the freeroll, Chich Thach moved all in with [Jc][4c], and Joey Pham called with [Ah][3d]. The board came down [Kd][Kc][6d][Qd][3s], and Pham made an unnecessary pair on the river to seal the deal.

Pham did not add on, so his $10,000 seat is a true freeroll. We will be sure to keep tabs on Pham's progress in a month when he sits down with some of the best poker players in the world to try and continue his cinderella run.

The next WPT Freeroll will take place on Sunday, February 12th. Be sure you don't miss out!

Heads Up Between Chich Thach and Joey Pham

Joey Pham just knocked out Michael Brandon when he turned a flush against Michael Brandon's straight draw, getting us to heads up play. One of these two players will have the opportunity of a lifetime to turn $0 into a cool $1 million at the beginning of next month.

Down to the Final Three

Brandon Boyd got his final chips in the middle on the turn of a board showing [8c][5c][4s][Kh]. Boyd had [8s][4s] for second pair, but he was dominated by the [Qd][8d] of Joey Pham. Another king completed the board, keeping Pham in the lead, and getting us down to just four players.

Pham would play executioner on  the next hand as well, as he knocked out start of final table chip leader Jason Theroux. Here is how the final three players stack up right now.

Joey Pham - 2.5 million
Chich Thach - 1.3 million
Michael Brandon - 200,000

Just Five Players Left Now

Brandon Boyd moved all in under the gun, and it folded around to Robert Tobin in the big blind. He already had half his money in the middle, and he called it off.

Boyd: [Qs][Qc]
Tobin: [Ks][3s]

The flop of [9s][9d][6s] gave Tobin some flush draw outs, but the ladies held true, as the board finished [5d] and [4c].

Chich Thach Takes Massive Pot

The two biggest stacks just tangled in a huge preflop pot that saw Chich Thach take a big chip lead. He open shoved all in for over 900,000, and Mark Gilliland called for about 850,000. Thach held [As][Kh], and he was dominating the [Ks][Qs] of Gilliland. The board ran down [Jc][Jh][6c][10h][Kd], and Thach's ace king held.

He now has almost 1.8 million, good enough for nearly half the chips in play with six left.

Hero Aguiluz Out in 9th, Prescott Hathaway Out in 8th

After a string of short stack double ups, Hero Aguiluz was bounced in ninth place. He was crippled the hand before, and had most of his stack in the middle in the big blind. Mark Gilliland, who had doubled into the chip lead, set him all in with [Qh][5h], and Aguiliuz had just [7h][2c]. A queen came on the flop, and Aguiluz was drawing dead on the turn.

On the next hand, Prescott Hathaway was knocked out in 8th place. Now, seven players remain.

The Final Nine Has Been Reached in the Freeroll!

We just burst the bubble here in the first WPT Main Event Freeroll.  All nine players remaining have locked up at least a $1,100 Satellite seat. The winner, of course, will earn a free entry into this year's LAPC Main Event! Here is the current seating chart, along with updated stacks for those still in.

Seat 1: Hero Aguiluz - 305,000
Seat 2: Prescott Hathaway - 275,000
Seat 3: Robert Tobin - 200,000 (short stack)
Seat 4: Brandon Boyd - 530,000
Seat 5: Joey Pham - 780,000
Seat 6: Jason Theroux - 910,000 (chip leader)
Seat 7: Chich Thach - 360,000
Seat 8: Michael Brandon - 370,000
Seat 9: Mark Gilliland - 310,000

Some Chip Counts From the HORSE Event

Limits: 1,200-2,400 Average: 36,000 Players Left: 35

John Cernuto - 65,000
James Woods - 56,000
Joel Kop - 43,000
Frankie O'Dell - 41,000
Marco Johnson - 40,000
Don Zewin - 35,000
Levon Torosyan - 30,000
Albert Shim - 21,000

Player Profile: Mengchao Yu, Winner of the $570 Limit Hold'em

The $570 Limit Hold'em Event played out earlier today, with the final four players ending in a chop. Though he took home the least amount of money, it was Mengchao Yu who would take the Remington Trophy home. He earned over $6,300 for his efforts today, and after the tournament ended, Yu had a funny confession to make.

"I feel great especially cause this is my first time playing limit hold'em. I usually just play HORSE but I saw this was going. I just decided to give it a shot."

Yu came into the final table tied for second in chips, and maintained his place at the top of the counts for quite some time. There were attempts to make a deal earlier than four handed, but a deal couldn't be struck.

"Every hand I flopped two pair pretty much," Yu said while laughing. "We tried to make a deal earlier when I had the chip lead but we couldn't make a deal because of the trophy. So I lost some hands but eventually they were so nice they decided to give me the trophy so it's been great."

Yu said that he doesn't plan on playing a hefty schedule going forward, but that he does have a few specific events on his mind that he wants to play.

"I will play the million guarantee one for sure. I might try to satellite into the Main Event. I will play the short handed games too if I can."

Congratulations to Yu on his impressive first adventure in Limit Hold'em. This is the second time that a player has taken home the Remington Trophy after playing a game for the first time. Just yesterday, Thomas Zanot took down the PLO8 rebuy event, after only playing a few hands of online PLO8. Anything can happen here at the LAPC, so make sure you don't miss out on some of our upcoming events!

Just 70 Players Left in the Freeroll

The freeroll has been going at a rapid pace since the beginning, and with 15 minute levels, it won't be slowing down anytime soon. We still have a few familiar faces who are alive and well looking for this free Main Event seat. Check out those players and their stacks below.

Blinds: 3,000-6,000 Average: 56,700

Hero Aguiluz - 108,000
Phong "Turbo" Nguyen - 80,000
Clint Mooney - 75,000
Jesus Sanchez - 40,000

By the Numbers: WPT Main Event Freeroll

The first WPT freeroll drew a total of 618 players, with 176 of them using their $60 add-on. This means that everyone at the final table of nine players will earn at least a $1,100 Satellite Seat. However, only one player will be taking home the free $10,000 Main Event seat.

1. $10,000 Main Event Seat
2-9. $1,100 Satellite Seat.

A Three Way Deal is Made

The final three players did a deal on their own. Joe Brandenberg (pictured above) and Brian Wong will each take home $6,000, while Grantel Gibbs takes the lion's share of the prizepool, $6.850.  However, as part of the deal, the trophy will be going home with Brandenberg. Congratulations to all three players on their impressive showings!

Jake Tilley Eliminated in 4th Place ($2,470)

Jake Tilley hung around as the severe short stack for quite some time before he was all in preflop against Grantel Gibbs. Tilley had [Qd][9d][7d][5d][2c], while Gibbs held [Ad][Ac][Qs][10d][3s]. The flop of [Ah][8d][5h] gave Gibbs top set and Tilley a low. The board finished out [7c] and [2h], and that counterfeited Tilly's low, giving Gibbs the scoop.

By the Numbers: $570 HORSE Event

This afternoon's HORSE event drew a crowd of 101 players, creating a prizepool of $50,500. The final 13 players will finish in the money, all locking up at least $1,260. First place will take home the Remington Trophy, along with $15,400 in prize money. Check out the payouts below, and good luck to those remaining!

1. $15,400
2. $9,470
3. $5,810
4. $3,790
5. $2,950
6. $2,360
7. $2,010
8. $1,740
9. $1,540
10-12. $1,390
13. $1,260

Over 600 Players in the Freeroll

The WPT Main Event Freeroll is up to 602 players now. We will calculate the number of $1,100 seats added to the prizepool after registration is closed. Remember that one of those players will earn a $10,000 Main Event seat tonight! Registration is just about to close, so hurry up if you aren't here yet!

Fresh Counts From the Big O

Blinds: 2,500-5,000

Joe Brandenburg- 257,000
Grantel Gibbs - 232,000
Brian Wong - 90,000
Jake Tilly - 55,000

Some of the Horseys Here Today

The madness of the WPT Main Event Freeroll is happening right now, but we also have the $570 HORSE Event still going. Below you will see some of the players who are here for that. WSOP bracelet winner David "ODB" Baker is here in this event, while Frankie O'Dell and Justin Vold have their eyes on their second Remington of the series.

Frankie O'Dell

Hermilo Vargas

Al Barbieri

David "ODB" Baker

Craig Chait

Justin Vold

Cards in the Air: WPT Main Event Freeroll!

It's time for the first of three WPT Main Event Freerolls here at the 2017 LAPC! There is no buy-in for this event, and anyone who is over 21 can come on down and play. All players will have an optional $60 add-on as well. For every 22 add-ons, a $1,100 seat will be added to the prizepool.

Registration is open until 7 PM tonight, and everyone who is in line at that time will be in.

Bryce Burt Eliminated in 5th Place ($1,950)

Over at the Big O final table, Bryce Burt just bowed out in fifth place for just under $2,000. We are now four handed here. Joe Brandenburg still holds the chip lead, but Grantel Gibbs is breathing down his neck for the lead.

The Limit Hold'em Event Ends in a 4-Way Chop

The top four players in the Limit Hold'em Event took a look at the number, and after some negotations, a deal was struck. Christopher Liosi took home the most money, $9,455, but it is Mengchao Yu who will take home the trophy. Check out the details of the chop below, and congratulations to the final four players!

1. Christopher Liosi - $9,455
2. Susan Kattamuri - $8,435
3. Joseph Hoffman - $7,040
4. Mengchao Yu - $6,350

First WPT Main Event Freeroll Starts in an Hour!

New to the LAPC this series are not one, not two, but three chances to earn a $10,000 WPT Main Event seat....for free. The first two are open to the public, while the third freeroll is excluded to the top 100 players in the Player of the Series race.

Registration for this freeroll opened up at 10 AM, and you can register at the Casino Services desk downstairs. All players will have an optional $60 add-on that will go towards $1,100 Satellite seats. For every 22 add-ons, one seat will be added to the total prize pool. Registration is open until 7 PM. Good luck everyone!

Player Profile: Thu Nguyen, Winner of the $570 Heads-up Event...Again

Anyone who plays poker will tell you that winning poker tournaments is hard. They will also tell you that defending your title is even harder. Nearly impossible some would say. But Thu Nguyen is not one of those players. Last year, Thu Nguyen took down the $570 Heads-Up Event , a field of 64 players. Last night, he did the exact same thing, defeating Kazu Oshima heads-up in the finals.

"This feels very good. Unbelievable. I didn't think I could go back to back like this. It's really hard to do that."

On his way to the title, Nguyen defeated John Boone, Sohale Khalil, Ted Jivkov, Macradij Yacoubian, Tim Garrett, and the aforementioned Oshima. When asked what his toughest matchup was, Nguyen gave it just a few moments of thought.

"My fourth match was the hardest (Yacoubian). The first one today. We played about four hours, and I lost the first match, so I had to catch up."

Nguyen is known for his aggressive style of play, betting to protect his hands in spots where some players are more cautious and use pot control. Nguyen said after that while that is his usual game, you have to be able to change it up in a tournament like this.

"Yeah actually the fourth round today I did alot of pot control otherwise I would be out. I had alot of big hands preflop but got outflopped a bunch. You have to adjust to whoever you play. You have to change your game right away."

Nguyen is a regular here on the LA tournament circuit, so his run here wasn't going to influence his future schedule that much one way or the other. However, Nguyen agreed that the win gives him alot of confidence, especially with the bigger events of the series just around the corner.

"Yeah I will play for sure the million guaranteed, and I'm feeling great about it right now."

We will have to wait another year to see if Nguyen can top this incredible performance and somehow go for three in a row. Perhaps you will be the player that finally topples him!

Big O Final Table Snapshots

Seat 1: Grantel Gibbs - 112,000

Seat 2: Joe Brandenburg - 260,000

Seat 3: Bryce Burt - 52,000

Seat 4: Brian Wong - 135,000

Seat 5: Jake Tilley - 82,000

Photos of the Limit Hold'em Final Table

Below you will see the remaining players in the Limit Hold'em Event, along with their current chip counts.

Seat 1: Joe Hoffman - 200,000
Seat 2: Chris Liosi - 280,000

Seat 3: Susan Katamuri - 220,000

Seat 4: Chris Swineburne- 75,000

Seat 5: Mengchao Yu - 320,000

Updates From Our Two Final Tables

We have some photos of the remaining players loading right now, but here's what we can tell you about the Limit Hold'em and Big O final tables. Limit Hold'em has seen three bustouts so far: Bob Wein in 8th, John Hulett in 7th, and Stuart McHenry in 6th. Mengchao Yu has taken the chip lead with five players left over there.

The Big O event has only seen one bustout, the severe short stack to start the day Christopher Demau. Joe Brandenbars still holds a hefty lead there.

Cards in the Air: $570 HORSE Event

We wrap up the work week with a $570 HORSE Event. This tournament has a special structure with two hour levels throughout. This is a two day event with the final table starting at 2 PM tomorrow. Good luck players!

LAPC Event #29: WPT Main Event Freeroll

  • LAPC Event #29
  • WPT Main Event Freeroll
  • 2/3/17 - 5pm 
  • $0 Buy In 
  • One $60 Optional Add-On
  • Every 22 Add-Ons adds a $1,100 Main Event Mega Seat 
  • 5,000 Starting Stack 
  • All Levels 15 Minutes
  • Registration Opens at 10 AM  
  • Registration Closes at Start of Level 8
  • No Re-entry
  • One Day Event

LAPC Event #28: $570 HORSE Event

  • LAPC Event #28 
  • 2/3/17 - 1pm 
  • $570 Buy-in
  • 12,500 Starting Stack 
  • All Levels Last 2 Hours
  • Late Register until 5:30pm 
  • Single Re-Entry Allowed 
  • Two Day Event
  • Day 2 Saturday, February 4th at 2 PM 

LAPC Event #27 $570 Big O Results and Chip Counts

$570 BIG O
Entries: 52 Prizepool: $26,000
Place Last Name First Name City State Chips Table Seat
1 Brandenbars Joe Portland OR 242,000 50 2
2 Wong Brian Irvine CA 112,700 50 5
3 Tilley Jake Vista CA 107,000 50 6
4 Gibbs Grantel Lake Charles CA 93,600 50 1
5 Burt Bryce Portland OR 70,600 50 4
6 Demau Christopher Stanton CA 23,300 50 7
Finish Last First City State Prize
7 Gregg Chris Encinitas CA $585
7 Brill Larry Bconville IN $585
1st $9,620
2nd $5,720
3rd $3,510
4th $2,470
5th $1,950
6th $1,560

LAPC Event #26 $570 Limit Hold'em Results and Chip Counts

Entries: 92 Prizepool: $46,000
Place Last Name First Name City State Chips Table Seat
1 Katamuri Susan Long Beach CA 253,000 36 3
2 Liosi Chris San Diego CA 201,000 36 6
3 Yu Mengchao Diamond Bar CA 201,000 36 8
4 Swinburne Chris Markham ON 158,000 36 7
5 Hoffman Joe Los Angeles CA 149,000 36 1
6 Hulett John Sherman Oaks CA 103,000 36 2
7 McHenry Stuart Beaumont CA 66,000 36 4
8 Wein  Bob Fountain Valley CA 19,000 36 5
Finish Last First City State Prize
9 Pham Ha Whittier CA $1,460
10 Erickson Kevin Portland OR $1,330
11 Tatevosian Raffi Los Angeles CA $1,240
12 Allen Mark Redondo Beach CA $1,150
13 Lucas Paul Waxhaw NC $570
14 Jerome Jeffrey Philadelphia PA $570
1st $13,450
2nd $8,740
3rd $5,520
4th $3,570
5th $2,760
6th $2,190
7th $1,840
8th $1,610