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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Thu Nguyen Goes Back-to-Back!

He has done it! Improbably, Thu Nguyen has finished on top of the 64 person field for the second year in a row in the LAPC $570 Heads-Up Event! In the final hand, Nguyen had [Kh][7c], while Kazu Oshima had [As][8d].  Nguyen jumped out to the lead on the flop of [Qs][Qd][7h], and Oshima wasn't able to catch up.

For his efforts, Oshima will take home $7,500, but the night belongs to Thu Nguyen. He will be taking home his sixth Remington Trophy, along with $12,500. Congratulations to Nguyen on his incredible performance. Will he make it a three-peat next year?

Oshima Gets His First Double Up

Kazu Oshima is on the comeback trail after securing the first of what will need to be a couple double ups. Thu Nguyen shoved all in with [5h][5d], and Oshima called with [Ad][Qh]. The flop of [Qd][3h][3s] shot Oshima out into the lead, and Nguyen wouldn't catch any miracle five to come back.

Oshima is up to 5,000 now, but Nguyen is still in control with 20,000.

Flush Over Flush Nets Nguyen a Huge Double

Thu Nguyen raised to 500 preflop, and Kazu Oshima called. The flop of [10h][7h][5c] saw Oshima check call a bet of 600. The [5h] hit the turn, and Oshima check called another bet of 1,500.

The river brought the [Jd], and Oshima checked a third time. Nguyen fired 2,500, and Oshima asked him how much he had left. Eventually, be dropped in a stack of 1,000 chips to put Nguyen all in. Nguyen tanked for about 45 seconds before calling, and Oshima showed [Jh][4h] for a flush. It was no good though, as Nguyen showed [Qh][6h] for a better flush.

This knocks Oshima down to just 2,000 at the 150-300 mark, and Nguyen is on the cusp of winning the $570 Heads-Up Event in back to back years.

Player Profile: Thomas Zanot, Winner of the $150 PLO8 with Rebuys Event

You've heard the story before. Someone accidentally registers for an event, or plays a game for the first time, and ends up winning the tournament. In 2011, Matt Perrins watched a Youtube video on how to play 2-7 Lowball, then registered for the $1,500 WSOP event and won it for over $100,000. Thomas Zanot's story on that scale, but it is of a similar nature.

"I've never played PLO8 before except for when I accidentally registered for PLO8 on Bovada instead of PLO. I played the PLO tournament yesterday and got third and this was open so I just decided to enter in."

This specific PLO8 tournament had a bit of a twist in that it allowed for unlimited $100 rebuys, with an add-on at the break as well. Zanot was ready to fire away, but as it turned out, his investment was rather cheap.

"I think the correct strategy for a rebuy tournament is to rebuy as much as you can when you as long as the rebuys are open. I sat down, I added on, I immediately doubled up, and then we had the add-on for break so I did that. Just $350 total so pretty good.

Zanot started the final table in the middle of the pack, but he slowly chipped up throughout. As the table got shorter, players were eager to make a chop, but Zanot was usually the one to decline it. Zanot said after that it wasn't because he thought he had an edge, but for another reason.

"I wasn't the best player at the table not even close. It was my first time playing live. But I appreciate the game for what it is and I like to play it down to a winner. We can move the money around a bit but playing it out you don't get that opportunity very often so I like to finish it."

Zanot has been here virtually every day at the 2017 LAPC, and that certainly won't be changing now that he has claimed his first Remington. Zanot said that while this doesn't really change his plans for the rest of the LAPC, it might change his plans for the summer.

"I'm going to play everything really. I was going to play the Main but I'm out of town for a wedding on the 27th. I already play all the PLO events at the World Series. I cashed the 10k PLO last year. I might have to put PLO8 in my schedule this year," he said with a chuckle.

Congratulations to Thomas Zanot on his impressive performance in this event. Stay tuned to our coverage to see if Zanot will find himself at another final table soon!

The Finals is Going the Distance

Kazu Oshima was able to score one double up, but his comeback would end on the next hand. He got it in preflop holding [Ks][Qd], and he was up against the [Ad][7s] of Thu Nguyen. The board ran down [6s][2h][2s][2d][5d], and Nguyen ace high was good enough to take down the pot.

That gets us to 1-1. The two will be playing for a third and final time shortly.

Nguyen Cripples Oshima

Thu Nguyen limped in, and Kazu Oshima raised to 1,600. Nguyen called, and the flop came down [8s][7c][4c]. Oshima checked to Nguyen, who bet 1,500. Oshima check raised all in, and Nguyen quickly called.

Nguyen: [7d][5s]
Oshima: [5c][3c]

Oshima could chop with a six, or win with a club. The [4d] on the turn changed nothing, and while the river was black, it was the [Ks].

This leaves Oshima with just 2,000 in chips at the 300-600 level.

Oshima Doubles Into the Lead

Kazu Oshima has been trailing from the get go in this second leg, but he just doubled up to take the lead. With the blinds at 300-600, he moved all in for 7,200 holding [Ah][7d]. Thu Nguyen called, and wasn't happy to see his [Ad][6h] was dominated.

This hand would get chopped a decent amount of the time, but this wasn't one of those cases, as the board came down [8c][4s][3s][Jh][2c]. This gives Oshima a 14,400 to the 10,600 of Nguyen.

Thu Nguyen With the Lead in the Second Leg

Thu Nguyen has comeback nicely in this second leg, as he holds a 19,000 to 6,000 lead on Kazu Oshima. If Oshima wins this leg, the tournament is over. If Nguyen wins, we go to a third and final leg.

Just Four Tables Left in the Limit Hold'em Event

The Limit Hold'em Event is down to it's final 32 players, and the average stack right now is 36,000, with the limits at 1,500-3,000. WPT Player of the Year Mike Shariati is just under average with 27,000, while LA regulars John Hullett and Paul Lui have 21,000 and 14,000 respectfully.

The final table of this event will be playing out tomorrow at 2 PM. Stay tuned to find out who makes it!

Only Four Players in Tonight's Satellite

It looks like we could be looking at another big overlay in our $225 Main Event Satellite, as we have just four players entered at the moment. We are guaranteeing one $10,000 seat, so this could be an incredible opportunity for you to take advantage of the short field. Registration will be open in this satellite until 9:45 PM, so you have just under two hours to come down and join us!

By the Numbers: $570 Big O Event

This afternoon's Big O event drew a crowd of 52 players. This created a prizepool of $26,000. The final seven players will be making the money tonight, with first place taking home $9,620 and the Remington Trophy. The rest of the payouts can be viewed below. Good luck to the 37 remaining players.

1. $9,620
2. $5,720
3. $3,510
4. $2,470
5. $1,950
6. $1,560
7. $1,170

Kazu Oshima Quickly Takes the First Leg

On the turn of a board showing [7s][6s][4c][3h], Kazu Oshima fired out 2,000. Thu Nguyen would move all in for his final 6,500, and Oshima beat him into the pot.

Oshima: [8c][5h]
Nguyen: [7d][6c]

Nguyen was looking for a seven or a six to win the pot, but the [2d] came instead. This gives Oshima a 1-0 lead in this finals match.

Cards in the Air: $570 Heads-Up Finals

Thu Nguyen and Kazu Oshima are in their seats, and we are ready to get things going. Nguyen is looking for back-to-back titles in this event, while Oshima is hoping there will be a new champion. Stay tuned for updates from this matchup as we determine the next Remington Trophy winner.

Kazu Oshima


Thu Nguyen

Thu Nguyen On to the Finals Again

The second leg was even quicker for Thu Nguyen, who is just one match away from making back-to-back title runs in this $570 Heads-Up tournament. Tim Garrett will take home $3,000 for his efforts today.

The finals are set. Thu Nguyen will be taking on Kazu Oshima in the finals, which will start as soon as the players are ready.

Thu Nguyen Takes the First Leg

Thu Nguyen is halfway to making the finals of the $570 Heads-Up match for the second year in a row, as he just made quick work of Tim Garrett in the first leg.

Alejandro Luna Eliminated in 2nd Place ($5,000), Thomas Zanot is the Winner!

Thomas Zanot entered heads-up play with a massive chip lead, and it didn't take him long to dispatch Alejandro Luna in second. Zanot will take home just under $8,000 for his victory, along with the Remington trophy. Amazingly, this is Zanot's first time playing Pot-Limit Omaha 8-or-Better live, as he usually prefers traditional Pot-Limit Omaha.

Stay tuned for a winner's interview with Zanot to be posted later on tonight.

Thomas Zanot on the Brink Now

Joey Pham- Out in 3rd Place

Thomas Zanot just knocked out Joey Pham when he made trip aces and a low after the two got it all in preflop. This gives him 700,000 of the 780,000 chips in play. Alejandro Lura is the only person that stands in Zanot's way now.

By the Numbers: $570 Limit Hold'em

The opening event of the day drew a total of 92 players, creating a prizepool of $46,000. The final 12 players will be making the money this evening, locking up at least $1,150. The victor will take home a Remington Trophy, along with $14,590 in prize money. Check below for a full breakdown of the payouts, and good luck to the players still in!

1. $14,590
2. $8,740
3. $5,520
4. $3,570
5. $2,760
6. $2,190
7. $1,840
8. $1,610
9. $1,460
10. $1,330
11. $1,240
12. $1,150

Kazu Oshima Into the Finals

Kazu Oshima needed just two hours to defeat Carl Kuran in the semi-finals, and he awaits the winner of Thu Nguyen and Tim Garrett on the other side of the bracket. Those two haven't even started their match yet, so Oshima will have some time to rest before his big finals match.

Thu Nguyen Keeps His Title Defense Alive

Thu Nguyen has completed the comeback, taking two matches in a row off of Macradij Yacoubian. This means he will be taking on Tim Garrett in the semi finals.

On the other side, Kazu Oshima holds a 1-0 lead, and he and Carl Kuran are fairly even in chips in the second leg.

Tim Garrett 


Thu Nguyen

James Busoul Eliminated in 4th Place ($2,220)

James Busoul was just knocked out in fourth place, leaving us with our final three players. They talked about working the numbers for a chop, but they have decided instead to play on. All three players are fairly even in chips at the moment.

Down to Four in the PLO8 Final Table

While we were over checking on the heads-up event, Kyle Shigano bowed out in fifth place. Here is how the final four stack up right now as they just went on break.

Blinds: 5,000-10,000

Joey Pham - 250,000
Alejandro Lura- 225,000
Thomas Zanot - 220,000
James Busoul - 75,000

Oshima Draws First Blood in the Semis

Tim Garrett is still patiently waiting for Thu Nguyen and Macradij Yacoubian to wrap up their quarter finals match, while the other side of the bracket is in full swing on the semis.

Kazu Oshima fell behind early to Carl Kuran, but he was able to fight back into the lead, before the final hand of the opening leg. Kuran was all in preflop with pocket deuces, but he was dominated by the sixes of Oshima. No help came for Kuran, and Oshima takes a 1-0 lead.

Harry Arutyunyan Eliminated in 6th Place ($1,680)

"I tried to squeeze and it didn't work."

Those were the words of Harry Arutyunyan as he walked by us on his way to the payout desk. His elimination gets us down to the final five players.

Cards in the Air: $570 Big-O Event

The afternoon event has just kicked off here in the tournament room, and it is the only Big-O tournament on the schedule. Big-O is just like Pot-Limit Omaha 8-or-Better, but instead of four cards, players will get five cards. Registration for this event will be open until 7:15 PM. Good luck players!

Benjamin Tang Eliminated in 7th Place ($1,350)

Benjamin Tang came into the final table as the chip leader, but he lost a massive pot to Joey Pham just before the last break. He was short stacked after that loss, and he just busted out in seventh.

A few players started to bring up the idea of a chop, but it was shot down, so we play on.

John Guth Eliminated in 8th Place ($1,080)

John Guth was just eliminated by former WPT Champion Harry Arutyunyan, who is looking to collect his second Remington Trophy of the series. Arutyunyan is firmly in second place right now behind Joey Phan.

Nguyen and Yacoubian Going the Distance

Thu Nguyen is still alive in his title defense in the Heads-Up Event, as he just took the second leg against Macradij Yacoubian. They are about to start their third and final match.

In the semi-finals on the other side, Carl Kuran has opened up a nice lead on Kazu Oshima in the first match there. He leads 19,500 to 5,500.

Jeff Peterson Eliminated in 9th Place ($920)

Jeff Peterson, who won the opening event of this year's LAPC, will have to wait for another day to claim his second Remington, as he was just knocked out in 9th at the PLO-8 final table. Right now, Benjamin Tang and John Guth are the short stacks, while Joey Phan is the chip leader.

Kazu Oshima and Carl Kuran Jump Right Into Their Match

Kazu Oshima 


Carl Kuran

After a short break for Kazu Oshima, him and Carl Kuran have jumped right into their semi-finals match. On the other side of the bracket, Tim Garrett is still waiting on the winner of Thu Nguyen and Macradij Yacoubian. The latter has a 1-0 lead, and the chip lead in the second leg.

Kazu Oshima Punches His Semi Finals Ticket

Kazu Oshima dropped the opening leg of his match, but he stormed back to take the next two, defeating Sergio Ramirez 2-1. On the final hand, the two got the rest of Ramirez's chips in on a 9-4-3-J board. Ramirez had 9-8, but he was well behind the 9-4 of Oshima. A ten completed the board, and Oshima took down the match.

He has $3,000 locked up, and will be taking on Carl Kuran in the next round.

Carl Kuran and Tim Garrett on to Final Four

Both Carl Kuran and Tim Garrett were able to defeat their opponents, Adam Volen and Josh Siegel, 2-0. Volen and Siegel will take home $1,500 for their efforts, while Garrett and Kuran have both locked up $3,000, and will await their next matches.

Defending Heads-Up Champion Down 1-0

The last match to wrap up it's first leg just saw Macradij Yacoubian take the first leg from Thu Nguyen. All the other matches are in their second leg, except for Sergio Ramirez and Kazu Oshima, who are in their third and deciding leg.

Final Table Photos From Event #25

The $150 PLO-8 with Rebuys event just made the final table of nine, and you can view who made it below. We will be providing occasional updates from this final table, along with our continued coverage of the Heads-Up Event

Seat 1: Harry Arutyunyan 

Seat 2: Joey Pham

Seat 3: Kyle Shigano

Seat 4: Alejandro Lura

Seat 5: Benjamin Tang

Seat 6: James Busoul

Sear 7: John Guth

Seat 8: Thomas Zanot

Seat 9: Jeff Peterson

Ramirez and Oshima Going the Distance

Sergio Ramirez took down the opening leg of his match with Kazu Oshima, but it took Oshima just two levels to level the tie at 1-1. They just started their third leg.

The only match that is still on it's first leg is defending champion Thu Nguyen, and Macradji Yacoubian. Yacoubian has a slight edge in that one.

A Few Photos From the Limit Hold'em

We have a few snapshots from the Limit Hold'em event for you guys. Paul Vinci is hoping to continue his stellar play so far this LAPC, as he already has three final tables under his belt. Defending WPT Player of the Year Mike Shariati is also here trying to go for his first Remington. Lastly, Ylon Schwartz, who has a runner-up, and an even final table chop already this series, is back hoping to make another Day 2.

Paul Vinci

Mike Shariati

Tommy San

Hector Contreras

Ylon Schwartz

Limit Hold'em Up to 80 Players

Today's $570 Limit Hold'em Event is in full swing now, and 80 players have entered in so far. Registration is open until 5:30 PM, so the field should get over 100 when the dust settles. Stay tuned for a few photos from this event coming up.

Kuran and Garrett Draw First Blood

Carl Kuran and Tim Garrett have jumped out to an early 1-0 lead in their. Garrett coolered his opponent Josh Siegel, as Garrett turned two pair to beat Siegel's flopped inferior two pair.

In the other matches, Thu Nguyen and Macradij Yacoubian are fairly even in the first leg, while Sergio Ramirez has opened up a big lead on Kazu Oshima.

Pictures of the Heads Up Final Eight

Macradij Yacoubian


Defending Champion Thu Nguyen

Josh Siegel


Tim Garrett

Adam Volen 


Carl Kuran

Kazu Oshima


Sergio Ramirez

LAPC Event #27: $570 Big O

  • LAPC Event #27 
  • Big-O
  • 2/2/17 - 5pm 
  • $570 Buy-in
  • 12,500 Starting Stack 
  • Levels 1-8 30 Minutes
  • Levels 9-Final Table - 40 Minutes
  • Final Table Levels 60 Minutes
  • Late Register until 5:30pm 
  • Re-Entry Allowed 
  • Two Day Event
  • Day 2 Friday, February 3rd at 3 PM 

Cards in the Air: $570 Limit Hold'em

It's time for the second Limit Hold'em Event of the series. The $350 installment saw James Athanas defeat tournament regular Tommy San heads up, earning $9,120. Today's buy-in is up to $570, and players will start with 12,500 in chips. Registration will be open until 5:30 PM, and the final table will play out tomorrow at 2 PM.

Good luck players!

LAPC Event #26: $570 Limit Hold'em

  • LAPC Event #26 
  • Limit Hold'em
  • 2/2/17 - 1pm 
  • $570 Buy-in
  • 12,500 Starting Stack 
  • All Levels Until Final Table - 40 Minutes
  • Final Table Levels 60 Minutes
  • Late Register until 5:30pm 
  • Single Re-Entry Allowed 
  • Two Day Event
  • Day 2 Friday, February 3rd at 2 PM 

Event #25 $150 PLO 8 Or Better w/ Rebuys Chip Counts

Entries: 76 Prizepool: $26,900
Rebuys: 115
Add Ons: 59
Place Last Name First Name City State Chips Table Seat
1 Tang Benjamin Mesa AZ 152,000 36 2
2 Lura Alejandro Walnut CA 108,000 29 8
3 Arutyunyan Harry Glendale CA 84,500 36 4
4 Pham Joey Portland OR 71,000 36 7
5 Zanet Thomas Phoenix AZ 71,000 29 4
6 Peterson Jeff Corona CA 70,000 29 7
7 Busoul James Fort Worth TX 67,000 29 6
8 Shigano Kyle Honolulu HI 63,000 36 5
9 Guth John Portland OR 37,500 29 5
10 Ky Joe Honolulu HI 31,000 29 3
11 Ma Tony El Monte CA 28,000 36 3

Final 8 Players in Heads Up Event

8 players remain from the 64 that began today's Heads Up Tournament. Much like an NCAA Bracket,  players came from 4 different groups of 16 and will have one more match to get the final 4. Here are the final 8:

From the Diamond Bracket: Josh Siegel vs Tim Garrett

From the Hearts Bracket: 2017 Heads Up Winner Thu Nguyen vs Macradij Yacoubian

From the Spades Bracket: Adam Volen vs Carl Kuran
And from the Clubs Bracket: Kazuhito Vs Sergio Ramirez
Good luck to each of the 8 remaining players that will return to play 3 more rounds until we establish a winner.