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Friday, January 27, 2017

Some Chippes From the Second Flight

Blinds: 400-800 Players Left: 54 Average: 35,000

Aaron Kweskin - 115,000
Cord Garcia - 71,000
Eric Hershler - 45,000
Ryan Buckholtz - 38,000
Robert Glass - 23,000
Alex Massman - 15,000

Chips in the Bags in Flight 1C1

The final 19 players from the first flight of the day have been determined. Michael Roy (pictured above) bagged the biggest stack from this flight with 209,000. Some of the notables who bagged in this flight were Alan Myerson, Lawrence Ma, and Doug Smith. Stay tuned for a full list of survivors from this flight, as well as the even flight, which is down to the final 54 now.

Player Profile: Frankie O'Dell, Winner of the $350 HORSE Event

If you have played a Mixed Game tournament in any of the recent LAPC's, chances are Frankie O'Dell was part of your competition. Just last year, O'Dell made five Mixed Game final tables here at Commerce, including a victory in the $350 HORSE Event at the Cal State Poker Championship in May. Well he has just added another HORSE title to his resume here today, taking down the $350 HORSE Event for nearly $13,000.

"It feels great to win HORSE events because I like to play different games and Matt Savage has a great structure out here in LA. The weather is great, the women are fine, and I'm winning tournaments so everything is great right now."

O'Dell said that he mostly stayed under the radar yesterday, playing survivor until he got some chips later in the night on his way to bagging the second biggest stack coming into the final table. When asked what his favorite of the five games was, O'Dell said that he feels great about all of them, but one game stands out for him.

"The way that I play tournaments especially horse I'm thinking you have to be strong across the field and I think I'm equally strong across the field. I've played millions of hands I've won tons of tournaments. Omaha 8 is my best game that's my baby I have two bracelets in that but yeah I like every game across the board."

Fittingly enough, the final hand of the tournament was dealt in the Omaha 8-or-Better part of the rotation. His opponent, Ylon Schwartz, flopped top two pair, and turned a third pair. But that card also gave O'Dell a winning set of jacks, leaving the former November Niner drawing dead.

While the $12,665 cash is far from O'Dell's biggest in his career, with a heavy slate of tournaments still to come, this win gives O'Dell some much needed confidence.

"I got another title. The champs always play better when they are winning tournaments so I'm gonna come out ready to go for the next one."

We expect to see O'Dell come back for his second Remington of the series on Monday for the $570 Omaha 8-or-Better Event. Congratulations again to Frankie on his big win!

Chip Counts on the Bubble of Flight 1C1

We have 31 players left in the first flight of the day, but we only have 30 spots paid. Here are some of the notables who are one elimination from a cash.

Blinds: 1,200-2,400 Average: 75,000

Doug Smith - 135,000
Alan Myerson - 55,000
Mike Shariati - 48,000
Lawrence Ma - 32,000
Gladys Landegger - 11,500
Danny Nguyen - 11,000

What's Coming Up: Final Day 1 of the $300,000 Guaranteed Event

The final two qualifying flights for this massive $300,000 Guaranteed Event are set to start up at 12PM and 5 PM tomorrow. After today's flights, we have about $250,000 already up for grabs, and tomorrow's flights will be the biggest of the tournament so far. Registration for each one will be open until the end of the first break, or just over two hours into each one.

In addition to those Day 1's wrapping up tomorrow, we also have our third $1,100 Main Event Satellite, guaranteeing at least two $10,000 Main Event seats. That satellite starts up at 7 PM.

By the Numbers: Flight 1C2

The second flight of the day, and the sixth flight of the tournament, drew 189 players. This means that 15 more Day 2 tickets will be punched, with the top 24 finishing in the money.

Your last chances to qualify for this massive Day 2 finals are at 1 and 5 PM tomorrow. Don't miss it!

1-15. Day 2
16-24. $550

Some Snapshots From the $300,000 Flight 1C2

Below you will see a few player photos from the evening flight in this event, which is now up to about $250,000 in the prizepool with the two biggest flights coming tomorrow.

Robert Glass

Don Zewin

Joel Kop

Sean Yu

Sean Yu

Ylon Schwartz Eliminated in 2nd Place ($7,570), Frankie O'Dell is the Champion!

Omaha 8-or-Better

After a couple bets go in on the flop of [10s][5d][2s], a raising war kicks off after the [Jc] hits the turn. The last of Ylon Schwartz's money goes in on that card, and he shows [Kd][Js][10d][8s] for three pair. Unfortunately for him, O'Dell hit his gin card on the turn with [Jd][Jh][8c][7s]. The case jack gave O'Dell a stranglehold on the hand, and the [9h] on the river was the last card dealt of the tournament.

Schwartz takes home $7,570 for his efforts, but Frankie O'Dell is the ultimate victor, taking home $12,665, and the Remington Trophy! Stay tuned for a winner's interview with O'Dell, who is a regular here at the Commerce Casino, and congratulations again to both players!

Frankie O'Dell, the Champion! 

Kurt Maier Eliminated in 3rd Place ($4,410)

Stud 8-or-Better

Maier: [x][x] / [Ad][Kd][8d][Qh] / [x]
Schwartz: [x][x] / [Ah][9d][5h][6s] / [x]

Kurt Maier check called a bet from Ylon Schwartz up until 6th street, when he put his final few chips in. Schwartz called with [As][7s] in the hole for aces and a seven low draw, while Maier had just [6c][5d] for an eight low draw and ace high. Maier whiffed everything on seventh street, and Schwartz scooped the pot to get us to heads up.

Frankie O'Dell has just over 1 million chips, while Ylong Schwartz has about 440,000.

O'Dell Extends His Lead


O'Dell: [x][x] / [9h][5s][9d][8h] / [x]
Schwartz: [x][x] / [Qs][7c][6h][9c] / [x]

There is already a nice pot growing when Frankie O'Dell fires out on fifth after pairing his nine. Ylon Schwartz thought for quite some time before calling, and he did the same on sixth street. O'Dell checked on seventh, and Schwartz sweated his last card before shaking his head and checking back.

O'Dell showed the [9s] in the hole for trip nines, and Schwartz had just a pair of queens and a missed straight draw. "So brutal I caught a nine on sixth," Schwartz said as the pot was pushed to O'Dell.

After that pot, O'Dell has over 1 million in chips, while Schwartz and Kurt Maier both have about 200,000.

Kurt Maier Doubles Up

Stud 8-or-Better

O'Dell: [9c][7h] / [7d][Qs][4d][4c] / [6s]
Maier: [3s][3h] / [Ks][Kd][10h] / [4s]

Kurt Maier was all in on third street against Frankie O'Dell, and while he started behind, Maier immediately shot into the lead on fourth street with two pair. O'Dell would pick up some full house outs on sixth street, but seventh provided no help, giving Maier a much needed double up.

Frankie O'Dell - 705,000
Kurt Maier-  150,000

Frankie O'Dell In the Lead Now

Thanks to a string of hands in the Razz portion of the rotation, Frankie O'Dell has opened up a nice lead in this three handed battle. He has just under 700,000 in chips, with Ylon Schwartz in second with 410,000, and Kurt Maier in third with 310,000.

Cards in the Air: Flight 1C2 of Event #16

The second flight of the day in the massive $300,000 Guaranteed Event has just started up here in the tournament area. The first flight of the day got 233 players, and we are expecting a similar sized crowd for this one. Registration for this flight will be open until 7:15 PM. Good luck players!

Rick Gleitsman Eliminated in 4th Place ($2,665)

Omaha 8-or-Better

Rick Gleitsman and Ylon Schwartz went heads up to the flop with about half of Gleitsman's chips already in the middle. The flop came [7h][6d][5s], and Gleitsman led out. Schwartz thought for a while before raising, and Gleitsman slid the rest of his stack ijn.

Gleitsman: [Ad][Qc][Js][10d]
Schwartz: [Ac][4h][5h][Kc]

Schwartz already had the low locked up, and Gleitsman needed a queen, jack, or ten for the high. The [As] on the turn gave Schwartz two pair, and the [3d] on the river improved him unnecessarily to a straight.

We are down to just three now. As of yet, there haven't been any talks of a chop.

By the Numbers: Flight 1C1 of the $300,000 Guaranteed

Today's opening flight drew a tournament high 233 players. The top 30 players will be in the money tonight, with the final 19 players moving on to the finals in Sunday.

1-19. Day 2
20-30. $550

Rick Gleitsman Triples Up Now


A few hands later, Rick Gleitsman moved all in for 38,000 preflop. He was called by Ylon Schwartz and Frankie O'Dell, and the two of them would check down a runout of [Ah][Qd][3d][6h][Jd].  Gleitsman said "I have the winner," as he showed[As][Qh], and both players mucked.

All of a sudden, Gleitsman has spun 24,000 up to 140,000.

Rick Gleitsman Crippled, Then Doubles


After a flop of [7d][5d][3c], Rick Gleitsman bet out. Kurt Maier called, and the [Jc] hit the turn. The same action occurred, but Gleitsman checked the [Jd] river. Maier fired out now, and Gleitsman called with just 24,000 behind.

Maier showed [Ad][3d] for a rivered flush, and Gleitsman flashed [9d][7c] for two pair before mucking. Gleitsman would double up on the next hand when his Jack-Ten caught up with the Ace high of Frankie O'Dell, but Gleitsman is still the severe short stack amongst the final four.

Fresh Counts From the Final Four

Limits: 20,000-40,000

Ylon Schwartz - 560,000
Frankie O'Dell - 390,000
Kurt Maier- 350,000
Rick Gleitsman - 150,000

Rick Gleitsman Doubles Up

Rick Gleitsman already had about a third of his stack in the middle in the big blind during Omaha 8-or-Better. Frankie O'Dell raised his small blind, and after only seeing two cards, Gleitsman committed the rest of his stack. O'Dell called, and the cards were flipped.

Gleitsman: [As][Kd][Ad][Kc]
O'Dell: [Qc][6c][3d][2d]

Gleitsman reassured the table he had only seen one ace and one king, and the flop of [Qh][9c]7s] gave O'Dell some outs. The [7d] on the turn was a terrible card for him though, and only a lady on the river would save O'Dell now. Instead the [6s] hit the river, and Gleitsman scored the double up.

Frankie O'Dell - 480,000
Rick Gleitsman - 160,000

A Few Players in the First $300,000 Guaranteed Flight Today

Below you will see some of the players who are here for the opening flight of the day, which closed registration with 233 players. Former Remington winners Gladys Landegger and Adam Volen are here. We also spotted Danny Nguyen, who made a deep run in the Main Event last year, and also finished runner up in the 2015 Commerce Poker Series Main Event, earning nearly $100,000.

David "The Dragon" Pham

Gladys Landegger

Danny Nguyen

Adam Volen

Alex Massman

Damien Dreyer Eliminated in 5th Place ($2,045)

Damien Dreyer was just knocked out in the Omaha 8-or-Better portion of the rotation, with his final chips going to Ylon Schwartz. Schwartz is battling with Kurt Maier for the chip lead with just four left.

Paul Vinci Eliminated in 6th Place ($1,700)


Paul Vinci was the next player to get his short stack in during the Limit Hold'em section. He had [10d][2d], and he had two live cards against the [Ah][Kd] of Frankie O'Dell. The flop of [Ad][Jh][3s] left Vinci drawing rather thin, and the [7c] on the turn ended things. The [5d] was the meaningless river, and O'Dell scooped the pot to get us down to five.

Craig Chait Eliminated in 7th Place ($1,480)


Craig Chait was down to his final few chips when it folded around to Damien Dreyer in the small blind. He raised enough to put Chait all in, and Chait called off his remaining stack.

Dreyer: [3h][2h]
Chait: [8h][6d]

Chait had the lead for now, but that changed after the flop of [4d][2d][2c].  The [Qd] on the turn gave Chait a glimmer of hope, but the [Jh] ended up completing the board.

This gets us down to just six players.

Paul Vinci Crippled

Paul Vinci just lost a massive hand to Kurt Maier. Both players had all low cards showing, and Vinci called a bet on seven street from Maier. Maier had a six high straight an the nut low, and Vinci clenched his hands when he saw the cards. Vinci had the second best low, and a missed flush draw, meaning Maier scooped the massive pot.

This leaves Vinci with just 40,000 in chips, good for one big bet.

Updated Counts From the HORSE Final Table

Limits: 15,000-30,000

Ylon Schwartz - 390,000
Frankie O'Dell - 260,000
Kurt Maier - 225,000
Paul Vinci - 170,000
Rick Gleitsman - 135,000
Craig Chait - 130,000
Damien Dreyer - 96,000

Ann Bloom Eliminated in 8th Place ($1,335)


Gleitsman: [x][x] / [8s][8c][5h][7d] / [10h]
Bloom: [x][x] / [6s][7s][10s][9h] / [x]
Dreyer: [x][x] / [3c][9c] FOLD

Ann Bloom was all in on third street, and when Rick Gleitsman paired his eight, he put out a double bet. Damien Dreyer thought for quite some time before saying he was folding four clubs.  Bloom had [6d][6c] for rolled up sixes, but it was no good, as Gleitsman had [Jc][8d] in the hole for trip eights. Neither player improved their hands, giving Gleitsman the win, and knocking the first player out.

Ann Bloom Triples Up

Ann Bloom was all in on third street in razz, and she was up against Ylon Schwartz and Kurt Maier. After a bet and call on fourth street, it was checked down from there. Maier would make a jack low, but Bloom had a ten low, good enough to take the entire pot.

Even with that hand, she is quite short with 50,000.

Nearly 200 Players in Flight 1C1 so Far

Today's first $300,000 Guaranteed flight is the biggest we've seen so far, as 195 players have already registered. This surpasses any number we've seen so far, and we still have an hour left to register.

Stay tuned for some photos from this flight, numbers updates, and some chip counts later in the evening.

Player Photos From the HORSE Final Table

Seat 1: Frankie O'Dell - 256,000

Seat 2: Rick Gleitsman - 139,000

Seat 3: Kurt Maier - 79,000 (short stack)

Seat 4: Ann Bloom- 92,000

Seat 5: Damien Dreyer  - 148,000

Seat 6: Craig Chait - 168,000 (not pictured)

Seat 7: Ylon Schwartz - 349,000 (chip leader)

Seat 8: Paul Vinci - 229,000

LAPC Event #16: $300,000 Guaranteed Flight 1C2

  • LAPC Event #16 Flight 1C2
  • $300,000 Guaranteed
  • 1/27/17 - 5pm 
  • $350 Buy-in
  • 10,000 Starting Stack 
  • All Day 1 Levels 30 Minutes
  • Day 2 Levels 40 Minutes Until Final Table
  • Final Table Levels 60 Minutes
  • Late Register until 7:15pm 
  • One Re-Entry Allowed Per Flight
  • Two Day Event
  • Day 2 Sunday Jan 29th at 1 PM 

Cards in the Air: Flight 1C1 of Event #15

Today is all about the $300,000 Guaranteed Event here at the Commerce Casino! We have two starting flights today, with the first one having just kicked off in the tournament room. Registration will be open today until 3:15 PM.

If you can't make it out for this flight, your second chance today will start at 5 PM. Just like the previous two flights, the top 8% of each flight today will be moving on to the finals on Sunday. Good luck everyone!

LAPC Event #16: $300,000 Guaranteed Flight 1C1

  • LAPC Event #16 Flight 1C1
  • $300,000 Guaranteed
  • 1/27/17 - 1pm 
  • $350 Buy-in
  • 10,000 Starting Stack 
  • All Day 1 Levels 30 Minutes
  • Day 2 Levels 40 Minutes Until Final Table
  • Final Table Levels 60 Minutes
  • Late Register until 3:15pm 
  • One Re-Entry Allowed Per Flight
  • Two Day Event
  • Day 2 Sunday Jan 29th at 1 PM 

Event 16B Results and Chip Counts

$300,000 GUARANTEE
1/26/17 5:00pm
Entries: 189
Place Last Name First Name City State Chips
1 Nairin Jeff West Hills CA 290,500
2 Khalili Sohale Los Angeles CA 254,000
3 Dinsay Erwin Rancho Cucamonga CA 206,000
4 Mactal Emil Burbank CA 177,000
5 Dassopoulos Andreas Rancho Cucamonga CA 146,000
6 Lineberger Maxwell Chino Hills CA 143,500
7 Baghchehsaraie Sirous Cerritos CA 119,500
8 Taing Meng Downey CA 105,500
9 Samson Daniel Pacific Palisades CA 91,500
10 Kavle Erich Redondo Beach CA 81,500
11 Vargas Daniel Hermosa Beach CA 81,000
12 Tatikian Tony Glendale CA 77,000
13 Srabian Kevork Montebello CA 77,000
14 Valladares Diego Lima Peru 40,000
Finish Last First City State Prize
15 Vilchez Jesse Grand Rapids MI $550
15 Yousefian Shayan Los Angeles CA $550
17 Wang Hao Montebello CA $550
18 Legare James Turlock CA $550
19 Tito Eugene Los Angeles CA $550
20 Men Charkly Los Angeles CA $550
21 Morales Oscar Paramount CA $550
22 Aparicio Michael Whittier CA $550
23 Seurynck Robert Harrison ID $550
24 Leibman Matthew Thousand Oaks CA $550
Day 2 returns Sunday at 1pm

Event 17 $350 HORSE Results and Chip Counts

$350 HORSE
Entries: 146 Prizepool: $43,800
Place Last Name First Name City State Chips Table Seat
1 Schwartz Ylon Austin TX 349,000 50 6
2 Odell Frankie Denver CO 256,000 50 1
3 Vinci Paul Northridge CA 229,000 50 7
4 Chait Craig Newport Beach CA 168,000 50 5
5 Damien Dreyer Los Angeles CA 148,000 50 5
6 Gleitsman Rick Woodland Hills CA 139,000 50 2
7 Bloom Ann Los Angeles CA 92,000 50 4
8 Maier Kurt Rancho Cucamonga CA 79,000 50 3
Finish Last First City State Prize
9 Tran Linda Monterey Park CA $1,180
10 Shafer Joshua Orange CA $1,030
11 Miller Michael Sherman Oaks CA $1,030
12 Kipnis Adam Porter Ranch CA $1,030
13 McNelis Bernard Las Vegas  NV $900
14 Schulze Patrick Glendora CA $900
15 Clayman Adam Chadron NE $900
16 Alvarado Cesar Los Angeles CA $770
17 Do Gary Garden Grove CA $770
18 Rich Jordan Portland OR $770
19 Ferguson Henry Los Angeles CA $660