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Friday, January 20, 2017

By the Numbers: Biggest Flight of the $250,000 Guaranteed So Far

The title says it all folks! The sixth flight of the $250,000 Guaranteed Event has the biggest turnout yet, drawing 272 entrants. This means that the final 34 players will be making the money, with 14 players moving on to the finals.

We only expect the numbers to get bigger tomorrow, so make sure you don't miss out if you haven't secured your Day 2 seat just yet!

1-14. Day 2
15-24. $500
25-34. $375

Player Profile: Dan Heimiller, Winner of the Omaha-8/Stud-8 Event

If you have been a fan of poker over the last decade, or seen poker on TV, chances are your recognize Dan Heimiller. The poker pro has played all around the world, and in all kinds of games, from No-Limit Hold'em to PLO to most of the mixed games. Here today, Heimiller showed some of his Mixed Game skills, taking the chip lead early on in the final table, and never letting it go, on his way to a five-way chop for over $9,000.

"Great I got a good chop don't tell them," he said while chuckling.

Heimiller has been here all week at the Commerce Casino, playing virtually every tournament. He is one of the biggest grinders on the poker circuit, and says that while he plays all of the games, this particular combination is one that suits him best.

"I would say this combination is one of my best games I'm more likely to cash in an event like this. I've done very well at the WSOP and here if you take a look I have alot of Stud 8 Omaha 8 results."

Heimiller does admit that there are a couple of mixed games that he feels he isn't too great at, though he still enjoys playing them whenever he has to.

"I don't like Badugi's and 2-7 Triple Draw I tend to give the money back in those games. But O-8, Stud-8, Razz, I'm very good at those games I'm bad at the others. Unfortunately all the mixed games are throwing those games in. I like playing those games but I feel like it's a lottery for me when I play them."

It looks like Heimiller will be sticking around Commerce Casino to continue to look for more Remington trophies, though he did mention that there is one destination that he might jet off to for a few days of things fall his way.

"If I win alot of money the next couple days I might head out to Australia. But I have to win alot to make it worth it. I'll probably just stay here and grind these tournaments they have an excellent assortment excellent prize money on the big ones."

Heimiller also said that he looks forward to having a shot at the Player of the Series freeroll, and his chances saw a nice boost today with his victory. One thing is for sure: Heimiller will play as many events as he can, much as he has done for years now on the poker circuit.

Congratulations again to Dan Heimiller on his victory, and good luck to everyone this weekend, as the poker action will be continuing here at the 2017 LAPC!

What's Coming Up: Final Day 1 of the $250,000 Guaranteed Event

Tomorrow we will have the final two flights of the $250,000 Guaranteed Event starting up at 1 and 5 PM. The prizepool has already surpassed that guarantee, currently sitting at $265,000. In all likelihood, tomorrow's flights will be the biggest yet, so the prizepool should be over $350,000 when all is said and done.

In addition to those flights, we will also have our second $1,100 Main Event satellite. That will be kicking off at 7 PM, and will be guaranteeing at least two $10,000 Main Event seats. Registration for that satellite will be open until 9:15 PM. Make sure you don't miss out on all the action tomorrow. Good luck players!

Flight 1E1 in the Books: Jeremy Yap Bags the Big Stack

Jeremy Yap - 639,000

The afternoon flight just wrapped up after a bit more than six hours of play, and Jeremy Yap leads the final 11 players with 639,000 in chips. Mark Hamilton and Hermilo Vargas also bagged up decent stacks, and will be returning on Sunday to battle it out with the rest of the survivors on Sunday at 1 PM.

Some Snapshots From the Sixth Flight

The afternoon flight is in full swing here at the Commerce Casino, and we have a few of the players listed below for you guys. Part-time player and actor Bill Fagerbakke is making his LAPC debut tonight. We also spotted local pros Ryan Buckholtz and Sean Yu at the same table.

Right now the flight is up to 200 players, and you still have an hour to register, so come join us!

Ryan Buckholtz

Sean Yu

Bill Fagerbakke

Erich Karle

Michael Maarup

The Final Five Agree to a Deal: Dan Heimiller is the Champion!

After the fourth time, a deal was finally struck at this final table, crowning Commerce Casino regular Dan Heimiller the champion! For his efforts, he will take home $9,260, the Remington Trophy, and first place points in the Player of the Series race. It is also an impressive showing for Denis Speights, who was at his second final table in three days. Check out details of the chop below, and stay tuned for a winner's interview with Heimiller to be posted later!

Dan Heimiller - $9,260
Brian Nadell - $5,445
Joseph Hoffman - $5,290
Tony Ma - $4,565
Denis Speights - $4,460

Cards in the Air: Flight 1E2 of Event #5

The afternoon flight for the $250,000 Guaranteed Event has just started up here at the Commerce Casino. 11 more people will be advancing to Sunday's finals from the morning flight, and we expect a similar number to be advancing in this flight. Registration will be open until 7:15 PM. Good luck players!

Fresh Counts Again From the OE Table

Once again a deal couldn't be made, but again the benefit is we have exact chip counts from the final five.

Dan Heimiller - 614,000
Brian Nadell - 280,000
Joseph Hoffman - 264,000
Denis Speights - 216,000
Tony Ma - 67,000

Usmaan Mela Eliminated in 6th Place ($1,770)

Make it three for three on big stacks busting. Usmaan Mela, who started the day as the chip leader, has just been knocked out in a cooler hand against Dan Heimiller. The two players got the money in on fifth street in Stud Hi-Lo. Here is how the hands looked.

Mela: [x][x] / [6h][5h][9h]
Heimiller: [x][x] / [Ah][8h][4h]

Mela already had the flush with [Jh][7h] in the hole, while Heimiller had [4c][4s] in the hole for trip threes. Sixth street confirmed that neither player would make a low, and on seventh, Heimilller pulled the [Ad], leaving Mela drawing dead.

The final five are now taking a look at the chip counts for a chop once again.

By the Numbers: Flight 1E1 of Event #5

The fifth flight of the tournament, and the first flight of the day, drew 221 players. This means that the final 28 players will be making the money, with the top 11 moving on to the finals on Sunday.

If you weren't able to make it out for this flight, the second of the day starts up at 5 PM.

1-11. Day 2
12-19. $500
20-28. $375

Exact Chip Counts From the Final Six

The final six players looked at the numbers for a chop, but it was quickly declined. Here are the exact stacks as we start the 6,000-12,000 blind level and 12,000-24,000 limit level.

Dan Heimiller - 404,000
Usmaan Mela - 364,000
Joseph Hoffman - 270,000
Denis Speights - 197,000
Brian Nadell - 142,000
Tony Ma - 60,000

A Few Photos From Flight 1E1

We switch our attention over to the fifth flight of the $250,000 Guaranteed Event, which is now closed with 221 players. On this list is Kevin Song, who incredibly has won the $5,250 buy-in event here at the LAPC for two years in a row.  We also spotted poker legend David "The Dragon" Pham in the crowd.

Kevin Song

Duey Duong

David Pham

Jared Griener

David Prager Eliminated in 7th Place ($1,530)

Just like Kyong Pak before him, David Prager started the day as one of our chip leaders, but his stack spiraled down as the day went on, and he just busted next. Here was the final hand.

Prager: [x][x] / [7d][4s][Kh][6c] / [x]
Heimiller: [x][x] / [Ac][5d][5s][9s] / [x]
Mela: [x][x] / [9c][Qh][Jh][As] / [x]

Prager was all in on fourth street, and after Mela bet out, Heimiller raised it. Heimiller would then lead out on fifth and sixth street before checking seventh. Mela checked behind, and Heimiller rolled over [5h][2s][Ad] in the hole for a full house, saying he was planning on check raising if Mela got there. Mela mucked his hand, and Prager could only muster up a pair of nines and a missed low draw.

Kyong Pak Eliminated in 8th Place ($1,360)

Kyong Pak started the day as one of the big stacks, but it went all downhill for her from the start. She lost a big pot to the short stack Joseph Hoffman, then lost another big one to chip leader Usmaan Mela. On the final hand, she was all in on third street with a pair of tens, while Mela had three to a low. Mela would run out getting two pair, fives and deuces, and Pak's hand never improved, knocking her out in 8th place.

Photos and Chip Counts From Today's OE Final Table

Seat 1: David Prager - 238,000

Seat 2: Dan Heimiller - 230,000

Seat 3: Kyong Pak - 230,000

Seat 4: Tony Ma - 135,000

Seat 5: Joseph Hoffman - 67,000 (short stack)

Seat 6: Usmaan Mela - 266,000 (chip leader)

Seat 7: Denis Speights - 137,000

Seat 8: Brian Nadell

LAPC Event #5: $250,000 Guaranteed Flight 1E2

  • LAPC Event #5 Flight 1E2
  • $250,000 Guaranteed
  • 1/20/17 - 5pm 
  • $240 Buy-in
  • 15,000 Starting Stack 
  • All Levels 15 Minutes
  • Late Register until 7:15pm 
  • One Re-Entry Allowed Per Flight
  • Two Day Event
  • Day 2 Sunday Jan 22nd at 1 PM 

Cards in the Air: Flight 1E1 of Event #5

For the first time in Event #5, we are running two flights in the same day. The details for this 1 PM flight are all the same though. Players will start with 15,000 in chips, and registration will be open through the first break, until about 3:15 PM. The top 12% will be cashing, but only the final 5% will be moving on to the finals on Sunday at 1 PM.

If you can't make it out in time for this flight, the second flight will be starting up at 5 PM. Good luck everyone!

LAPC Event #5: $250,000 Guaranteed Flight 1E1

  • LAPC Event #5 Flight 1E1
  • $250,000 Guaranteed
  • 1/20/17 - 1pm 
  • $240 Buy-in
  • 15,000 Starting Stack 
  • All Levels 15 Minutes
  • Late Register until 3:15pm 
  • One Re-Entry Allowed Per Flight
  • Two Day Event
  • Day 2 Sunday Jan 22nd at 1 PM 

Flight D Results and Chip Counts

We are halfway through the starting flights for Event #5 and the Prize Pool is already over $168k. Looks like it will go well over the $250k GTE. Here are the results and chip counts from the 4th flight.

Last Name First Name City State Chips
1 Lee Daniel Chino Hills CA 886,000
2 Tyler Matt Irvine CA 451,000
3 Mayekar Sanjay Los Angeles CA 347,000
4 Fisher Walter New York NY 329,000
5 Men Charkly Lancaster CA 318,000
6 Ferrari Alex Los Angeles CA 297,000
7 Lin Chang-Le Taiwan 242,000
8 Bronfenajer Oliver Pasadena CA 213,000
9 Dardon Osmin Los Angeles CA 152,000
10 Andrews Damian Topanga Canyon CA 105,000
11 Roberts Daaniel Long Beach CA 50,000
Finish Last First City State Prize
12 Mock Mitzi Tustin CA $500
13 Tsung David Westminster CA $500
14 Ho Young Olympia WA $500
15 Kim Shawn Rancho Cucamonga CA $500
16 Buggey Stephen Riverside CA $500
17 Zeng Linglin Lincoln NE $500
18 Ng Wing Chino Hills CA $500
19 Kallenbach Nicholas S Lake Tahoe CA $500
20 Misirian John N Hollywood CA $500
21 Rangel Michael Laguna Niguel CA $375
22 Griener Jared Hungington Beach CA $375
23 Tong Haoxin Monterey Park CA $375
24 Cheng Domingo Los Angeles CA $375
25 Bragg Jr Albert Inglewood CA $375
26 Nguyen Dan Phoenix AZ $375
27 McCullough Russell Olathe KS $375
28 Teranie Behzad San Mateo CA $375
29 McHugh Michael Mission Viejo CA $375
Day 2 returns Sunday at 1pm