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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Matt Greenberg Holds the Lead with Four Tables Left

The title says it all here folks. We are down to the final 36 players in the $100,000 Guaranteed Bounty Event, and the top stack in the room is Matt Greenberg. Before our most recent break, he had over 600,000 chips, which was a huge lead over the field, but he recently lost 100,000 to his neighbor. Despite that beat, he still holds the lead right now, and is hoping that by the end, he will have $22,000 extra in his pocket.

Former Remington Winner Sean Yu One of the Big Stacks

Sean Yu is one of the more familiar faces on the Los Angeles poker circuit, and he is making another deep run here in the Bounty Event. Yu has had plenty of success here at the Commerce Casino. Yu had three top  finishes at the LAPC last year, earning over $70,000 in the process. He also took down the LA Poker Open Main Event in 2015, earning just under $125,000.

He is one of our big stacks in this bounty event with 36 players left, though he seemed a bit disappointed when he told us he's only claimed three bounties so far. Will Yu be adding to his Commerce trophy collection later on tonight?

What's Coming Up: Start of the $250,000 Guaranteed Event

The action keeps rolling here at the 2017 LAPC with two events, including the biggest one on the schedule so far. We are also starting up our first mixed game event, with a $350 buy-in Omaha 8-or-Better event at 1 PM. Players will start with 10,000 chips in that event, and registration will be open until 5:30 PM.

At 5 PM, we have our massive $240 buy-in Double Stack Turbo event, with a $250,000 Guarantee. This tournament will have one flight a day from Monday-Thursday, and will have two flights each day on Friday and Saturday. All levels will last 15 minutes in that event, and the top 5% will be moving on to the finals on Sunday the 22nd. It will be an action packed day tomorrow, so make sure you come and join us!

Some Chip Counts From the Bounty Event

Blinds: 2,000-4,000 Average: 91,000

Jared Griener - 133,000
Leroy Le - 115,000
Sean Yu - 85,000
David Rich - 75,000
James Woods - 73,000
Deepinder Singh - 60,000
James Dowdy 51,000

Event #3 in the Money!

The third event of the series has just hit the money. Everyone who is still in has locked up at least $300 along with however many bounties they have already claimed. This tournament will be ending tonight, so stick around to see who takes it down!

By the Numbers: Event #3 $100,000 Guaranteed Bounty Event

Today's $350 buy-in bounty event drew a huge field of 599 players, creating a prizepool of $119,800, along with the $59,900 in bounties up for grabs. The final 75 players will be making the money tonight, all earning at least $300, along with the bounties they are able to claim along the way. The winner will take home $22,670, along with the third Remington trophy of the series. Scroll down for a full breakdown of the payouts, and stay tuned for more updates coming from this event throughout the evening.

1. $22,670
2. $15,870
3. $10,210
4. $7,310
5. $5,610
6. $4,600
7. $3,790
8. $3,020
9. $2,260
10-12. $1,890
13-15. $1,510
16-18. $1,260
19-21. $1,060
22-24. $880
25-27. $750
28-36. $620
37-45. $540
46-54. $470
55-63. $410
64-72. $350
73-75. $300

Recently Retired Nick Guggino Hits it Big at the LAPC

It's often said that one of the best parts about poker is that anyone can sit down and play with the best in the world as long as they have the money to play. It is also true that anyone can win on any given day, if the stars align for them. Nick Guggino is a perfect example of that. Guggino usually only plays $100 buy-in tournaments down in San Diego, but after recently retiring, he decided to make the trek up to Commerce to take his shot at the $150,000 Guaranteed Event.

"This is my first time at Commerce for this tournament. I just retired. That's why I had time to come up me."

Guggino took a shot of sorts by jumping up to a buy-in of $570, and he said that he noticed the jump in skill level at the final table, which went by quite quickly. We returned with nine players, and just 30 minutes in, we were already down to four, despite everyone having a fairly deep stack.

"We had so many hyper aggressive players at the table I turned to the guy next to me and I said this table isn't lasting long. I just picked my spots."

That strategy worked out perfectly for Guggino on the final hand of the tournament. Guggino limped in with a big hand, pocket jacks, and as he had done several times at the final, his opponent Michael Ung took the aggressive route, shoving all in with Ace-Five. Gugino quickly called, and his jacks held up.

The win is by far the biggest of Guggino's limited career, and he is definitely looking to play more tournaments as a result.

"I'm hoping to play some more poker in general and here at the LAPC."

Stories like Guggino's are what makes poker great. Who's story will we hear next here at the LAPC?

Michael Ung Eliminated in 2nd Place ($23,840), Nick Guggino is the Winner!

Nick Guggino limped in, and Michael Ung moved all in for his final 300,000. Guggino quickly called, and his trap was sprung.

Guggino: [Js][Jd]
Ung: [Ah][5d]

Ung was hoping for an ace to get back into the match, but an ace would never come, as the board ran down [Qd][10s][4d][Jc][9c]. Ung will take home $23,840 for his efforts, but it's Nick Guggino who will be taking home the Remington trophy, along with $33,850!

Stay tuned for an interview with our second Remington winner of the series!

Ung Getting Shorter

On the turn of a board showing [9h][4h][7d][Js], Nick Guggino fired out 100,000. Michael Ung called, and the [4d] completed the board. Guggino bet out 150,000 this time, and Ung made the call, only to see Guggino roll over [4s][2s] for rivered trips. Ung shook his head before flashing [Jc][9c], and that pot drops him down to just 300,000, less than 20 big blinds.

Nick Guggino Takes Big Lead

Nick Guggino just picked off a river bluff from Michael Ung, and it's only the latest of a handful of pots he has strung together. As a result, he has shot out to a 2.7 million to 700,000 lead over Michael
Ung, who is still in fine shape with the blinds at 6,000-12,000.

Nick Guggino Evens Things Up

There is already about 400,000 in the middle when the river is dealt on a board of [3c][As][Js][9s][3s]. Michael Ung fired 150,000, and Nick Guggino quickly announced "400,000."

Ung thought for a bit before saying "I have a flush." He thought for a while longer before calling, and showed [Ah][7s]. It was no good though, as Guggino had [Jh][3d] for a rivered boat. After that pot, Guggino is nearly even with Ung in this heads up battle.

Michael Ung - 1.65 million
Nick Guggino - 1.6 million

Some of the Bounty Hunters here Today

Today's $100,000 Guaranteed Bounty tournament is now up to a whopping 566 players, and a few of those players can be viewed below. Included on this list is local part-time pro Jared Griener, who is rocking his New England Patriots gear as always after another playoff win for his team yesterday. We also spotted Dan Heimiller, who appears to be catching up on some Z's in between hands. check out those photos, and a few more, below.

Chris Grigorian

Jared Griener

Lawrence Ma

Peter Hengsakul

Alan Myerson

Dan Heimiller

Victor Kruglov Eliminated in 3rd Place ($15,330)

Victor Kruglov was getting short when he shoved all in with [Ax][7x]. Michael Ung put him at risk with [Jx][10x], and he would hit a ten on the flop to take the lead for good in the hand.

This gets us to heads up play. Ung holds 2.34 million, while Nick Guggino has just over 1 million. The two players are now taking a ten minute break.

Ung Doubles Through Kruglov

On the turn of a board showing [Ah][7c][6h][9c], Victor Kruglov checked to Michael Ung, who fired out 100,000. Kruglov check raised to 200,000, and Ung thought it over for about 20 seconds before announcing all in. Kruglov stood up to get a look at his stack, then made the call.

Ung: [8h][5h]
Kruglov: [9s][7s]

The turn was Ung's gin card, as it gave him a straight, and Kruglov an inferior two pair. He would need a nine or seven to win the hand, but the [Qh] on the river provided no help, giving the lead back to Ung.

Michael Ung - 1.6 million
Victor Kruglov - 650,000

Michael Ung Correctly Folds Overpair

The flop of [8d][5s][2c] looked pretty dry, but it would provide plenty of action. Michael Ung was first to act, and he made it 100,000 to go. Victor Kruglov was his lone opponent in the hand, and he minraised to 200,000.

It didn't take long for Ung to announce a raise, and he took about 20 seconds to assemble a bet of 400,000, and slid it in the middle. Kruglov immediately jumped out of his chair, took a peek at Ung's stack, and announced all in.

"Wow," Ung said right away. He checked his hole cards a few times, and eventually, folded [10d][10c] face up. Kruglov acknowledged the good fold, and rolled over [Ah][Ac].

"Nice hand," Ung said, as he saw the chip lead sent over to Kruglov.

Victor Kurglov - 1.4 million
Michael Ung - 600,000

All Three Players Very Deep in Event #2

The eliminations have been fast and furious so far in the second event of the LAPC, but we fully expect that to slow down starting now. With the blinds at 5,000-10,000, all three remaining players have monster stacks of around 100 big blinds.

Michael Ung has the lead with 1.3 million, Nick Guggino is in second with 1.1 million, and the "short stack" Victor Kruglov has 950,000, good for 95 big blinds. We could be here a while folks, so strap in!

Khang Pham Eliminated in 4th Place ($9,350)

It was Victor Kruglov's turn to play executioner at this final table, as Khang Pham was just eliminated in 4th place. According to the table, Pham pushed with a flush draw holding [Ax][Kd], but Kruglov already had the flush with [7d][4d]. Pham wouldn't catch up, and he was knocked out in fourth place.

That leaves us with just three players. As of yet, there haven't been any talks of a possible chop.

Joshua Hopkins Eliminated in 5th Place ($7,220)

Joshua Hopkins and Michael Ung went heads up to a flop of [Kd][7h][10s]. Ung would eventually move all in, easily having Hopkins covered. Hopkins made the call with [9h][9s], and when Ung rolled over [Qs][Jc], Hopkins jumped out of his seat and said "I knew you had queen-jack!" It was a good call from Hopkins, and while the [6c] on the turn kept him in front, the [Ac] on the river changed everything.

Hopkins couldn't believe the river, but graciously said good luck to the table before sliding the last of his chips over to Ung, who has a stranglehold on this final table right now.

Fresh Chip Counts From the Final Five

Blinds: 4,000-8,000

Michael Ung - 1.1 million
Nick Guggino - 875,000
Victor Kruglov - 610,000
Khang Pham - 360,000
Joshua Hopkins - 310,000

Antonio Martin Eliminated in 6th Place ($5,990)

The final table keeps moving at a blistering pace, as we just lost our fourth player in less than half an hour. On this hand, Victor Kruglov limped in from early position, and Antonio Martin moved all in for 150,000 next to act. A few seats over, chip leader Michael Ung made the call. Kruglov immediately stood out of his seat when it folded back to him, and he thought for quite some time before releasing what he said would be the winning hand, pocket nines.

Ung: [As][Ks]
Martin: [Ad][Qh]

It wouldn't be the winning hand, as the flop came down [Ac][Kh][8h], giving Ung top two pair. Martin would need runner runner to win the hand, and while the [Jc] on the turn was one of those, the [8s] on the river wasn't.

Just like that, we are down to our final five players. Updated chip counts will be posted shortly.

Mike Ruter Eliminated in 7th Place ($5,030)

Mike Ruter got his short stack in preflop holding [Ad][10d], and he was racing against the [7h][7s] of Khang Pham. The board ran down [Ks][5d][2h][4s][9s], and the sevens held to quickly get us down to the final six players.

Photos of the Final Seven in Event #2

Seat 1: Michael Ung - 820,000 (chip leader)
Seat 2: Mike Ruter - 78,000 (short stack) 

Seat 3: Joshua Hopkins - 350,000

Seat 5: Nick Guggino - 760,000

Seat 7: Victor Kruglov - 680,000

Seat 8: Antonio Martin - 140,000

Seat 9: Khang Pham - 450,000

Two Eliminations Already from the Final Table

The final table of Event #2 is off to a fast pace, as two players were eliminated before we could even grab photos! First it was the short stack Sebastiaan DeJonge who fell, and then Ben Chung busted next. According to him, he got it in preflop with pocket queens, and was in good against his opponent's pocket sevens. But a seven came on the board, knocking him out in 8th place.

The Guarantee Smashed in Event #3

We already have over 400 players entered into the $350 bounty event here today, meaning we are easily over the $100,000 posted guarantee. Registration for this event will be open until 4:30 PM today, so you still have plenty of time to come over to the Commerce Casino and play bounty hunter. Remember that for every player you eliminate, you will immediately earn $100. Good luck everyone!

Day 2 of the $150,000 Guaranteed Event now Underway

The second Remington Trophy of the series will be handed out in a few hours, as the restart for Event #2 has just kicked off. Michael Ung leads the final table of nine to start the day with 783,000 in chips.

They are battling it out for a first place prize of over $33,000, and we will be here until the end providing blow by blow coverage of the final table. Good luck everyone!

Cards in the Air: $100,000 Guaranteed Bounty Event!

The first Sunday of the 2017 LA Poker Classic features a $350 buy-in bounty event with a $100,000 Guarantee. For every elimination, players will take home a $100 bounty. Registration for this tournament will be open until the start of Level 9, or until about 4:30 PM. Everyone is allowed a single re-entry, and this event will be over by the end of the night.

Good luck bounty hunters!