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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Player Profile: Isaac Crow, Winner of the $1,100 HORSE Event

The LAPC is widely renowned for providing Mixed Game tournaments that you rarely see at any other poker stops. Not only that, there are usually varying buy-ins for these mixed events. Outside of the World Series, it is hard to find a more distinguished Mixed Event than the $1,100 HORSE event here at the LAPC, and a few days ago, that was won by Isaac Crow.

"This event is pretty prestigious outside of the World Series of Poker there's the LAPC and the $1,100 HORSE speaks for itself. Matt puts on these great tournaments every year. It's all we got outside of the WSOP especially with Mixed Games. This one is definitely the one on the map."

It wasn't a smooth ride for Crow to get to the title. In fact, he told us that he had to fire a second bullet, though clearly, it was worth it.

"Actually it was disastrous at the start I had to re-enter. It was a really rough road it was tough. I got a good rush when I needed it and just kept it going."

Crow had to go through a slew of tough players to get to the title. Some of the players who cashed but fell short of the title were Carol Fuchs (10th), Brandon Cantu (9th), Jeff Peterson (8th), Frankie O'Dell (6th), and John Cernuto (3rd). The player he beat heads up, Carlos Rodriguez, was all in and survived several times, and the table would constantly joke that he had nine lives. After three hours of heads up play, the title was Crow's.

"This wasn't given that's for sure everyone wanted it. It was a tough fight. The closer I got to it, the more I wanted it. I didn't get tired. These guys were tough. There wasn't a cake walk at any point."

Crow said that he was far from done with the LAPC. He listed off a few events that he is excited to compete in to try to add to his Remington collection.

"The $1,100 EO is always a great one. All the $1,100's are great. I missed the $1,100 Omaha-8 but this is a good consolation," he said with a smile.

Congratulations again to Isaac Crow for taking down this prestigious title. See you at the next big one!