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Monday, September 17, 2012

Mimi Luu Eliminated in 2nd Place ($79,535)

Mimi Luu

Brandon Long raises to 160,000 before the flop and Mimi Luu calls.  The flop comes [9d][8c][2h] and Luu checks.  Long fires 200,000 and Luu calls again.

The turn is the [7s] and Luu checks one more time.  Long bets out 500,000 and Luu announces that she is all-in.  Long makes the call and they turn over:

Long - [Jd][Jh]
Luu - [Kc][9c]

Luu has top pair but Long is in the lead with an over-pair of jacks.  The river comes the [Qc] and Long wins the pot.

Mimi Luu is eliminated in 2nd place and earns $79,535 based on the chip equity chop.